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Sunday, May 9th, 2004
okay so its a plus and a minus..... Everytime i ahng out iwth him i seem to have a better time the the previous time even when we dont do anything and meghann shows up at the same park(which was so freakin histarical. ANd i almost thought it was impossible to have a better time thyen last weekend and tonight was just as good if not better, and it sucks b.c i never get to see him. It was a very good night. Tap->Ben in Jerrys->meghann n matt showing up->playing on playgrounds-> great conversatoin->driving around-> now chatting with caitlin.

current mood: exhausted
current music: the starting line

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7:45p - i hate mothersday
So ive decided i hate mothers day and or fatehrs day. All i ever do is sit around being bored b.c everyone else has family shit to do and my mom doesnt want to do anything. She would rather be alone. ANd like on motehrsday even the most disfucntional fmailies at least sit down and eat dinner. I had hot dogs. in a nother room. I cant remember a time were we sat town at a table and ate dinner. I dont think we every have.....ever.Like the only times ive had a sit down dinenr is when im at friends houses who do it.....which has rarely ever happend. 2-4 times. And the thing is me and mom have a good relationship we talk and everything. Like on fatehrs day i dont usually even see my dad but our relationship is a little more complex then the average fatehr daughter relationship. I dont know these days just suck so bad i could cry.

current mood: aggravated
current music: the freaking radio like im supose to kno

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