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Thursday, January 26th, 2012

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    Screw All Y'All
    Yes, "Screw all y'all," is a direct quote from The Old Man (, but no, this isn't Just Another Brief Scholarly Look At American Pickers, Volume Fifteen. That's still coming because I still haven't caught up with all the recent new episodes yet.

    That means if you're the gambling type, you have plenty of time to get to your bookie and place your bet on who the next Picker Of The Week is going to be. Don't expect any help from me, though. Professional ethics and various local, state and federal gaming laws that prohibit insider information prevent me from telling you who it might be.

    Besides that, I don't even know who it will be. It's very early in the race, I have many episodes left to watch and even if I did stretch outside this legal and ethical cage that confines me to give you a hint, what good would it do? You know how this works. Everything is constantly changing and just like my friends in the navigation biz are always telling me, "You can't plot a course when your compass doesn't work."

    So we could go endlessly on and on about how well The Old Man sums up life or spend even longer talking about how perfect Dani ( is but wouldn't we be better served going to China and seeing what a workers' paradise it is compared to here (

    Or we could talk about why I never mention any of my conversations with the President in the Oval Office in any of my books ( Especially the ones concerning slave child immigrant labor.

    Why am I trapped in so many arbitrary unfair boxes? That's what we should be talking about. Why can't I do what I want to do for once? Like fully disclose all my conversations with the President with no fear of being hassled about it at the airport and driving all over the country buying cool old stuff from people who don't want it anymore?

    Furthermore, why haven't Jackie and Dunlap ( explained the State Of The Union Address to me yet? And why doesn't Dani have her own show yet? Yep, until these conditions improve, I think The Old Man got it exactly right, "Screw all y'all."

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: Don Clark, KOL Seattle, December 25, 1970 (01:19:17)

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