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Saturday, July 21st, 2012

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    I've heard both candidates statements concerning Aurora and with all due to respect to Governor Romney and President Obama, I want to ask, "Do you really think that begging the same being that caused this incident to help everyone through it is going to do any good?" And, "When is one of you going to be brave and honorable enough to say, 'There is no God and even if there is, it obviously isn't ever going to do us any good so let's take the imaginary being off the table and talk about what we can do for all of us that have been stuck with this meaningless joke called life?"

    You know who I want to be President? The Rabi who at Auschwitz patiently asked for God's help as he watched people being shoved into the gas chambers and when nothing happened, shouted, "THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!!" I can't remember his name but it doesn't matter because he died a long time ago and even if he were still around, it's not like this country would ever elect a Jew for President anyway. Which could explain why Jesus steadfastly refuses to return: He has no future in politics here.

    The most ironic and amusing part of this and all other happenings of this sort, both big and small, man-made and natural, is all the people who still cling to God, fully believing that the dead are now in an eternal paradise and at the same time saying how terrible it is that they are no longer here.

    I'm no theologian but I say that should count as a major league sin. Because what could be a bigger affront to God than to say that living on Earth is better than being in Heaven? It's not only ungrateful but is also dangerously close to what Satan said in Paradise Lost, "Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven."

    And then there are always the survivors who do the same thing by saying things like, "Jesus led me out of the burning building." Or burning plane or the theater being besieged by gunfire or whatever, as if that were a great big favor. They are thrilled that God chose to make them suffer here for who knows how many more years instead of giving them immediate eternal happiness.

    It makes me think that these people really don't believe what they claim to believe. And if faith counts a lot on the final exam, they have a hell of a big surprise coming when they do finally die. If the premise they claim to believe in is right, of course. And if it's as laughably stupid and untrue as it appears to be?

    That really doesn't help us at all because since physicists began proving that time as we perceive it does not exist, which means we are all already dead, it's been more and more difficult to believe that there is no Afterlife. Even George "I Believe In Even Less Than Michael Shermer" Carlin told Art Bell on the air, in front of God and everybody that he considered the Afterlife as a possibility. And that opens up a real big scary question which is this: What's next?

    I like to think that we get whatever we want because physicists are also proving that we create our own reality but I'm frightened by how often I'm simply wrong about so many things and it really bothers me that it isn't happening here except in small ways that don't happen often enough to be statistically significant. For most of us. And the people who do seem to have at least a limited knack for it also seem unwilling or unable to tell us how it's done.

    So where does that leave us? With a very bad feeling that what might come next is worse than here. It might explain my mistrust of suicide. I love it because it appears to solve all problems instantly and forever but appearances can be deceiving and what if it turns out to be like a Payday Loan? And isn't that exactly what it looks like when you examine it closely?

    Maybe how you die does matter and maybe not. And, as if we needed another conundrum, Payday Loans do, very rarely, sometimes actually help people. The one thing we know for sure is that the people who die, especially the young, are better off because they don't have to go through any of this anymore but that's just as far as we know and it's only from our perspective and to make everything better our leaders will always turn to asking for the aid of imaginary beings. UNLESS that guy I can't remember the name of manages to return from the dead, overcome his former undesirable religion and his even more undesirable current atheism and become President.

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