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Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

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    Today's Random Coast Notes
    As I was listening to Richard C. Hoagland ( I began wondering why he isn't on more often and then it occurred to me that he is the answer to all our problems. That, since Ian obviously isn't going to do it, he would be the perfect host for the C2C Live (The Saturday prime-time edition of Coast) revival.

    Then I fell asleep. But then I woke up again and realized that this idea, just like all my other ideas, is perfect. He's always asking for more airtime and four hours every Saturday night would fix that. Plus, it would at least partially satisfy the hundreds of billions of listeners spread out over God only knows how many dimensions who want more Coast.

    So then I started bouncing the idea off of people and...No surprise...found that I'm a visionary and everyone else is an idiot. The most common objection I heard is that four hours of space talk every week would turn off listeners and the show would die in two weeks from poor ratings.

    That's ridiculous of course, because #1, my ideas never fail and B. Richard can and would do anything. He can do UFOs (He explained this morning why he doesn't do UFOs but he knows the subject and if he had his own show, he would do them), ghosts, crypto's, time travel and all the other subjects we want just as well and maybe even better than anyone else.

    And don't forget that he was very close to Walter Cronkite and Gene Roddenberry and every other host has failed so far to get a real live ghost to call, so shouldn't Richard get a shot at it? I think so, too. Now the only problem is to get the idiots at Premiere to see the obvious.

    It might take a day or two for all ten million of you, my loyal daily readers, to bombard them with enough calls, emails and Facebook postings to make it happen but that's OK. Time is on our side. It's only Tuesday. They can make the decision on Thursday that they should have made five years ago and Richard will still have two whole days to get ready for Saturday night's show.

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