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[08 Jun 2006|09:32pm]
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page 8:

Party Disasters!
We had our readers write in with the most embarrassing events that happened at their sweet sixteens. Here is what we consider the two craziest so you can take precautions to prevent this from happening to you!

Grand Party Oops!
I had been looking forward to my sweet sixteen for basically my whole life. I grew up and watched my older sister have one, and hoped mine would be half as good as hers had been. However, there's no way I can even begin to express of exaggerate all the problems I encountered that night! Everything seemed perfect a month and a half before the party; I had a beautiful dress and had handed out 95 invitations to every one of my friends. Turns out I picked the same night as cotillion to have m party! Over 40 of my friends ended up not being able to come because of this, and most of them didn’t even tell me until the RSVP date because they felt bad about not being able to come. To top that off, the day of my sweet sixteen my D.J. became sick! I didn’t even know what to do. My dad ended up telling me he would set up my IPod to the speakers of the hall and playing music from there. I began to get ready and the one thing that actually turned out good was my hair. My hopes of looking beautiful were quickly ruined after that though when I stepped into my dress and heard the seam start to rip open! My mom quickly sewed it up but I felt self-conscious all night long. Even though once I got to the party everything started to fall into place, I was bummed about everything that had happened before so I didn’t have as much fun as I could have. If I could give advice to all those SH girls, I would tell them to have a back-up for everything they do!

Runner Up:
Before I left my house for my sweet sixteen, I was totally loving the way I looked. My hair was up in tight curls and I had the most beautiful white dress on. I was dancing the night away with all of my friends, when my boyfriend accidentally stepped on the front of my dress while on the crowded dance floor. I had been looking behind my shoulder when it happened, so I didn’t even realize the damage he caused. His foot ended up pulling the bottom of my dress down, which tore at the straps and ripped them on not one but BOTH sides. The dress started to fall down and before I could catch it my whole chest was exposed! Wardrobe malfunctions are embarrassing even when it’s just in school or something, so the fact that it happened to me on my sweet sixteen was just the worst! I warn girls to pick out dresses that are strong at the seams, because I personally don’t think I would wish the risk of that happening at someone else's sweet sixteen upon anyone.

Most girls feel their best when tan as opposed to being as white as a ghost, so most want to have some color before their party comes along. There’s basically 3 ways to get tan quick; laying outside (which may take all day to see results), going to a tanning bed (which is costly, and 30-minutes of this will hurt your skin as much as eight hours of laying under the sun), or using a self-tanning lotion. We chose to tell you about self-tanning because we may sound like your mother, but it’s definitely the safest on your skin. So many girls choose this method to darken their skin, but how exactly can you fix those little mistakes you may encounter?

Problem #1- Streaks of Bronze
When you rub or spray the color into your skin, sometimes some spots are missed along the way. The uneven matches will disappear when you rub a sliced lemon over the dark, streaky patches and the surrounding area. After you wash the lemon juice off, most of the tanner should be gone, and afterward most people just try and reapply the tanner more evenly.

Problem #2- Colored Clothes
Some of the self-tanner doesn’t always sink quickly into your skin, so some of it may get onto your clothes and stain them. The best way for you to prevent this is to use an aerosol self-tanner. Buy one that says that it dries quickly, because that lessens the chance of it being able to seep into your clothes. Also, when spraying the aerosol try and wear a bathing suit and then just spray around the suit. This way nothing will get on your clothing because you won’t have enough on for it to get on!

Problem #3- Darker Spots of Color
Blotches of too much color many appear in random spots along your skin. To treat these, moisturize and exfoliate your skin in the places that get the spots. These places that get them are mostly the driest areas of skin, such as your elbows, knees, and parts of your feet. After they are exfoliated, the color will probably go on much more evenly.

Problem #4- Stained Nails
If you are using a self-tanner lotion that requires being rubbed in, you may get orange stains on your nails from the color. To get rid of these stains, coat your nails with a layer of clear polish before you start applying the lotion. This will help block out the color to your nails, and then just remove the polish after you are finished.


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