somehow i'm made perfect in this fracture...   
09:43am 30/03/2003
mood: blah
music: thrice // betrayal is a symptom
i got villa barone take-out yesterday to add to my already awesome day. and then caitlin called and she, eric, harry, avery, katie and i went to eric's to watch 'it'.. it was cool, mkay.

i'm sooo happy.. i finally found allergy medicane in the medicane cabinet that works! i set up the humidifier last night but i decided i would need like seven in my room for it to actually work.. heh, anyone wanna donate a humidifier to a good cause? so i ended up not falling asleep until about 12:30.. i got home from eric's at about 11:15. so then i woke up at about 2:00 dying.. i could not breathe at all, and my throat hurt so bad. so i went downstairs to get a glass of water to try and keep my throat from hurting so bad and figured i'd take some form of allergy medicane. we have so many different kinds and i'd tried them all by this point except for this stuff called zyrtec.. i was rather out of hope that it would work since all the others didn't, but i figure it wouldn't hurt to try. so i did and it worked! really good, actually.. my throat doesn't hurt nearly as bad and i can breathe fine. woot woot.

ew, it's sunday.. i hate sundays.. jesus freak's working, but my dad's making the family go to church anyway. sigh. sundays also suck because no one can usually do anything.. they should add another day to the weekend because saturday is pretty much the only weekend day. on friday we have school in the morning and then on sunday i have church and then homework to do. fuck school.. i can't wait for summer.

i'm gonna check my mail and then go get ready for church.. sigh. maybe i'll write another entry tonight if something eventful happens or i'm really bored.

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