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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

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    That's A Solid Policy
    Why do strippers have to be so dangerous, unpredictable and fun? Especially when they show up at your ex-girlfriend's house bearing her current husband's wallet at the most imaginably wrong time? That was Hank's major dilemma this week (Californication Season 5 Episode 7 Here I Go Again you count the angst involved in not taking advantage of Karen while she was drunk and then the problem of making sure that she doesn't see Bill in the morning, who was sleeping it off in the next room.

    One thing you can't accuse Hank of is having ordinary, boring, easy to solve problems. That won't stop people from accusing him anyway because he proves every week that no chivalrous deed goes unpunished and this one was exception. Becca even went so far as to say, "Go back to New York, I like you better when you're there." That's the price you pay for protecting everyone you care about---Your ex, your daughter and your idol---from something stupid and unintentional that was initiated by someone you hate---The daughter's boyfriend.

    And that Tyler is the only one smart enough to see what's really going on only rubs salt in the wound. Then more salt is delivered in the form of his wanting Hank to read his screenplay---Which as the coming attractions have hinted, will be brilliant---in return for his silence.

    And the only thing Hank got out of the deal was a very brief, artificial, highly embarrassing, physically painful (For Becca) and unconsummated relationship with Holly, the afore mentioned dangerous, unpredictable and fun stripper who had Bill's wallet. Maybe Hank should restudy the Watergate hearings and realize that coverups never work...Or maybe he should just relax, confident in the knowledge that Karma will reward him handsomely for this sacrifice?

    Or maybe he should be more like Charlie and just sleep with the babysitter? Nanny. Whatever. It doesn't matter what you call her, Lizzie looks good naked. And I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate whoever directed this one for working as many nude shots of her as possible into it. I still have minor quarrels with the camera angles and lighting but overall, it was a good effort.

    It was also cool watching Marcy. She's not quite down on her hands and knees begging Lizzie to come back but she's close. And Lizzie is sleeping with an agent now, so her new contract is likely to be much better than the old one. Hopefully with a really good severance package, should she ever be caught naked with Stu again.

    If Stu doesn't just make her a big movie star first. Maybe Hank will even write her first movie, which would be a good deal for everyone but especially for Charlie because two commissions are better than one. Maybe that will happen even before Marcy can get down on her hands and knees and beg and then she'll know how Karen feels.

    And that's really the biggest thing in this episode. Hank, for the first time ever, rejected her. First by not doing anything while she was drunk and then in the morning when she wanted to correct the situation. And it wasn't because Hank couldn't---At least it didn't seem that way to me---it was because he wouldn't.

    He could have gotten rid of Bill and spent the day with her fairly easily. But he didn't. That's what my friends in the psychiatric industry would call a major breakthrough. And I'm happy to see it. It opens up a whole new world of plot possibilities. Like maybe fate will somehow throw him and Hank back together...Well, OK, that wouldn't exactly be a new thing but it would be fun.

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