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Thursday, January 19th, 2012

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    Politics And Light Bulbs
    Rick Perry is finally out of the race and is now endorsing my favorite Republican, Newt ( counting Ron Paul, who I know has a few downsides but after nearly four years, I would gladly trade him for Barack. And a lot of people are still wondering why I like Newt, so let's go over it again.

    His near totally honest stance on child labor ( is very refreshing and impresses me a lot. It's not perfect yet because he hasn't come out and directly said, "We don't care about kids or their safety beyond their value as slave labor," but anyone with an IQ above two (Sorry, Republicans but don't give up hope because maybe he'll say something that's easy enough for you to understand someday) can see that that's what he means.

    And now that its' been revealed that he subjected his own daughter to it, I respect him even more. And the revelation that he asked his wife for an open marriage is just the icing on the cake. Just like all the others, it will do nothing to deter the groupies of all these Family Values Republicans because they will believe any lie and ignore all the evidence that's thrust in their faces as long as their idols keep promising to continue being racist but I enjoy reading about it.

    I'm still looking forward to the day when Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson get busted with a bunch of heavily drugged underage male prostitutes---I hope it comes before the election---, not because it will change anyone's opinion of either of them, because it won't but because it will be entertaining. And it will spur Rush to make people disappear and tragically commit suicide before the whole thing can be much of a bother to him, which he will do and that's the one thing I admire about him.

    Enough about politics, though, because we have something much more important to talk about: Light bulbs! And even they are political now because of the laws banning traditional light bulbs but we'll keep the politics to a minimum. And the best way to do that is to paraphrase what Lou Manfredini (,0,1398575.story) told King John just a little while ago: The government shouldn't force you to buy or not buy anything, including light bulbs but you should buy alternative light bulbs anyway.

    And whatever happened to us running out of tungsten? It used to be predicted that we would run out of it right about now but why isn't anyone talking about that now? Well, practically no one, because it still quietly pops up from time to time in places where no one sees it (

    But even if the tungsten shortage is just another lie from Al Gore, just like Global Warming, we should, like Lou said, buy CFC's or LED's or whatever other kind he mentioned because they're better. I switched to CFC's about five years ago or so and it's awesome. I used to have to change bulbs all the time and now I hardly ever have to do it.

    And Lou cleared up the one bit of confusion I did have because I had to replace a bulb recently that didn't seem to last as long as it should have. He said that you have to buy the name brands because the store brands don't last as long. Bingo! Problem solved.

    Of course, it really doesn't apply to me, because in a couple of weeks I'll be 48, which is already more than twice as long as people are supposed to live, so all my bulbs, even the cheap ones Lou just warned me against will last far longer than I'm going to live but you kids can benefit from it.

    So, in conclusion, if you have to vote Republican, go with Newt and switch your light bulbs to CFC's or Halogen or LED's or whatever else Lou said to do. And now that I've straightened out all your troubling, misguided political and lighting issues, I've got to go. I'm meeting some friends---Margaret, Gillian, Esther and Katy---at the Mob Bar ( in a few minutes. Those aren't their real names. It's just that we started doing this role play kind of thing, it's like improvisational theater, really, and they like to stay in character.

    We do it every Thursday but this one is special because it's the first time we're doing it in Vegas, so I can't be late. Don't wait up for me.

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