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Thursday, July 19th, 2012

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    Current Events And Dreams
    This one is mostly for dream researchers who need more real world evidence to support or shoot down whatever theory they're currently working on and/or dream research students who are so stuck for a topic for their next paper that this going to seem like a special delivery gift straight from the hands of God. First, though, we have a little something for the news and political junkies out there who just can't seem to get started until they know what my take on some of the day's current events is.

    And the biggest portion of the latter is this: George Zimmerman is a racist and a murderer and if there is a God...Notice that I'm not saying that there is no God because that offends some people and Lord knows I don't want to offend anyone...this murder was NOT His plan, which proves that there is no God because if there were, everything would be His plan (Unless He isn't really omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient but if He isn't, can He really be considered a God?) and He wouldn't have had Trayvon Martin gunned down in cold blood by a murderous racist. Unless He is a sadist.

    Speaking of bullies with way too much time, money and power on their hands, our next topic is Mitt Romney. He is a draft dodging, lying, tax cheating, outsourcing, homophobic, out of touch boor with one agenda: Make the rich richer by making the poor poorer. And ending abortion...while profiting from it...because his invisible friend who lives in the sky and grants wishes doesn't like it and like all all powerful beings, He needs guys like Mitt to do His dirty work. The worst part is that people will still vote for him. Because of aforementioned reasons, i.e. there is no God.

    I think that covers the news as much as it needs to be covered. And now for the dream and as usual, I am, like any good detective, withholding several key details so that people who claim to be accomplished dream sharers ( can prove it.

    In this one, I was watching TV...And for the aforementioned dream researchers, text on the screen would stay the same when I would turn away and then turn back and reread it which conventional dream research logic says is impossible, the same way they used to insist that no one ever dreams in color, which is why I always mention it when it happens...and I know that sounds too exciting for some of you but stick with it anyway.

    The programming and commercials were the usual fare you would expect except for one promo for a new show. It was a reality show about time travel, which, evidently, in this reality, was an established doable reality that for some reason wasn't creating much excitement.

    Anyway, the show was about this girl who is a fairly well known television personality here and her adventures in the future. My reaction was revulsion that time travel was being reduced to a reality TV show but that I would watch it anyway because I really like the host.

    Someone said that it was the same reason I watched The Simple Life ( which is not true. Even though it became the consensus of the group (At this point I would like to remind you that public opinion sometimes gets it right and the Beatles are number 1 but sometimes it's Menudo. I could also mention that George W. Bush was President Of The United States for eight years and that Mitt could win this next election but that would be overkill).

    Then the conversation evolved into a discussion of whether or not the show was going far enough into the future. The commercial said that it was going to the year 4747 and some thought that was fine while others said, "Why not go to the year 100,000 or more?"

    Had I cared, which I didn't at this point because by now an ad for a new version of the Wonderbra was on, I would have said that going to the past would have been far more interesting, even given all the fake scripted drama that comes with all reality shows, even the good ones. Not that it mattered much what I think because people want what they want and there are always going to be people in Hollywood and Washington who will give it to them. Whether they really want it or not.

    There's not much more I can say without demolishing my carefully laid plan to finally find a genuine dream sharer which I know will work this time, other than that I really hope this was a prophetic dream because even if they are reduced to reality TV show gimmicks, the world will still be a better place with viable working time machines.

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