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    Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
    3:09 pm
    Florida women look for fizz-free hair without health hazards - south florida sun-sentinel.com

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    Current Mood: nauseated
    2:50 pm
    Bath salt abuse brings horrible trip, md warns - health - cbc news

    "I couldn't tell you why I did so it," Brown said, pointing to his scars at a prison in Fulton, Miss. "The psychological effects are still there. "

    While Brown survived, sheriff's authorities a single Mississippi county say they feel one woman overdosed on the powders there. In southern Louisiana, family members of your 21-year-old man says he cut his throat and ended his life which has a gunshot. Authorities are investigating whether a guy arrested for capital murder in the December death of a Tippah County, Miss. , sheriff's deputy was ingesting the tub salts.

    The stimulants aren't regulated from the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration, but they are facing federal scrutiny. Law officers say some of the substances are now being shipped from Europe, but origins remain unclear.

    Gary Boggs, an executive assistant in the DEA, said there's a lengthy process to limit most of these designer chemicals, including reviewing the abuse data. But it is an activity that can take years. antibiotics buy online

    Dr. Mark Ryan, director of Louisiana's poison control center, said he thinks state bans for the chemicals could be effective. He said calls in regards to the chemicals have dropped sharply since Louisiana banned their sale in January.

    'Intense cravings' for stimulant

    Ryan said cathinone, the parent substance from the drugs, comes from a plant grown in Africa and is regulated. He stated MDPV and mephedrone come in a lab, plus they aren't regulated since they are not marketed for human consumption. The stimulants affect neurotransmitters inside the brain, he was quoted saying.

    "It causes intense cravings because of it. They'll binge onto it three to four days before making up in the ER. Even though it's really a horrible trip, they would like to repeat and again," Ryan said.

    Ryan said at least 25 states have received calls about exposure, including Nevada and California. He said Louisiana leads with all the greatest number of cases at 165, or 48 percent of the U. S. total, as well as Florida with at the very least 38 calls to its poison center.

    Dr. Rick Gellar, medical director for your California Poison Control System, said the first call regarding the substances were only available in Oct. 5, along with a number of calls have followed since. But he warned: "The best this may not turn into a overuse injury in California is actually federal regulatory agencies get ahead from the curve. This is a fresh thing buy armour Thyroid online. "

    In the Midwest, the Missouri Poison Center at Cardinal Glennon Children's Clinic received a minimum of 12 calls within the first two weeks of January about teenagers and adults abusing such chemicals, said Julie Weber, the center's director. The guts received eight calls about the powders every one of last year.

    A small packet with the chemicals typically costs as few as $20 US.

    The Canadian Press, 2011

    Current Mood: surprised
    2:25 pm
    Money wont buy you health care insurance - nytimes.com

    Redwood City, Calif.

    THIS isnt the storyplot of the poor family having a mother that has an awful ailment that bankrupts them, or using a child who has to go without vital medicines. Unlike many others, my loved ones have enough money medical treatment, without or with insurance.

    Instead, this is the story about how exactly broken the market for health insurance is, even for people who find themselves healthy and who're ready to fund it.

    Most employees think that should they lose their job and also the coverage of health which comes in addition to it, theyll have the ability to purchase insurance somewhere. The folks Congress who want to repeal the supply of last years health insurance law which makes it easier for those to buy coverage must assume that uninsured people don't are interested it, or are simply too cheap or too poor to take action.

    The reality is that individual health care insurance is difficult to have.

    I found this your painfully costly way. Six in the past, my company was acquired. Since my partner had retired quite a while earlier, we found ourselves without an employer and so without health insurance.

    My husband, teenage daughter i counseled me active and healthy, i naïvely thought getting health insurance could be simple.

    Why did we even need insurance First, we wanted to know that, when we stood a medical catastrophe, we may not exhaust our savings. Second, uninsured patients are billed more than the rates that insurers negotiate with doctors and hospitals, and we wanted to pay those lower rates. The difference is significant: my recent M. R. I. cost $1,300 with the "retail" rate, while the rate negotiated through the insurance company was $700.

    An insurance coverage broker taught me to be go through your options. I chosen a high-deductible plan, and done the long application. I diligently listed the various minor complaints which is why there was been seen over the years, if you know these might turn up later and turn into a grounds for revoking coverage whenever they weren't disclosed.

    Then the first letter arrived - denied. It never occurred to me that people could be denied! Yes, we'd listed a lot of minor ailments, but nothing serious. No cancer, no chronic diseases like asthma or diabetes, no hospital stays.

    Why were we denied What were these pre-existing conditions that put us into high-risk categories To me, it turned out a corn on my toe in which my podiatrist had recommended an in-office procedure. My daughter was denied because she takes regular medication to get a common teenage issue. My husband was denied because his ophthalmologist had identified a slow-growing cataract. Basically, if there is any possible procedure in your future, insurers will deny you.

    The broker then proposed that this three people make individual applications. Perhaps a couple of individuals could possibly be accepted, rather than family as a group.

    When i completed more applications, I discovered an important error inside my strategy. The first question was "Have you ever been denied health insurance" Now my answer was yes, giving the newest companies reason to be watchful about my application. I learned past too far the best tactic is to try using simultaneously to numerous companies as is possible, so that you will dont ought to admit with a denial.

    I completed four applications per of the three individuals, using reams of paper. I learned to learn the questions carefully. I mulled in the difference between a "condition" and "something which is why you have sought treatment. " I used to be precise and succinct. I felt like I used to be carrying out a deposition: Provide the minimum true information, and not a word more. I had been accepted by exactly one insurer. So was my daughter, although with a Fifty percent premium on the standard charge to get a girl her age. My husband was also accepted by one insurer but was denied by the company that approved me.

    Our premiums, that had been reasonable at first, have raised substantially throughout the last six years; the common annual increase has been Twenty percent. I now am paying premiums which might be over double the things they were initially. And since they are high-deductible policies, we are still paying a lot of the medical bills ourselves.

    The brand new health care reform legislation is not perfect. Nothing that complex could possibly be. On the other hand have no doubt the system is broken and reform is completely essential. When we're not planning to have universal coverage however are going to count on employer plans, you have to must offer individuals, self-employed people and small business owners a spot to buy insurance at the reasonable price lipitor cost.

    If folks Congress feel so strongly about undoing this important legislation, perhaps we ought to stop getting them to medical insurance. Lets credit their spend on just how much that has been paid through the taxpayers, and permit them to make an effort to buy health insurance within the individual market. My bet is because all could be denied purchase armour Thyroid. Medical health insurance reform might suddenly not manage to them like such a bad idea.


    Current Mood: nauseated
    1:57 pm
    Meharry medical college - office for research

    The global pandemic of HIV infection and AIDS continues to spread and has already claimed over 20 million lives. The problem comes to affect primarily people of color living in resource-poor nations. Within the United States, African Americans represent 13% from the population but account for more than 50% of diagnosed AIDS cases. African American women take into account over two thirds of AIDS cases in women in the United States. The prevalence of AIDS among African Americans is booming at an alarming rate, and inside nations capital legally to have found out that 3 to 5% of adult African Americans are HIV-positive. Some reports say that whenever infection, inside absence of treatment, African Americans progress quicker to AIDS than other racial groups and might suffer clinical problems, like HIV-associated nephropathy, not typically affecting other racial groups. The HIV/AIDS epidemic in African Americans is a true crisis that will need immediate and intense action.

    The biological complexity of HIV and AIDS is matched by the political and cultural complexity of societys a reaction to herpes. The multidimensional nature from the HIV/AIDS issue in the Black community means that this solution requires the coordinated efforts of men and women from many disciplines; health care providers, simple and easy clinical researchers, public physicians, journalists, faith leaders, politicians, social workers, community leaders and educators. viagra testimonials Solving the problem of Is great for the African American community will demand not just the mobilization of human resources but in addition substantial savings too for research, education, capacity building, counseling, and treatment.

    The Center for AIDS Health Disparities Research (CAHDR) at Meharry Medical Colleges School of medication is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NCRR grant number U54 RR019192). The main charge given for the Center is to conduct research along with other scholarly activities designed to spot, understand, and eliminate factors accountable for the profoundly disproportionate burden of AIDS and HIV infection among minority populations within the United States buy lipitor 20 mg.

    Our obligation may be the compassionate elimination of HIV in our community and world. Through combining research with community partnerships, the guts for AIDS Health Disparities Research will dramatically reduce the burden of Supports the local minority community. Discoveries made and models put together by the middle could have permanent national and global impact.

    Recognizing the requirement for a multi-discipline approach to the two problem and also the research needed to avoid it, the CAHDR has identified three major aspects of focus:

    Biology, Behavior, and Community Outreach.

    Current Mood: scared
    1:22 pm
    Weekly wardrobe

    INDIANAPOLIS (LIN) - The cold air and dropping temps of winter can really please take a toll on the skin and hair, together with your overall health.

    Most folks are too busy hurrying to work/school/out out to look at notice until it is too far gone.

    Follow these tips and also hardwearing . skin soft, your hair healthy and your heart happy through the entire winter chill.

    • Switch cleansers from foam to cream. Maintaining and replenishing lipids are essential for smooth, hydrated skin.
    • If you dont already utilize a heavier moisturizer, switch yours with a day and night protection.
    • Hot showers can be extremely the worst. The lure of an extra-hot shower is really so tempting on a day in and out of winters artic blasts, but could zap the moisture straight out on the skin.
    • Use an air humidifier within your bedroom or living area to keep up an above 60 percent humidity. Below this may ultimately create flaky, scratchy dried-out skin.
    • Drink plenty of water. Water is probably the most elementary moisturizers. Maintaining you water intake cleanses the poisons from the body in addition to keeping your skin layer moisture-rich order lipitor 20 mg.
    • Take your vitamins! Always a mothers mantra, those three words can often mean a lot. Keeping your system healthy goes hand-in-hand with healthy hair and skin.
    • Sounds silly, but be sure your hair is dry before you go out to the cold. Wet hair can freeze, become brittle and back out of.
    • Deep condition often, and use a leave-in conditioner. Deep conditioning ill significantly improve your hairs health in the freezing winter months with the addition of the extra moisture lost inside cold. With the help of a leave-in, you are able to protect flowing hair from not merely the weather, but from drying and straightening/curling.

    "Good, smart style doesnt die, it evolves. " Me.

    Top Trends via Polyvore

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