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Sunday, September 28th, 2003
12:09a - You and Me
I found this poem online and I really like it, it's very true:

You and Me

If you're overly excited
You're happy
If I am overly excited
I am manic.
If you imagine the phone ringing
You're stressed out
If I imagine the phone ringing
I am psychotic.
If you're crying and sleeping all day
You're sad and need time out
If I am crying and sleeping all day
I'm depressed and need to get up.
If you're afraid to leave the house at night
You're cautious
If I am afraid to leave the house at night
I'm paranoid.
If you speak your mind and express your opinions
You're assertive
If I speak my my mind and express my opinions
I'm aggresive.
If you don't like something and mention it
You're being honest
If I don't like something and mention it
I am being difficult.
If you get angry
You're considered upset
If I get angry
I am considered dangerous.
If you over-react to something
You're sensitive
If I over-react to something
I'm out of control.
If you don't want to be around other people
You're taking care of yourself and relaxing
If I don't want to be around other people
I'm isolating myself and avoiding.
If you talk to strangers
You are friendly
If I talk to strangers
I'm being inappropriate.
For all of the above you're not told to take
A pill or are hospitalized, but I am
~Debbie Sesula

current mood: exhausted
current music: Train ~ My pribate Nation

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4:19p - Greek Gods

?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

bad quizilla people distracting me from reading my book for english

current mood: calm
current music: Sara Evans ~ Restless

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5:10p - Quizilla

The ULTIMATE personality test
brought to you by Quizilla

damn they got me again. i had to make some cookies to sent to nancy, although im still pissed at her about the emails. and we got an email from her today about the 1/2 birthday/Bubba thing. AGHHH i want to kill her. But luckilly i wont see her until Christmas and that wont be for long because I'm going back to Hilton Head with Maria!!Well I really gotta go read TKM and get my paper emailed to her before midnight. hahaha im only on like pg 13. Renee told me to go to pinkmonkey.com, i think i need to do that. ta

current mood: indescribable
current music: the keyboard, Kim and I are singing to each other online

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8:29p - 5 Things...
5 Items You Have Brand Loyalty To:
- pepsi
- bath and body works...mmm sweetpea...
- the herbal essences people
- orbit gum
- yankee candle

5 Slang Terms/Phrases You Use:
- shit
- wicked
- idk i say a lot of random stuff

5 Snacks You Enjoy:
- wild cherry pepsi
- milky ways
- pop tarts
- ice cubes
- reeses peanut butter cups

5 Things You Know The Words To, Even Without Music:
- stand by your side
- cleaning out my closet
- lol skater boi-seriously overplayed but o well
- almost entire stripped cd
- lifestyles of the rich and famous-but only with maria :D

5 Games You Like:
- sims
- nabiscoworld.com mini golf
- pogo.com
- wizard of oz monopoly
- liz h concentration

5 Albums That Changed Your Life:
- christina aguilera-stripped
- celine dion-one heart
- center stage soundtrack
- michelle branch-hotel paper
- sara evens-restless
idk if they've changed my life but they are all incredible cds and have affected me in some way

5 Little Gadgets You Can't Live Without:
- tv
- portable cd player
- dvd player
- notebook
- phone

5 Good Things To Touch: (o my, i will try to be good O:-) )
- i like to hug people
- kitties (hahaha laurens got a kitty in her pants hahahaha-i didnt mean it like that though...just so ya know)
- my bed
- jersey sheets
- snow

5 Things That Smell Good:
- brittani's old house
- kims bed
- cigarettes
- flowers
- herbal essences

5 Things You'd Buy With $1000:
- tv and dvd player
- lots of movies
- lots of books
- lots of cds
- computer
-whatever's left goes towards school

5 Things You've Owned Over Ten Years:
- my cat
- my bed
- my stuffed dalmation
- my virginity
- ....

current mood: worried
current music: celine Dion ~ One Heart

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