well today we are giving birth to our own future...   
09:46am 29/03/2003
mood: sick
music: desaparecidos // manana
i ended up going to the show last night. i was surprised.. it was a pretty big show. i took pictures with my nifty digital camera, yay. there were a lot of bands, too.. dirty larry, coppertop, river city rebels, sgr, son of alf.. and some more i can't remember, heh.

wow.. i'm still waking up, it's only ten of ten.. i'm so pissed. i couldn't sleep at all last night. it was impossible. i hate my fucking allergies because it's the worst when i'm trying to sleep.. my nose gets all stuffed and my throat hurts so bad.. the throat part is definietly the worst. oh, and i'm out of allergy medicane, which makes things so much better. sniffle.

well, it's saturday. i told tori and emily and shane and jon i'd go to their track meet.. it started at nine. but no way in hell was i gonna go so early. plus, i don't want to go by myself.. andy's probably not gonna wake up until late so he won't be there this early. i just talked to jacob, though, and he's going at eleven so i suppose i'll go then. then i'll probably call bill and cross my fingers that he'll be allowed out.. i miss him so much. sigh.

scott's a jerk. he never talks to me anymore.. ever since we got into that fight online and then apologized to each other we haven't talked since. i told him when i dumped him i still wanted to be friends and hang out and shit but i don't think that registered or he really does just hate me. at the show last weekend i hit him with an empty gatorade bottle telling him it was a present for him and he went and recycled it. sigh. i don't think he liked the present. and then tonight i went up and tickled him (hehe, he's really really ticklish so if you ever see him, tickle him) and i asked why he never said hi or talked to me and he was just like 'hi'. oi. and then caitlin said she tried to say bye to him and all he did was stare ahead and wave in a half-assed way. grr. pisses me off.

i've got another hour to kill before the track meet so i suppose i'll just rant.

i hate my school. my principal is such a fucking dictator. let's bomb st. john's instead of iraq. i'm sure saddam hussein can't be any more threatening then that fat-ass. she swears she's nice, too. i still can't believe she pulled tori aside to ask about andy after she drove by us walking around after school in her car one time. ok, for one, we weren't on school grounds and we weren't in our uniforms. she also needs to get her fat ass out of everyone else's business. she just assumed all this bullshit about andy because of his appearance, when if she actually knew him she'd know she has nothing to worry about. i can't believe she actually interrogated tori, though. the questions she asked her were questions i'd expect valerie to ask tori.. besides being students in her school, we're nothing to her. so get off everyone, you fat ass.

and then all the teachers are being complete assholes lately.. i think they probably figured that there's only a few months left until we graduate so they might as well just take out their frustration on us. bleh. well, two can play that game.. not much they can do if we're complete assholes back. too bad my parents care about detentions and shit or i'd let those stupid teachers know what was on my mind.

tori just called from the track meet and she hurt herself running. she's not running anymore because of that which means i'll have someone to sit with so i guess i'll go now.. although i have to eat something because i'm fat and dry my hair because i got out of the shower a bit ago.

i hope i feel better and i hope i see bill today.

-- jen
you like the songs that only make you cry...   
04:00pm 29/03/2003
mood: loved
music: copperpot // am i the only one?
mm, i feel happy.

today was a good day.. it's raining.. and bill just left. hehe. ;*

i went to the track meet at about quarter of eleven and just hung out with everyone.. then afterward bill, jacob, emily and i went back to my house. my parents weren't home and lucky for me my dad's an idiot and i called his cellphone to ask if it was ok if i had people over when no one was home, and he was like 'sure!' my dad's awesome.

maybe i can convince my mom to allow me to get good takeout tonight or something. like from the villa barone. that place is the shit. but then again, to me, any italian restaurant is the shit. there's just something about italian food.. it's irresistable. hehe.

i'm listening to the cute little emo band i saw at the show last night's cd.. they're good. caitlin's my emo friend.. one of the only people around here it seems (besides tori) who can relate in my taste of music.

someone (i forget who) at the track meet suggested i put a humidifier in my room to keep my nose from getting all stuffed and me not being able to breathe at night and all that fun stuff. it was a very good idea.. i'm definietly going to try tonight.. anything to be able to breathe and not wake up every couple of hours. plus, it can't hurt to try. my allergies can't possibly get any worse.

and i know that you're a sucker for anything acoustic...

mm, good song.. and that lyric fragment is so me.. mix tape - brand new. i should look up the tabs for that later.. most of it is a repeative picking pattern, minus the chorus. sounds pretty easy.

you like the songs that only make you cry...

speaking of lyric fragments that are a lot like me, that one is as well. it's from a song by the emo band i saw last night.

i hope my mom lets me order villa barone. but even if she doesn't today was still a really good day. i really want to just freeze time so i can avoid a certain appointment i have scheduled for next week.. sigh. my mom sucks.

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hey, no shame in being emo.

-- jen