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First Entry [24 Jan 2006|11:46pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Let me start off by saying that this isnt the first time i've had a blurty journal. I've been on this site before but always neglected updating my journal. I decided to get back and try this whole journal thing again cause it really helps work out my thoughts.
Where do I start. Well tomorrow is my first exam ! History.. eww. I'm passing the course and so i shouldnt have any trouble on the exam. Then on Thursday i dont have an exam so i have the day off =) I'm going to go see my lovely boyfriend James <3 I love him so much. He means so much to me ! Like nothing can EVER compare to him. The way he makes me feel... is unbelievable =) I know I may be young... but I know what its like to be in love :) and its absolutly AMAZING <33
theres not much to say
I better get to bed or else i'll be incredibly tired for my exam tomorrow
I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!!

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