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[11 Jun 2003|07:53pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Plumb // God Shaped Hole ]

hey welll im tired lol I woke up at 7 to tape Shia on TRL ..then I went back to bed got up at 1 and watched "say what? karaoke" at 3 witch also had Shia on it lol hes so cute ..hes on tom. and friday to yall should watch it lol ..

Well I changed my journal looks pretty gay oh well ill change it later! ...

I dont think im gonna do shit tonight ..probally just sit around the house and be bored ..thats nuthin new ...

Friday is the even stevens movie so I cant do anything then either ..Kaylas coming over to watch it with me haha ...last year it was Judd Nelson I was obsessed with this year its Shia Labeouf ...but I really think this might last longer then a year hehe...

Well i think im gonna go luv yall bye!!

<3 nicole
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