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Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

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    Divided And Conquered
    I don't try to describe the future. I try to prevent it.

    ------Ray Bradbury

    Normally, I love suicide. It all solves all problems quickly, cleanly and if done right, painlessly, for all eternity. But this is different. This is abnormal. Last night, an entire state, Wisconsin, committed suicide and there's just too much collateral damage for it to be considered good. No wonder Ray Bradbury decided to be done with the whole mess this morning.

    On the other hand, you could call it a homicide. Lawyers will spend decades arguing all the minute specifics but the broad argument boils down to this: The vultures who were already feeding off the slowly dying soon to be corpse pointed to the gun, which was clearly labeled "Scott Walker," laying on the table and said, "Point that at your temple, pull the trigger and all your troubles will be over."

    The people of Wisconsin did as they were told and now it's up to the jury to determine if that makes it murder. While they deliberate, I want to take a minute to salute the vultures. They were playing for blood and they got it. They won. Masterfully. It was just like watching the police show up to a domestic abuse call only to be told by the bloody battered woman at the door, "He didn't mean it. It was all my fault. But he forgives me and he's going to be good to me from now on and everything will be fine."

    No matter how much you hate the thug that did the beating, you gotta admire his ability to not only get away with it but to get his victim to say it was all her fault on top of it. And it makes perhaps more than a little bit of you say, "She deserves everything she's going to get." That takes talent. Lots of talent.

    Maybe even enough talent to get a guy who wears magic underwear elected President. And then the rest of America...Or Amercia, if you're Republican and truly believe that an organization that can't even catch a typo like that should be in charge of the Bomb...can suffer the way Wisconsin is about to suffer.

    There's lots more I can say on this whole subject but why bother? There are lots of people saying the same things, only much better than I can and not enough people are listening to them, so what chance do I have of being listened to? Even if I remind everyone of what Bill said the other day about Mitt being like George Bush on steroids and go him one better by saying, "Forget about Dubya, Mitt is going to be like Adolf Hitler on steroids."

    Did you happen to hear about or even attend that recent little conservative fund raiser down in Texas which was held in the best Fuhrer Shrine this side of Paris? None of that was by accident, you know, including your knowledge of it. Just like the video of Scott delivering the divide and conquer quip was no accident. The thugs like being able to say, "You knew what I was doing the whole time. You wanted this. You asked for it. If you don't want to be raped, stop dressing like a tramp and inviting goons into your bed." Oh, you could class that up a little by using the frog and scorpion story, you know, the one where the scorpion begs the frog to carry him across the river and the frog says, "No, you will sting me," and the scorpion promises he won't and finally the frog agrees and halfway across the river the scorpion stings the frog and before they drown the frog asks why and the scorpion says, "You knew what was going to happen, it's my nature," but the rape analogy tested much better with the focus group.

    But like I said, why bother with any of that? Besides that, my Editor-In-Chief, Style Manual, is asking me to use up the remaining time I have to explain that Ray Bradbury died of natural causes this morning, not suicide, because she claims that I didn't make that clear. So, fine, I'll say it. Ray died of natural causes. Completely coincidentally on the morning after Scott Walker survived the recall election and Wisconsin died. He was born in Waukegan, Illinois, by the way, which is almost on the Wisconsin border but that, too, is just another meaningless coincidence. There, is everyone happy now?

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