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[09 Jun 2006|12:02am]
Need a cold fix… and quick? These tricks and products will treat you and help you continue to look your best, even when you really aren’t feeling that way.

Problem #1- Puffy Eyes
Visine Redness Reliever Eye Drops for Redness Relief

Problem #2- Raw Nose
Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Problem #3- Chapped Lips

Page 9:

2.) At least 35 of the friends you invited to your party haven’t RSVPed and it’s a week until your RSVP date. You:
a.) Wait. If they’re coming they’ll eventually remember to tell you
b.) Casually remind the people you see about the party.
c.) Track them all down and ask them for their answers today.

3.) There are certain songs that you REALLY want your D.J. to play. You and your friends have a specific taste in music, and he asks you to send him a song list 2 weeks in advance so he can find the songs you’ve requested. You make the list:
a.) A week before, it’s better late than never.
b.) 2 weeks before. That’s what he asked for, so that’s what you’re going to give him.
c.) Right when he asks you to make a list you jump right on it.

4.) You’re getting ready when the strap to your high heel breaks. You don’t know what to do so you:
a.) Freak out and then proceed to have your mom run out to Payless and buy you a pair to replace it.
b.) Remember how much you loved the shoes your best friend wore to the semi-formal dance, and call her to borrow them for the night.
c.) Realize you have another pair of shoes that look almost exactly like the ones you were wearing in your closet.

5.) These four very strange boys that went to your middle school heard that you were having a sweet sixteen and realized that they weren’t invited. They decide to try to sneak into the party, and your friend spots them coming through a side entrance. You don’t know if you should let them in considering they weren’t invited so you:
a.) Let them stay. You haven’t even seen them anyway because you’re too busy running around still preparing candle speeches and helping your mom with the food.
b.) Call on your friends and go to confront the boys. There’s power in numbers, and no one will attempt to stand up to you and your girls.
c.) Just have the seven bouncers you hired from the club your dad owns to get them right out of there.

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