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Date:2004-06-19 01:54
Subject:Wrapped in me and my thoughts

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Date:2004-06-05 17:14
Subject:all you are is mine

let me drink your tears my love
feed me your soul
give me your submission
I will have you whole

all you are is mine

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Date:2004-06-05 17:01
Subject:..Im just Wolf in love with kitten

I ask myself..are there more like me..
I saw a movie this week

The other half of love...lost and delirious..quote: "Mainly, it's about the damage done by labels, as lead Paulie says to Mouse, "I'm not a girl in love with a girl, I'm Paulie in love with Tory." So don't label, watch. And don't think this movie won't move you if you aren't gay. It will."
a line caught my attention...
"Lesbian?!??? You think I'm a lesbian???"
"Well you're a girl in love with a girl, right?"
"No, I'm Paulie in love with Tory. Remember?"
I dont love women..I love my kitten...period

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Date:2004-06-04 23:51
Subject:about me

Im a woman... I am for 3 years now in M/s relationship with another woman.... we cannot be together now..we are far but we speak every day in pager online..phone..voice chat... I dont consider myself lesbian... I dont moan or drool for bodies of women... however I am I in a relation with a woman... weird no?...I think it is myself..because I like men... I like their bodies..they get me hot and bothered..yet since day one this connection was strong... I love her.. not a desire for physical pleasure or a carnal passion of desire that extinguishes fast... but a love of comprehension..respect..de loyalty...a love of lil nothings...a love where looks says more than a thousand words..a love of silences and meaningful smiles...enjoyed....so good..warm smiles that make me smile inside...of body and soul..of body also ...a love of first days... where it is so good to see you....a love of cumplicity...a love where one ends the others phrases....a Love with a capped L
sometimes I question if it makes sense
I dont think it matters if it does or not... what matters is that I am very loved... I feel it in my skin..and that I love

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