10:31am 19/10/2003
mood: blah
music: en vouge -free your mind
hey ya`ll , last night i went to this carnival i had alot of fun... i went with alot of friends but we didn`t ride any rides.. it was kinda boring but it was better than just sitting in the house ... ya know neways i really have nothing to talk about my life is going really good right now... besides my friendship with melissa because shes so busy with her other friends... she hardly ever talks to me or sees me ya know... it was a matter of time considering she moved away and shit ..... but ill get over it.. and soon everything wil be the same. Well im g2g cuz my step dad alum is making me a S/n and its gonna me xsweetkisses369x or xsweetkisses224x
ill update this later.

always and forever Ashley