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[12 Oct 2003|09:39am]
friday night a bunch of us were supposed to go to this party because mal was going to new jersey saturday morning until tuesday. i decided the last minute not to go because i was going to have to wake up around 4am to drive to new hampshire for snowmobile races (grass drags, water cross), so i didn't go. mal and her boyfriend went and i guess while they were there a bunch of them were hungry so they drove to denny's. when they got back, she realized she had left her purse (with her cell phone, license and everything else a girl needs) so her and matt were driving back to go find it. it was really foggy and she glanced at matt to see if he was asleep or not then when she looked up, a deer was pretty much right in front of her, so she swerved onto some loose gravel, overcorrected it and smashed into a guard rail on the other side of the road, then brought it back over to the right side of the road and managed to stop the car a foot away from a ditch that would've rolled them over. luckily, she was wearing her seatbelt, but matt wasn't. they both hit their head, matt got a concussion, her back is all banged up, and her knees are cut up, and matt was limping, so i dunno, they seem to be okay, i guess. the whole driver's side of the escape was messed up. she couldn't open her door or anything. so the cops came and of course, they asked her if she had been drinking. she said yes, because she had ONE bacardi O 3 at 9, and the accident happened around 2am. So they took blood to test it and basically, if anything still shows, she's gonna lose her license and all that fun stuff. when i talked to her a few minutes ago, she said she doesn't even want to drive anymore. :) i just wanted to hug her, i felt so bad.

but moooving on.. saturday, went to new hampshire and watched races and water crossings and snowmobiles jump off a ramp in the middle of a pond. hah, so that was pretty cool. on the way back, sam and i were drinking while ben drove and sam and i started fooling around. YEEAAAH... interesting stuff.

oh, yeah! i forgot to tell y'all about micah!! micah's friend matt b. wanted my number, the tone went off at school for our next class to start so i told him to get it from me tomorrow cuz i had to get to class, and instead he was like "well i'm hanging out with micah (MY EX) later today, i'll just get it from him." HA! my first thought on that was that matt wasn't going to get my number, and micah would end up calling me or something to either bitch or try to get me back. thursday night, mal and i are at denny's... MICAH CALLS. HAHAHA he wanted me to come over and see him and i said maybe but i was eating so i'd call him back. he calls back about a half an hour later to tell me his sister was getting on the phone and she usually never gets off, so he gave me directions and was like "so, i'll see you in a little bit, right?" and i was kind of hesitant, but i said sure, whatever. ya know. so i go over there and we talked and talked and it was great to laugh like that with him again. and then, we see a shooting star. and the radio is playing, and the song that best described our past situation (when our breakup happened) came on... "Picture" by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. and micah starts singing and then when the song was over, he put his head on my lap, and rubbed my leg with his hand and, like the kid that he is, sat there and said "rub my head, rub my back..." and so on. he said he missed that.... cuz i used to ALWAYS rub his head and his back and he loved it cuz i have long nails. LoL such a cutie. and then he kept talking about us having sex and how much he wanted to have sex with me. LoL i refused, but i really did want to just.. ya know..kiss him or something. finally, a few hours later, i decided to go and headed back to where mal and i were staying. i dont know about the whole micah thing. i love him to death, and i kniow he loves me, so it's hard to understand why we're not back together yet. but i thought it was pretty funny that i was right about the whole matt b. and micah thing. LoL i know my boy. ;)

eat my dust!

[05 Oct 2003|05:39pm]
friday night mal & i hung out at the elk's lodge with her boyfriend and his roommate, adam. it was pretty fun. we played pool and all that good stuff. around 10:00-10:30 we headed out to matt e.'s house and partied there for a while. a few hours later we left for mal's bf's place and passed out there.

then we woke up earlier saturday morning, left for bangor to go find a homecoming dress and all of our accessories. then at 2:30 we went and got our hair done. then at 6:30 we all met up at miguel's and ate dinner. oh man - it was POURING rain outside when we finally finished dinner. Ha, it was crazy. it was seriously pouring. wasn't even right! but anyway, so the dance was alright. sarah won junior princess, but mal definitely should've won. everyone was like "it was rigged! all the girls who won are cheerleaders!".. hah, but whatever.

this morning, i went to winterport dragway and watched my dad time trial steve oxley's 300hp sled!!! hehe, yeah. oxley has a badass sled. that's for DAAAMN sure. :) sam invited me to a race in new hampshire next weekend. i'm not sure if my dad will be game for that since we'll have to stay the night there. HAHA so yeah, that'll probably blow over like a fart in church. i told sam he could ask my dad, cuz i don't want to. it's kind of a difficult situation with sam. cuz he's friends with the entire family. my dad, mom, my brothers and i. but my parents think sam and i are .. ya know.. gonna "do it". HAHA.... sorry, couldn't resist. sam is 24, though. so that's weird. but he's a cutie, and him and i are a lot alike, and we really get a long well humor-wise, so whatever. but anyway! hopefully i can go to that race, cuz i'd really like to. :)

so that's what i did this weekend. i'll post pics from homecoming and from my whitewater rafting trip (omg, we had SUCH A GREAT TIME!) asap. xox.

eat my dust!

[21 Sep 2003|10:00pm]
well, i haven't written in my lil blurty very much, i know-iknow. but i'm still here!! oh, yes. :) so, um, friday. micah calls me and wants to hang out. i'm game, of course. it's my ex-boyfriend and i'm still in love with him very much. so i meet him in town. my friend, katie (hefty girl, but good sense of humor), is with me and starts hitting on micah SO BAD. he doesn't like her that way, so he just did the micah thing and cracked jokes about everything and everyone. then he starts being an ass to me because i got a little bit of an attitude in response to all of his drug talk (drugs = the reason we broke up). so the rest of the night he was a complete asshole and i made katie take me home while i cried&cried.

saturday. mal and i hung out. she's cool shit. she moved here last year from new jersey and we've had a class together, but we really started hanging out this past summer. anyway, so we went to adam's house and chilled. i took a shot of fossnoff vodka. *vomit* nasty shit. and drank a couple of beers. poked some smot. played xbox. ya know, same ol same ol.

sunday. went to thorsens pit. dustin tracey, wow. very goodlooking boy for a kid my age. i'm usually attracted to older guys. but we snowmobile together in the winter, and he was at the pit today struttin' his stuff. he's a really great rider. made two attempts to jump this pond... heh. fucked up his wheeler, then fucked himself up a little bit when he tried with his dad's wheeler. he's tough, though. he kept outriding everyone else the rest of the day with a bruised rib and gashed up chest. LoL he's definitely date-able. ;)

and... yesh. school tomorrow. *sigh* love it. :\ well, actually, so far this year isn't so bad. my grades are UP THERE instead of NOWHERE, so i'm pleased and my parents should be as well. hmm. anyway. i'll try to write more often than i obviously have been. a bunch of friends and i are going white water rafting next weekend. it's going to be BAAAADASS! :D i can't wait. we're going to have a good time.

k, well, i'm headin' out.

eat my dust!

[01 Sep 2003|03:53pm]
uh huh. yup. it's my first time. lol. :) so i caved in, went to blurty. it's kind of nice to be able to have whatever screen name you want without having to get a code from someone and all of that nonsense. but anyway. enough blurty talk. ;)

tomorrow school starts. :O i know, i know. it's terrifying, but *shrugs* that's just the way it is. oh well. i went to wal-mart today and bought a couple binders, pens, pencils and paper. all i need. hehe. of course, i bought a day planer, too. only because it has a cellphone pocket in the front, though! :D hehe. i'm not really that organized, silly. :)

so it's been a while since i talked to chaz. my brother said while i was gone he showed up to surprise me from north carolina, and i was in louisiana. :\ so. *kicks&screams* grr. i can't ever seem to get a hold of him, though. there better be good explanation.

okay, well, tonight is the blue hill fair. i figure i'll go and eat a lot of fair junkfood and get thrown around in the air on rides until i puke. that'll be later, but right now i actually have to eat something today, so i'm going to go pick up my order. geddy's! woot, woot! :)

eat my dust!

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