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10:00pm 25/12/2003
mood: cheerful
music: Finch
well. Nothing huge has happened since my last contact with you people of the internet. me and my Caleb are doing great. Were going to see Staind in 8 days...cant wait! A Perfect Circle will be there too, that Calebs flave, so were all happy. It was funny bc I was reliving my Surprise b-day party that Calebv gave my head and I was liek you should dedicate Sweet Zoey Jayne to me(the Staind song...duh) and he goes thats sick and wrong, I would be like fucking my was funny. AND WHAT! lol well. Lance is offically skating for DC...go boy. So is Caleb, well he has been. but yeah. Well schools going good too I guess, me and Brandon skip at least 2 hours a week. Exams went good,accept Algebra2, me and brandon cheated on that one...we cheated bad. that teacher is pretty cool though, so she might not notice or might notice and not say anything...I hope its one of those bc we'd be in alternative school bc our school has "No Tolerance On Cheating!!" gah they're such fags! me and Brand know the shyt, we were just too blowed to remember it. um English went good, obviously, God knows about Chemistry, I had to get a 10 or higher to pass for the semester so...lets hope for the best, Creative Writing was professionally scored, well teh writing part, we had a mechanics part and I got a 99, on the "Professionally Scored Writing Exam" I got a 4...whats new. just kidding, I didnt expect that actually because alot of teh time scorersdont like my writing bc its "too personal with characters" but I say fuck you its myyyyyyy story!, Art we had to make up a creative peice, mine is a drawing on a piece of paper thats 2 foot my 3 foot and just has crazy pictures of people and designs and writing and stuff Mr. Kraven said it was "badass" History, I think I did good, it was teh only test I was actually serious during, I think I did good, I hope so, I studied a little bit...? oh well. hm well. Merry Christmas!! I totally forgot about saying that. My family is just pretty much chillin for this one, were leaving to go to Hawaii tomarrow, its gunna be real fun, Im taking Brandon, I asked Caleb but he has all kinds of skating stuff to do, hes also a modle for DC and he has all kinds of shoots and stuff, he's in the Journeys mag. sometimes, its cool. well I cant complain bc Ill still have 3 of my 4 favorite guys(Lance, Brand, Brady, and Caleb) and we'll be in Hawaii. Im glad I dont have that kind of relationship where I cant stand to be with out my guy, I mean yeah sometimes Im mad missing him but I dont go crazy or anything, I just figure it gives me somthing to look foreward to so. So back to Christmas, my fam was happy with theyre gifts I think(hope). I got Jayce some Lego truck thing, he loves it, everybody chipped in a got Lexi a trampoline, I got Brady a gc to some store where he can get cool shyt for his "car stereo system", All the kids chipped in to get Lance a ramp and stuff built in the back by the pool, then my parents paid for the other $2,000...hah. I got my car from my dad...he knew I knew that. my exmom sent me some clothes and I sent them back, Marie got me a gc to the mall and its like $200 for shopping, and then you get a free "hairstyle" and makeover, is she hinting jk shes way cool now that shes fat and cant move. The babies are coming quickly hah. I cant wait...yay. me and Caleb were watching Freaky Friday last night and I deicded I wanna get hilites, like bleach blonde ones, theyll look cool, oh yeah I cut my hair short, its liek real short, its cute though, of course it is, its on me!!!!!!!! well then Im out.
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12:50am 28/11/2003
mood: content
music: Flaw- This Letter
gosh it seems like theres nothing to write about but there is. I just dont realize it because its liek normal life for me but exciting as shyt for yall...just kidding. well it seems that I did particularly good in the musical tryouts because I did get called back, oh happy day, I was one of two that got called back for lead, again oh happy day. Hmm what else, let me think...yeah right I know whats on your nosey minds, and its the state meet right? well guess who got FIRST! just kidding it wasnt me it was some Masen Ridge girl, some black chick that ran liek a 9 wow did I feel slow, it was ok though, I guess I can settle for FIFTH?? can I get a GaWdDaMn? I ran a 10:48 which is a personal best for any corse other than a track thank you very much. Anyways, there were all kinds of people wanting to talk to me but they just couldnt because Im not a junior, sucks for them huh? I did have some Syracuse guy tell me hes been watching me since 8th grade, fairly believable but if thats what he says, ok. hmm well me and Brandon are doing good, we skipped half the day monday, only because I was recognized in a schoolwide assembely, funny, Ive never attentened one of those so I dont know what its like sitting there thinking ughh why do tehy ut us throught this shyt?, yeah never have and never will. then we skipped the half day we had on Tuesday because we felt there was no point in going to school for a half day. gaw...I LUV MY CALEB! lol havent said his name this whole time, I also havent gone a day with out seeing him for like a week and a half or so...hah arent we attached. Well Thanksgiving went well today, everyboday was here, noone off with a parent, if you cant tell Christmas will be a definate different story because of that. It was so cute we had teh little table all set up and everything, when I came home from Calebs this morning the Turkey was alredy in teh oven and everything, how storybook, not that I was sleeping at my boyfriends house, which by the way dont even be thinking SLUT! (Bailey) bc I havent even banged him yet...the day is soon to come though, and no Brady, hes not gay. that was funny though. hes freakin sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy is what he is though. but sadness because hes in Portland for 3 whole days how am I supposted to live till saturday afternoon? I will admit Im not in too deep, I mean I dont even know teh flight number, or his arrival time, good or what, I actually doubt I'll meet him at the airport, he can come over after hes all oacked in again and setteled. happy day for us all. oh yeah I have sum kinda quote of teh day for you "I'm thanksful Zoey has a boyfriend that is that cute and that strong because he can pick me up, Im going to marry him you know, Zoey"--Lexi yes I have to fight my younger sister for my boyfriend, how sad. *ZoEy-JaYnE*
11:35pm 17/11/2003
mood: chipper
music: tHuSdAy #7
today was an alrite day, Ive had worse. me and brandon skipped chemistry and Im pretty sure were gunna get caught oh well, like my dad cares. Auditions were today for the musical thing for theatre, gawd there were so many people there, I felt dumb trying out for the lead and saying it out loud bc there were so many other people. It was pretty easy though all we had to do was sing the ntl anthem, which is hard but I can do then we got to do another song of our choice and I did Alicia Keys, Brandon said I sounded exactly like her...I beg to differ. I think I did maybe second best on the ntn anthem, most people couldnt get the range, some tryed and didnt most didnt try and didnt get it. Me and Ashley Hepner hit all high and low, the chior teacher told me I put a punkish touch to it and she liked that, better than Ashleys country shyt that she totally tryed to do, c'mon were not in Texas anymore, thats was Brandon Well we got done there around 6:45, walked to Marshalls, shared some chicken strips and a hamburger, we split both bc neither of us could dicided what we wanted, so that worked, we also couldnt decided between fries or onion rings...guess what we did, exactly we bought 1 of each and split 'em, gawd were smart. then we were too full so we didnt wanna walk home and so I called Lance and dammit...Caleb answered, this would normally be a good thing bc that is my boyfriend :)! but it was bad bc I hadnt called him lk all day and usually I call him in the morning but I was just too tired then throughout the course of the day it just kinda slipped my mind that I had someone I needed to call, I guess Im just stuck being single still. I mean its an excuse, after that long, you get used to it, not having to tell someone where yur always at and why you didnt call and stuff. Luckily, Calebs cool about all that stuff I just told him the truth and he was lk well thats alrite, I still felt bad. I usually see him at school too, I think before chemistry, I hope he dosent think Im avoiding him or anything. Ughhh! I just dont wanna get too wrapped up and stuff too early, ya know? whatever. lol do I not make sense or what? Marie is mad bc my dad wont be home till tomarrow, Brady has a girl friend, Ashley, the girl Brandon did the other we all know what hes in that relationship for. lol. bythe way, as Bailey thinks....which isnt true, I havent done Caleb yet. hah. im a born again virgin, living the life of a saint, cant you tell?...."where did you get blue m&m's from asshole!!" --*zOey-jAynE*
another one......   
07:35pm 16/11/2003
mood: chillaxin
'-, name - Reiley Zoey Jayne
,-' nicknames – Rei, Zoe, Jaynie...stuff
'-, age - 15
,-' b-day – 02-14
'-, l0cation - Ashville
,-' height - 5`4"
'-, siblings - 2 half bros, 1 half sis and 1 step bro
,-' last pers0n ...
'-, u saw - Lance
,-' u talked 2 - Lance
'-, u hugged – Caleb
,-' u IMed - Brandon
'-, u yelled at – Jayce
'-, have u // do you ...
,-' c0nsidered a life of crime - yes
'-, c0nsidered being a ho0ker - yes
,-' c0nsidered being a pimpette – many, many times
'-, are you psycho - nah not really
,-' split personalities - somedays
'-, schizophrenic - nah
,-' obsessive - a lil bit
'-, obsessive compulsive - not usually
,-' panic - nah
'-, anxiety -at times
,-' depressed - nah
'-, suicidal - not much
,-' obsessed with hate - sometimes
'-, dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? - at times
,-' dream of doin` em instead of just seein em - ewww no
,-' open-minded – wen I want 2 be
'-, arrogant - not really, just jokingly act like it
,-' insecure - nope
'-, entertaning - hell yeah
,-' hungry - all the time
'-, friendly - yeah i guess, to most people
,-' smart – yeah pretty much
'-, m0ody – not really
,-' childish - all the time
'-, hard working – not usually, only when i really like somthing
,-' organized - yeah
'-,healthy - yeah
'-, emotionally stable - yeppers
,-' shy - not a bit
'-, difficult – um yeah.
,-' complex - yes
'-, attractive - at times?
,-' bored easily - wayyyy yes
'-, thirsty - alot
,-' responsible - when i wanna be
'-, sad - not usually
,-' happie - most days
'-, trusting – yeah
,-' talkative: most of teh time
'-, oriqinal - yeah
,-' different - wayy different
'-, unique - in my own special way
,-' lonely – nah i got brandon.
'-, dyed ur hair - ? yeah
'-, piercingz – ears belly button
,-' tatoos- n0pe
'-, floss daily- no...i brush tho 2wice
'-, ever get off the darn computer - yeah
,-' sprechen sie deutsche?- yes...ich sprechen deutshce
'-, currently ..
,-' clothe`z – jeans and thursday shirt
'-, mo0d - happppy
,-' taste - koolaide
'-, hair – down
,-' annoyance – none
'-, smell – fresh and clean
-' thing you ought to be doing - chemistryand french hw
'-, desktop picture – staind album cover
,-' favorite arTist - alanis moressette
'-, b0ok - the client by John Grisham
,-' DVD In Player - Law and Order season 2
'-, refreshment – dr.pepper from Marshalls...shhh im not supposted to have soda now
,-' worry – the meet on saturday
'-, song – somthin by Chevelle
,-' current favorite...
'-, celebrity - bc he skates for DC ahhh my boyfriend is a sponsored skater <3
,-' food - fettichini alfredo
'-, drink - orange soda, apple juice
,-' color – black, kelly green
'-, shoe`z – kelly green con's
,-' candy – red skittles
'-, TV Show - hmmmm?? Sex and the City
,-' m0ovie – ummm Fools Rush In
'-, vegtable - carrots
,-' fruit –any fruit...i <3 em all, accept respberrys and blueberrys
'-, long or short hair - short ish, not reallly short, just a lil above my shoulders
,-' dark or blond hair – choclate cherry...w/ blk hilites,
,-' boy choices..
'-, tall or short – taller than me, thats not hard
,-' mr.sensitive or mr.funny - either, a lil of both
'-, good guy or bad guy - good, duh!
,-' dark or light eyes – blueee or dark brown
'-, hat or no hat –depends how big his head is
,-' pierced or no – yeppppp
'-, freckles or none – not too many
,-' stubble or neatly shaved? either
'-, rugged outdoorsy type or sporty type – sporty
'-, preferences ...
,-' chocolate milk or hot chocolate – hot
'-, mcdonalds or burger King - mickey dee's
,-' marry tha perfect lover or the perfect friend – well...lover.
-, sweet or sour – sweet
,-' root beer or dr. Pepper – root beer
'-, sappy // action // comedy // horror- horror
,-' cats or dogs - cats
'-, ocean or Pool - ocean--surfing <3
,-' cool ranch or nacho cheese - nacho cheese
'-, mud or jell-0 wrestling - jello bc you wudnt hafta worry bout it getting in yur mouth
,-' with or without ice-cubes – with
'-, shine or rain? rain
,-' winter // summer // spring // - summer!
'-, vanilla or chocolate – vanilla
,-' gloves or mittens – mittens
'-, eyes open or closed - open
,-' fly or breathe under water – fly
'-, bunk-bed or waterbed – bunk bed!!!
,-' chewing gum or hard candy -hard candy
-, motor boat or sailboat – sail
,-' lights on or off - off
'-, chicken or fish - chicken!!
'-, your favorite ...
,-' number - 12
'-, holiday – St. Patriscks day!!
,-' radio station - 108.2 and 104.5
'-, place – at home or at brandons or with Caleb
,-' flower - rose
'-, scent – Caleb or Brandon
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01:39am 16/11/2003
mood: ecstatic
music: Box Car Racer--???
well...I havent writen an actual entry in here in a while, so here thursday after school I went to go run for the second time that day just because I felt sick, coach said I was only supposted to do 2 slow miles with a break in between, I did that in the morning then after school I went all the way around st. anthonys and too the burgerking on 5th st. by Kaycies and then later I called Mikey and told him to come give me a ride home and he asked why I was sweating(lol) and turns out I rand 5.4 miles, in 38 minutes...hah. Mikey didnt believe me even when I showed him the watch, oh well. lol. hmm well then Thursday night Marie told me good luck and made me some spagehtti so I guess she was feeling nice, well...Friday. Friday was a damn good day. Lance took me and Brandon to school as usual, but they didnt go, and I didnt have to go to anyclasses :) hmm well me and coach and Caitlen left for Raleigh around 8:20 and got there with like 30 mins to spare, but turns they were lk a couple hours off so me and Caitlen walked the course and came back, well I know yur getting all antsy wanting to know if Im going to state...or what!! well to make a long story short, I finshed 2nd, .57 seconds behind a girl from Hilsdale Caitlen thought id be mad but well, no. Personally I think 2nd out of 203 girls can be looked upon with quite pride, how bout you? what made me mad is that I ran an 11:02 and my time for that course last year was 10:51 that pissed me off but then I was like fuck it...Im goin to state thats next saturday in SanBlake which is like 3 hrs away. oh yay. I got a big teddy bear from Brandon after I ran and Lance said gave me a big bag of gummi bears and his friend Caleb...that 1 guy from his skating tryouts...{wait I havent even said anything about him in here. well onn Tuesday Lance came home and I was asleep downstairs on the couch and I was wearing a sports bra and a pair of shorts that are too big so I hafta saftey pin them in the front and they say bootylocious on the back, well I was laying there and I herd them come in and I though it was Jake (a regular friend of Lance) but they come in a sit down and Lance sat on top of my head and then Caleb (i still thought it was jake) asked who I was and I kicked him bc I thought it was Jake and Jake knows who I am so I like flipped Lance of of me and got up and Caleb was like heeey and I sed hi and omg you dont understand, this guys beautiful mann what but yeah then we had to make a cake for Lances French class and when Lance went to his room or somthin I was putting the icing on the cake and Caleb lk put his arms on either side of me and told me I was doing it wrong and I was lk noo yur doing it wrong and he sed you wanna see what I can do right...i wasnted to say (YEAH!!!) but I just laughed. then Brandon came over and asked why I looked like I was at the beach and Caleb sed gah yur bf is mean and Lance sed that he wasnt my boyfriend. but yeah anyways. we were basically flirting all tuesday night} but yeah he brought me sum watermelon ice gatorade with a note on it that said yur hott and he left his # on there...YAY! he calls me with out the y part its so cute he calls me Rei sometimes too, its cute. hmm well yeah yesterday after I ran I got to leave but I had to go back up there for the pap-ralley at 3 so I went home and slept till lk 2:50 and I was waken up by Caleb coming and laying on top of me, gah he smells sooo good. mmmm! well yeah then Mikey came and got me and Mikey and we went to the pep-ralley and I was recognized in front of like the whole school, it pretty much sucked but hey they clapped for me, hah. anyways then Mikey took me back home and my dad called and I talked to him for a while then Brady told me good job and Marie told me she would come watch me at state, I was lk hey cool. shes all pregnant tho...good gawd Ive never seen a lady eat as mich as she does, twins I guess? well yeah then after I talked to everybody Marie took Jayce and Lexi to the Carnival at St. Mary's and said they were going to stay at her moms till sunday I was like woa badass. so then all these people came over, Mikey brought Chelly Caitlen Emma Jaime and Bryen, Brandon and Brady were alredy there, then Ashley and Brandee showed up and they were so drunk, then me and Brandon and Amber went and hit a sweet in the and then I got mad at Lance bc Caleb wasnt there so I got the gatorade bottle and called him and he sed he'd come get me but I didnt feel right leaving bc all those ppl were there for me so I just told him to come over. he did and before he got there me and Branodn were sliding down the rails on the stairs in teh entry way and Lance told me Caleb liked me, I was lk YAY!! then when Caleb got there we went to my room, the sweet had totally worn off by then but yeah NO I DIDNT HAVE SEX W/ CALEB...we played the ouija board and it sed we were soul mates then he kissed me! yay. and then my throat started to hurt so we went and got a sno-cone at Levvis, it was so good. then I went home and fell asleep on the couch laying on top of Caleb. and then I woke up at like 5 and went up to my bed and woke Caleb up and I told him to sleep in Lexi's room so Lance wouldnt freak out...then I accedently opened Jayces door bc I was tired and well...I say Brandon and Ashley in there and they had totally fucked on my 4 year old brothers bed...I felt so horrible, I went and threw up like a million times and then I tryed to start brushing my teeth and Caleb came in there and asked if I was ok and I started throwing up again and he held my hair back and stuff and kept kissing my forehead, it was cute, then I finally brushed my teeth and he took a trash can in my room and told me he'd wait till I went to sleep to lay down, he did, it was the cutest thing in the world! then I woke up around 12 and Caleb was still sleepin like a baby so I went and got a chewy bar and sum apple juice and went back to my room and i changed from my pj's into a sports bra and a running shirt and sum shorts in front of the hott sleeping Caleb then I went and I ran for like an hour and a half then I got back and watched the Osbournes and Caleb had left but he left me a note that sed he had fun and he hopes I feel better and that he'd call later, I kinda doubted it but I laid around all day I was pretty bored an occasional person would come down the stairs and leave then Ashley came and asked me "How was Caleb?" gawdddd that pissed me off, I guess she didnt realize how much I alredy hate her and muchless she had just slept with my best friend. so I just closed my eyes and fell cackward on the couch and didnt move till she left. then Brandon came down and he so knew I was mad at him but I didnt really act liek it bc I decided that it wasnt my place to tell him who to sleep with and who not to sleep with so I told him it made me throw up but then I realized I shouldnt care he sed he was sorry and he was just fucked up nd horny and he was really sorry, I was lk yeah you are. then it was lk 5 and I was soo hungry and Lance still wasnt up so I figured Id go check on him and he was still breathing and sleepin lk a baby so I took my car and went to the gas station and got a hotdog and a piece of pizza and a orange soda (lol) and then I sat in my car and ate it and while i was doing that Haley pulled up beside me and asked if it was true that Lances friend Caleb spent the night with me, I said no and then she asked if I was supposted to be driving and i sed no again and she sed to watch out for the cops and I told her to shut up. lol. then I went back in a got some apple juice and a twinkie and then I was just driving around and I went to get some movies and guess who called me?? CALEB! lol I ws planning on having a saturday night all by myself and I told him I didnt expect him to call and he asked if he was intruding too much and I sed nooooooo! and he sed ok bc I really liek you and I dont want to get all caught up in my PERFECT! then he sed lets do somthing tonight Zoey Jayne(lol) just the 2 of us and I was lk alrite so I asked if he wanted me to get a movie and he sed sure and we picked the movies out together on the phone and then I got them and when I walked out of teh movie store he was rite there and he liek hugged me from behind, scared the shyt out of me pretty much but I ended up not caring, then he told me he liked my car, so do I! I told him that was what my daddy was for, who else would buy me a brand new civic with some 18 in. larenzos and a body kit and a system and a new exhaust and stuff...thats all for my dad! and thanks to my dad also for the really dark tinted windows so the cops cant see my youngness! lol anyways, to make a long story short we watched the movies and made out from like 6 till 11 and then went to Marshalls and got some food, then eh told me he had to go home and im going to church with him and his mom and dad and sister tomarrow...Im nervous! oh yeah did I forget to mention?? I HAVE A BOYFREIND....I know its amazing, ***ZoEy HaS a BoYfRiEnD***...oh so weird! I havent told brandon yet, Im about to call him right after I press the button, he cant get mad at me or anything tho bc he fucked Ashley so hope hes not mad!!! oh well if he is!! I wonder what Lance will say???hmm I really hope hes not mad, but I dont think he will be. well... I hafta go to sleep so I wont be tired at church. SaTuRdAY...I Love ToDaY!!! hmmm lifes great, cya later,
quizzer, know mw yet?   
11:01am 13/11/2003
mood: bored
music: Algebra II teacher or what?

1.What time is it? 11:01

2.What is your full name(embarassing middle names included)? Reiley Zoey-Jayne Duval, my middle name isnt embarrassing, its just 2...

3.What is your birthday? february 14th

4.How many sibs do you have? 4

5.What are your sibs names? Jayce, Lexi, Brady and Lance

6.Do you have a job? hell no

7.If yes, where? hell no

8.If no to #6, Where do you wanna work? the corner

9.Do you have a car? yeap

10.What kinda car do you have/want? 2003 black 2 door civic


11.Movie: life as a house

12.Song: Sweet Zoey-Jayne ----Staind

13.Band: STAIND!

14.Group: STAIND!

15.Singer: Alanis Moressette

16.TV Show: Headbangers ball

17.TV Channel: disney

18.Actor: Jay Hernandez

19.Actress: no1

20.Comic: George Carlin

21.Magezine: rolling stone, sometimes... these ppl spelled magazine wrong.

22.Food: chinese

23.Snack: gummi anythings

24.Drink: strawberry koolaide

25.CD-ROM Game: noneee

26.Board Game: cranium

27.Card Game: uno!!

28.Kid Game: that one where somthing with pockest full of posies? ashes ashes we all fall down

29.Number: 11

30.Cartoon: WEEKENDERS!

31.Character: Tino

32.Disney Character: Aladin

33.Color: red

34.Hair Color: choclate cherry with black hilites

35.Time of the day: night

36.Day of the week: saturday/sunday

37.Week of the month: why the hell does it matter?

38.Month of the Year: duh, february


39.Do you plan on having children:yeah

40.Do you want to get married: yeah one day

41.How old do you wanna be when you have your first child: early 20's

42.How old do you wanna be when your married: 20s?

43.Would you have kids before marriage? itd be a mistake

44.What would you name the boy? Braeden

45.What would you name the girl? Hannah

46.Are you a virgin? gawd damn...truth be know nope.

47.If not, Do you plan on loosing your virginity ne time soon?: LOL

48.Have you had oral sex?: what the hell?

49.Have no, Have you been past base 1?: yup

50.Do you even know what the bases are? not exactly, I just guess

51.Do you have a b/f or g/f (who): no dammit, but Lance sed his friend Caleb thinks im sexy

52.Do you have a crush?: yeah...Lances friend Caleb


53.Music/TV: Music

54.Guys/Girls: guys

55.Green/Blue: blue

56.Pink/Purple: Purple

57.Sleep/StayUp: StayUp

58.Summer/Winter: Winter

59.Spring/Fall: Spring

60.Night/Day: night

61.Hangin Out/Chillin: chillin

62.Friends/Lovers: friends

63.Cold/Warm: cold

64.Fast/Slow: fast

65.New/Old: old..?

66.Dark/Light: dark

67.Sparkle/Shine: sparkle

68.Peach/Plum: peach

69.Apple/Orange: apple

70.Laundry/Dishes: Laundry

71..Christina/Britney: die?

72.Limp Bizkit/KoRn: KoRn

73.Rock/Rap: Rock

74.Pop/R&B: R&B


75.Glass: Mirrors

76.Shake: yur booty

77.Club: DRANKIN!

78.Sing: meeee

79.Loud: Mikey

80.Garcia: Chelly

81.Hair: Brandon gotta hair cut yesterday

82.Ching: chinese food

83.Money: i want some

84.Work: sex

85.Play: more sex

86.4002: the year lance graduates backwards

87.Betty: blonde hair

88.Sara: weird


90.Brain: Brian Nelsony in my 7th period

91.Nick: Nicks weird

92.Frank: Kaileys boyfriend

93.AM: morning

94.FM: radio

95.PM: night

96.Morning: AM

97.Ball: nuts!


98.Eminem: alrite

99.Rap: alrite

100.Teenagers: suck

101.Smoking: i do that

102.Death: i wanna

103.Life: sucks

104.Drinking: i wanna

105.Bomb Threats: fun bc we getta leave school

106.Murder: i wanna kill that girl Lacey or w/e the 1 that talked shyt about Brandon after they broke up

107.Suicide: kil yourself

108.Fear: fun


109.Who is your best friend?: brandon

110.Who is the best person to hang with?:brandon

111.Who is the sweetest person?: Brandon

112.Whos the cutest person: Bryen, Brady, Branodn, David, Caleb, Mason, James, Ryan,

113.Whos the nicest?: Brandon

114.Whos the best to talk online with?: Caleb bc we talk about

115.Whos the most blonde: Chelly

116.Whos the weirdest: Victoria

117.Whos the craziest: Koda

118.Loudest: Victoria

119.Quietest: Montana

120.Smartest: Me or Brandon

121.Quickest: Ashley

123.Most Trustful: Brandon

124.Most Honest: Bryen

125.Most Cheerful: Chelly


126.Are you glad it's almost done? no

127.Are you bored? no

128.What kinda mood are you in right now? to cold and to tired

129.Did you have a good day today? sure. im at school, im still in school, I wanna leave but if i do i cant run tomarrow, motivation sucks some days.

130.What are you doing tomorrow: xc meet

131.What did you do today?: still doing
tired or what   
02:57pm 12/11/2003
mood: groggy
music: Jacksons ugly voice....
hey yall. im in Jackson's...boring life, I know. well whats today? thursday? no wednesday, dammit. we had a fire drill earlier, it was funny me and brandon walked to mikeys durango and laid down in the back and went to sleep, there were lk 8 ppl in there, not really but there brandon brady mikey chelly and mikayla and then a cop came and knocked on the window, turned out the *drug* dog smelled mikeys sucks for them though bc they didnt find anything in there, it so smelled lk weed tho, hah cops suck. man last night recked me and casey were doing r chemistry project and my dad had just got home and he brought us chinese was cool, then she stayed the night and at lk 3 in the morning Mikey and Brandon came over and we were swimming, then Brady came out there bc he had been typing a paper, he says but we think he was looking at porn...jk but yeah then we were all swimming it was fun. my dad came into my room to say bye bc he went to Syracuse for some job thing?? and wont be back till lk monday but yeah when he came in there were all these people in swim suits we were all asleep on my bed it was funny he was like party or what. then Marie got mad at Brady bc it was a school night and he told her to shut up and eat a piece of cake, it was funny. Lexi had to walk to school today I felt so bad bc I didnt even come to school till lk 9 bc I was sleepin and when I got up at 8:30 she left me a note under my door that sed Marie wouldnt take her to school and my door was locked (so Marie wouldnt come in there) so she walked, gaa I feel so sorry for her awww Im gunna take her shopping again this w/e. Brandon sed we should skip 7th and 8th and go pick her up early or somthin but Im about to get in tourble for skipping the end of the day so much. I just talked to Coach Guadiano and he was all mad bc I didnt come run this mroning and he asked what I did last night and I told him hah. I hafta go run after school now tho but thats cool bc I feel fat anyways. uhhhh I have regionals on friday and I have a feeling I wont do good, I dont really care that much I guess bc I run so much its not like Im training my ass off or anything bc even if I wasnt in xc Id run just as much but I think its bc everyone expects me to be so goodor somthing, I dunno its liek everybody(coaches) are big headed for me. I dunno its weird and off. but FUCK IT! me and brandon are gunna go to a kareoke bar after I run i really need to shave my legs.
I'll always love you...   
10:53pm 10/11/2003
mood: calm
music: A Static Lullaby--Hold Me day today was alrite, Rural Heights High School...gawd thats a weird fucking name. I just decided that, Ive been here for a little over a year and I just now noticed, what the hell. my day was pretty fun. Today was Lexis b-day so me her Brady and Lance all went to eat at IHOP before school, Brandon ended up going too, just bc it was free and well it was IHOP. I gave Lexi a g/c to that Build-a-Bear thing, well me and Brandon and Brady all gave her that but still that stuff is expensive, who knows my dad is paying for us to go there saturday, me and Brandon and Brady get to make one too, and I think Ill get Lexi some clothes with the money left over because Im just so well, nice. Marie was being sucha bitch today, me and Brandon drove home for lunch and we were swimming (and skipping 6th shhh.) and she comes home and says were having sex, I was lk what the hell. even if she were to tell my dad he wouldnt care, hell he thiunks me and Brady fucked all ready so whats another one? he likes Brandon anyways, but me and Brandon didnt have sex, I asked Marie if she had sex w/Brandon and got all offensive then told her we would be late back to class if we didnt hurry so we both purposley went in my room and closed the door to get dressed again and Brandon made all these sex noises and banged on teh wall and stomped on the floor, then he tryed to jump from my balcony to the stairs and busted his ass, and started talkin about how confy my bed was great. Marie herd it all and looked at me when I passed by the kitchen window all weird, oh well. I mouthed FUCK YOU but I dont think she got it. then what about Brady kissed me...weird, hes still hotttttt, if this thing let me put pics Id put 1 bc hes so FUCKING SHEXXXXXXXY! anyways, me and Lexi are going to watch Finding Nemo again...[ <3 ] *Zoey-Jayne*
08:32pm 09/11/2003
  .x. [my name is]: Zoey Jayne
.x. [in the morning i am]: tired
.x. [all i need is]: friends
.x. [love is]: as good as it is bad
.x. [im afraid of]: losing my best friend
.x. [i dream about]: leaving

- Y E S . O R . N O -
.x. [you keep a diary]: yeah, on here, and in a black sprial with purple pages, it just has thoughts and pictures and stuff thats important to me.
.x. [you like to cook]: mac-n-chz
.x. [you have a secret you have not shared with anyone]: no, Ive told Brandon everything
.x. [you fold your underwear]: yup
.x. [you talk in your sleep]: how the hell would I know?
.x. [you set your watch a few minutes ahead]: no, but if I had a watch, Im sure I would
.x. [you believe in love]: yes

- T H E . L A S T -
.x. [movie you rented]: Finding Nemo
.x. [movie you bought]: Osbournes dvd
.x. [song you listened to]: Piano-Glass Jaw
.x. [song that was stuck in your head]: Piano
.x. [song you've downloaded]: umm .. it was a while ago .. probably rest in peices
.x. [cd you bought]: i forget.. now i make cds
.x. [cd you listened to]: Glas Jaw
.x. [person you've called]: Brandon
.x. [person that's called you]: Lance
.x. [TV show you've watched]: Friends
.x. [person you were thinking of]: Brandon

- D O -
.x. [you wish you could live somewhere else]: somedays
.x. [you think about suicide]: somedays
.x. [others find you attractive]: somedays
.x. [you want more piercings]: yes
.x. [you want more tattoos]: yes
.x. [you drink]: yeap
.x. [you do drugs]: at times
.x. [you smoke]: nope
.x. [you like cleaning]: noooo
x. [you like roller coasters]: YEAH
.x. [you write in cursive or print]: print
.x. [you carry a donor card]: didnt get one
.x. [you have a crush on somebody]: yes .. but no

- H A V E . Y O U . E V E R -
.x. [been in love]: yes
.x. [cried when someone died]: yes
.x. [lied]: yes
.x. [fallen for your best friend]: yes...hah
.x. [been rejected]: yes
.x. [rejected someone]: yes
.x. [used someone]: no
.x. [done something you regret]: everyday

-N U M B E R-
.x. [of times i have had my heart broken]: 1
.x. [of hearts i have broken]: ???
.x. [of continents i have lived in]: 1
.x. [of drugs taken illegally]: many
.x. [of close friends]: 1
.x. [of cd's that i own]: 92
.x. [of scars on my body]: 12
.x. [of things in my past that i regret]: most of it
Sweet Zoey Jayne.   
07:27pm 09/11/2003
mood: cold
music: Mary Jane--Alanis Moresette
well...Ive never writen in here before, so hey. Im Reiley Zoey Jayne Duval, long name huh? yeah I thought so too. Im in love with the band Staind and its exactly 32 days since the last time Ive seen them live, I see them alot, Ive seen them 22 times in about 2 years. then the day I herd that song, 'Sweet Zoey Jayne' I knew the love would never die. hah. Im sucha freak, oh well. I LOVE STAIND! so i dunno if you people reading this wanna background check or what, I would just give you my old journal thing, but I fuckin hate it so I dont want you to read it. hm so back ground Info if you want it, or whatever. hmm Ive lived in North Carolina mostly all my life. I was born in Hawaii on February 14, 1988, my parents were divorced before my mom even knew she was pregnant, my mom was 16 when I was born and my dad was lk 17 so theyre still young and theyre both pretty cool, well just my dad, my moms a stupid bitch I hate her so bad. anyways, I moved around with my mom till I was lk 7 and my dad found out he had a kid, and thats when I moved w/ him bc my mom didnt want me. so then I lived with my dad and he has no 2 kids from the same woman, but hes still badass, living with him Im pretty much free to do anything, but its not like he dosent care. he always finds time to come to and xc meet or 2 every year and comes to the important theatre parent meetings and such. I have a 4 year old brother, Jayce, and 8 year old sister, Alexia(Lexi), and a 17 year old brother, Lance. Jayce is badass, he has a little machine that chops off barbies heads, its so cool, he also has an incredible amount of dinosaurs in any way shape or form, he has millions. Lexi thinks me and my friends are God, she also wants to marry my best freind Brandon(more info in a min.), Lexi also hates barbies and loves to run with me in the mornings(only my around teh block warm up on sundays though). Lance is kinda of reserved seeming, but hes a pretty badass guy, hes trying out to skate for DC and be a model guy too, I dunno he explains but its so complicated, Lance has lived with my dad about the same amount of time that I have, he also hates his mother with a deep passion, Lance also has an obession for Poison the Well, and he plays bass in a band called Killing Mayberry, theyre pretty good. Then theres Marie, crazy little Marie, shes young enough to be married to Lance instead of my dad, Marie is my dads wife of one week, and the bearer of his 2 newest children, well not yet, but theyre expecting twins in I think March or somthing. Marie and my dad got married one week ago yesterday, every member of my family that lives in this house was in the wedding, Lance was dads best man and I was maries 1st bridesmaid to walk down the isle bc Lance refused to walk with Maries Maid of Honor bc it was his x-gf Leslie. Marie is 21 years old, my dad is 32...what the hell. lol My dad actually looks pretty young though, nobpdy believes him and Lance arent brothers. anyways back to the wedding. Lexi was one of the 5 flower girls and cute little Jace was the bearer. Marie looked quite nice, her being pregnant in a wedding dress and all. Oh yeah I almost forgot, Marie has a son that she adopted from the last guy she married, hes my age down to the exact date, hes also fuckin sexy, his name is Brady and hes moving in with us, my dad jokes about me and Brady sneaking around at night and oh the wishes. Brady told me I was beautiful teh day of the wedding when I was in my dress top and some pink dickies, then when I was in the whole dress(basically skin tight) he said he anted to make my dads stories come true, hes hott and all but I think thats kinda freaky if you live w/ yur bf and well I dont normally do guys Im not going out with, but theres always that little exception. well before I tell anymore about my life I have to tell about my best friend in the whole world. Brandon. I love Brandon, I wouldnt trade any one for him and he has the same opinion about me. I met Brandon on my first day of 4th grade after I moved here from being with my mom. we sat beside each other and were pretty good friends, same in 5th grade, he was in my class again, then in 6th grade he moved to Texas, then in 7th grade he came back and surprised me by sitting on my couch when I came down the stairs I saw him and he told me he'd never leave me again. then In 8th grade I kissed him and we went out the whole school year, then we broke up at teh begining of summer bc his mom liked my dad, we thought that was gross, even though we werent related at all. we never talked about going out again, I dont want to, neither does he. Hes my best friend in the whole world though, I tell him everything and him me. We started 9th grade at different high schools then half way through the year he decided he couldnt handel it so he told them he moved, now I get his report cards and parent letters, he goes to my school with me, we pray everyday that they wont find out about the adress thing. I run cross country for my high school, last year I was a freshman on varsity and got 5th in the state meet. My coach says I have talent and my dad says I have a gift, I just say I have a love, Ive loved to run ever since I can remember. Im not in the year round athletics thing though bc I didnt want to so the coach gave me a deal and I have to get my dad to sign that I run and go to the gym and stuff, me and Brandon have workouts that we follow and stuff and my dad signs so it works. Oh and so you know just how good a freind Brandon is, he hasnt missed a meet yet, since the 8th grade he hasnt missed one, even during school him and Lance get out and come watch me run. well Im pretty much running out of things to say so thats pretty much all the back ground youll get, If you have any questions about my wonderful life, ask, Im also turning this in as a short reiterated version of my bio. for creative writing, we can write about anything pretty much, I can leave in all the stuff about Brady...hah. my teacher is badass. so im gunna go do a survey or somthing later.