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H0ll3r [14 Aug 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Fraggle Rock Punk Cover ]

I highly doubt anyone is going to read this journal but! I don't care. I'm actually on xanga
click here [ n0thapilyevraftr_x0 ]
Yea so I'm gonna be on here for some privacy sometimes and to join communities for quotes and icons..I already fixed everything so I don't have a homepage anymore and all the stuff worth keeping is on photobucket and my ftp space is totally empty. Plus "sentencd2life" is down the drain :-D yay byebye "fond" memories haha Fun stuff lol kk Leave some if theres something worth leavin :-)

Love Laur
pull the trigger and the nitemare stops-coheed and cambria
...L0ve LettRz

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