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Thursday, February 16th, 2012

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    Illinois Is Number One
    The Liberal bed-wetting Commie infested Drive-By-Media is at it again. What should have been a source of pride for The Land Of Lincoln ( has been reduced to yet another inferiority complex. It's OK that Chicago is recognized as the most corrupt city in the country but what's the deal with Illinois being the #3 area?

    I know that the strictly by the numbers per capita rates say that but where is the explanation that our conviction numbers are lower because all our prosecutors are crooked and the few convictions we do get are because the accused can't or won't pay them off? The legal system here is nothing but a protection racket that stages big media show stoppers in its' spare time.

    Does anyone but me remember Jeff Terronez (,0,2174245.story)? How can anyone say with a straight face that Louisiana and Washington DC are more corrupt than we are?

    Does anyone but me wonder how much Pat "Blago Was Better" Quinn got paid to pass a law saying that everyone in every car has to wear a seat belt while actively ignoring the millions of real problems we have? And just who made that payment? And why?

    I know, D.C. puts up a good fight. Look at how long it took them to renew the payroll tax cut and extend unemployment benefits, making sure that the average worker will get to continue keeping about a whopping $80 a month ( But still, compared to the thieves in Springfield, they are amateurs.

    Just look at how we beat California to become the most bankrupt state in the union. The list goes on and on and you simply can't rack up achievements like that without making corruption king and keeping the tightest lid on honesty in the business. And all I'm asking is for the press to recognize that. To admit for once that Illinois is not only the most currently corrupt state but is also the most corrupt state that has ever been. Is that too much to ask?

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