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MOVED [12 03 05 Sat | 19:42] :)
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[12 03 05 Sat | 17:02]
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Gong Xi Fa Cai! [09 02 05 Wed | 18:54]
I posted this on the 10th of January, and then conveniently forgot about it. So here are the answers::

Instructions: Put 15 things about yourself, 5 of which are lies. Your job as a friend is to try and point out the mistakes.

1. I was born at 1.37pm.
2. My favourite finger is my pinky.
3. I have about 50 tank tops, halters, and tube tops in my closet.
4. I believe in ghosts.
5. I wear 3 rings on a daily basis.
6. I stopped biting my nails in 2002.
7. I don't have a picture of my boyfriend in my purse.
8. My skin was quite fair as a baby.
9. I don't dance.
10. I have 3 watches which I wear regularly.
11. My first mobile phone was a Nokia.
12. My parents split when I was 11.
13. I use 3 pillows when I sleep.
14. I haven't bought any clothes, shoes, or bags in the past couple of months.
15. The radio station I listen to the most is Hitz FM.

#1 :: I was born at 2.37pm.
#4 :: I don't believe in ghosts.
#5 :: I wear 2 rings on a daily basis.
#8 :: My skin was tanned as a baby.

So, yeah, the highest score was Yen :) with 3/5 lies. :) Yayyy. :)
#11 :: My first mobile phone was a Siemens.

: : : : : : : : :

Anyway, moving along..! It's Chinese New Year today. :) Brynna is mad because I received RM 5 more than her, and she sulked about that for quite a bit. Talk about being jealous. I spent most of my day entertaining and drawing with my extremely adorable nieces and nephews in my grandma's place. They're so bloody cute, I wish I could've taken them home with me!

Wazir should be here soon, I'm waiting for him to arrive.
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Happy CNY [08 02 05 Tue | 23:11]
My weekend went by pretty quickly, since I had class on Saturday and Sunday was spent finishing Fadzwin's work. Which received complaints yesterday because apparently my class is not productive enough. Honestly, I'm like, whatever, because I can't be bothered.

It's Chinese New Year this week and this year it's going to be great. Yesterday I got to spend the rest of my day with Wazir, after my class. Today we were supposed to get our hair cut at my hairdresser's but she closed early so we didn't get to. >.<

I just got back from my grandma's place for dinner.. Feeling annoyed because all the local tv channels cancelled the usual sitcoms and replaced them with chinese movies.. :/ Sheesh.

Anyway. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone reading. :)
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Only human. [05 02 05 Sat | 21:58]
jukebox » feeling » sad.

I'm scared.
I'm insecure.
I'm stressed.
I'm frustrated.
I drive myself mad.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean anything.
I'm only human.

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ea,jsdhaksrgfsad [04 02 05 Fri | 22:30]
jukebox » feeling » pissed off.

Virgo August 23 - September 22
Why do you always have to be the responsible one? It seems like you always have to say no or nag at folks, but for now you're off the hook -- if you let yourself.

I've just realized that my gmail invites have increased.. I now have 50..? Like, wtf? Before when I only had 6, I only used one.. And now I have 50.. Well you all know the drill.. If you want one just leave me a comment..

This weekend is going to be really bad.. I have class pretty much all day on Saturday and I have to enlarge and repaint my model which will take all Sunday. But I know that next week will be great and that's keeping me going.

I still regret not lying to Fadzwin and telling her that I had to go out of town so that she would cancel Monday's class. Why, oh why, Bren?? Next time will have to think fast..

I'm at dad's place now.. Am in such a bloody shitty mood.

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February :( [02 02 05 Wed | 15:49]
Class today is at 6.30pm. :) So late. Anyway I'm feeling rather pleased with myself today because I finished Fadzwin's work [which is due tomorrow] ahead of my schedule. I thought that tonight I'd have to stay up late just painting but hell, I finished painting by 2.30pm. :) Fast, eh? Lol. I've got a critique session tomorrow though and am not quite prepared.. So wish me luck. :P

There wasn't any electricity in Mont'Kiara last night.. So annoying. The power went off for like an hour, then it came back, then it went out again for another 20 minutes.. I wanted to call Yen and Yew Sun for a drink but mum was being cranky. I've been feeling rather low myself.. I really dislike February. Call me paranoid or whatever but I just really don't like this month very much.
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Oh wow [30 01 05 Sun | 19:13]
Virgo August 23 - September 22
The urge to shop has never been stronger. If you can't restrain yourself, try to go for something a little weirder than usual -- it'll help keep you on track, actually.

Speaking of shopping, I bought new shoes. Again. :) Shoes are love. <3 And mum got me new clothes. Well it's mostly because Chinese New Year is coming. She also invited Wazir over to stay a night during new year. I was really surprised. I'm really glad my mum's really open about so many things and we're so close. I suppose it's also probably due to the fact that she's still single too. It's weird having a guy when my mum doesn't. :P

These are the shoes I got last weekend ::

And the ones I got today. They cost a lot but I really liked them ::

Won't post pix of clothes because the lighting in my room's funky. Later.
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[29 01 05 Sat | 20:31]
Oh, and I'm sorry if I haven't been replying comments you all have left me previously.. Somehow I can't reply my comments through my hotmail anymore and then I keep putting them off.. But I will reply newer ones.. :)
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