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Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

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    Just Another Opinion That's Guaranteed To Not Offend Anyone
    Did you know that, as of a few minutes ago, according to, 93,053 people worldwide have killed themselves this year and 3,284 of them were American ( And that now on the first of February, we have the first major celebrity suicide of the year, Don Cornelius (

    Some people say that Nick Santino ( was first and he was but there is some debate over his major celebrity status and you know how I shun controversy, so that's why I say Don was first.

    And I know that some people still consider suicide controversial, so let's shift gears for a minute and look, again courtesy of Worlometers and, at the 3,646,761 extremely lucky fetuses, 105,137 of whom were in America who have been aborted this year.

    The abortion numbers rise fast enough that you can actually see them, so if you've had a lousy day and need to be cheered up, go look at them. I know that all these abortions don't help you any but isn't it heartwarming to know that some people are doing the right thing and sparing innocent unborn babies from all this misery.

    And if you're still under the delusion that life is a gift, spend some time looking at some of the other numbers there, such as the homeless, foreclosures and the average daily pay of the ordinary worker compared to the average daily pay of a corporate CEO. Now, how could you possibly say that life is good? have an imaginary friend who lives in the sky and grants wishes and He says abortion is wrong and you should be fruitful and multiply? I see. OK, how about this, email your God these figures and offer a deal: If He fixes all these problems...Which should be super easy for an all knowing all powerful being who's also super motivated because He loves and cares about everyone so much...and then you'll be fruitful and multiply your brains out for Him.

    But until then, you're going to support abortion and stop calling suicide insane. And what if this God is real? What's He going to do about it? Make life a living Hell? You know, if you're right and this God thing does exist, you've obviously already offended Him as much as you can, so why can't you at least support not subjecting more people to this misery?

    And if you don't have any ridiculous religious hang-ups, just be glad for everyone like Don who escaped and all the people who never had to be born.

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