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 I can't help falling in love with you..

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thanks to kiley for helping me make it, and marie for helping me with answers!

hee. anyway. ele died. *sigh* i hope it wasnt dad. amanda stole my line of breaking peoples legs if they break someone's heart. grr. haha. its 6am as im editing this entry. and .. im watching blues clues. wee. its steve. i like steve beter than joe, no matter what ya'll say. rawr.

i need cool stuff to say. but i have nothing.

and jesse bitched me out tonight. er, last night. jesse. psh.
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KATIE! <333 )
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another update, i suppose [·· ( 082603 ) ··]
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incase one has not read, click ((here))
you don't HAVE to, but it's very informitive.

lets see .. i don't have much to update on. *thinks*

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Not only has Marie done my layout, she's also made me two icons.
Marie is my idol.<333
Thank you Marie.
*bows down to Marie's superiority*


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okay, i have some funny shit to show you all.

>> ebonics
>> pig latin
>> hax0r
>> those who are illiterate
>> valley girl
>> canadian
>> boston accent

random quiz )

anyone got some other JP quizzes? *bored*

oh, also i have some new icons. check them out.

that is all for this craptastical update.
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We are related in more ways than one! [·· ( 081603 ) ··]
Once upon a time,
Lindsay Pagano and Jesse McCartney had a baby. Marie. Then, they were horny little rabbits and wanted to have another baby, Amit. Both their dreams came true, when they had these bundles of joy. Soon enough, a young Amit knocked up a young lady, and had a baby, Dhani. Later in life, Amit and Dhani ended up marrying. And, then, *nods* you guessed it. We are all related in more ways than one. Marie is my sister-in-law. Jesse is my grandfather, and Lindsay is my grandmother, as well as my father- and mother-in-law, respectively. Marie and Lindsay are also lesbian lovers. Jesse and Lindsay are lesbian lovers, and Jesse is also Marie's mother. Amit also only has 3 toes on one foot.
Not to mention, Jesse is both a man and woman. That's where I get my penis and uterus from. Thank you gramps! Where my two extra penises came from? I have no idea. Amit is going to be a granddad to my unborn baby.

JERK iT JESSE: oh man
lindsay owns you: -cries- im going to be a great grandma!
JERK iT JESSE: deformities here we come

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Because I said so, you should go ((here)) and check out my mega-spam! bwuaahah.
okay i lied. lindsay also spammed. but from like, page 3 and on is mine :D

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