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01:50pm 06/01/2003
  Thanks to you guys who’ve been posting me…saves me from the eternal boredom of my work at the mo…anyone else gotta do re-takes next week?? Coz poor you if so…it fuckin sucks…anyways…all’s pretty fine with me really…sometimes I get this really heavy feeling inside…and sometimes I feel like I think I’d like to die …but today is not one of those days…not at all actually…these holidays have all been a bit weird…have had to think loads about my future…and well, I’m not too sure how I can describe this but I kinda had this feeling the other day when I was on the plane back from Edinburgh of not perfection but excitement about life, I mean for god’s sake I’ve got so much to look forward to and there are so many amazing things that I could do with my life…I’ve just gotta try and make it all work out…so my present mood is positive….just made my new year’s resolutions too…1. Take better care of my body 2. Read a book a month (sounds geeky I know but really need some culture in my life) and the third I did think of, hold on, oh I remember…I have to learn to drive before I go to uni…so that’s it…anyone got any more exciting ones??? Hope so! Anyways, ought to go get some lunch really…  
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05:33pm 05/01/2003
  hellllooooooo! i have finally managed to login to this thing so i can now spill my heart online...this is so awesome!!!! hi everyone on this.... xoxoxox  
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