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^^Yay! [31 Oct 2006|09:55pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | come what may ]

I updated the background, format-ish stuff~ ^___^ Hehe...
School has been relaxing this week~~.... So far... <.< it IS only tuesday...

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^^Wakey wakey, time for fuzzy~ [05 Oct 2006|08:25am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | The Heart of Worship - Matt Redman ]

lol... The past few days, i've been waking up at 7AM for no reason... Even tho I slept at 1AM... <.< 'Tis very weird. So I have a few minutes to burn... Hehe... Might as well add some shtuff here...
So, yesterday it started to drizzle... Been a long time since it rained around here... So, what do I do when it's drizzling/sprinkling?? I go out for a nice walk XD In the drizzle. Hehe, it's been a long time since I had a leisurely walk so those two went well together... It was very relaxing^^ And i wore a huge coat so I was semi-warm, haha... I say semi-warm cuz this whole week i've either been freezing or just cold... 0_O Kinda weird. You would think that I wouldn't be so vulnerable to the cold after living in Japan for 5 years... After the walk, i got home and took a soothing warm bath~ ^^Right when I got out of the shower, my dad came home~ Haha...

Anyway, yea... that was my fuzzy, feel-good moments of yesterday... Oh oh~ And I'm *almost* finished with my movie poster for graphic design class!! I've NEVER used Photoshop OR Illustration in my life before, so I was simply AMAZED at how beautifully the program works!!! AAAAH, I WANT PHOTOSHOP NOWWW~~~ Gaah~~ It's so expensive tho =( Maybe someday, I will... Hehe, I don't wanna sound conceited but the poster looks great ;_; I wish i cld put up a pic of it here... ^^It's called Ephemeral Happiness... With groom and bride at the bottom right, both wearing white (ooh!! Double-meaning symbolism!! Haha~) Aaand, at the top of the poster are hands forming a heart and two golden rings falling down over the groom's head (ooohhh, foreshadowing already! XD) And the background is beautiful but it's of a cemetery... I put a candle burning in the background over the cross...

ahaha... ANYWAY... ^_^ I'm pretty much happy with it... But I still wanna go and tweak it! @_@ Hahah... I wanna add stuff like "In a world where love is freely given, it can also be taken away... from a merciless power" Haha... My movie is supposedly about a married couple who just got married, one died immediately after, etc... Not really sure what's going to happen but oh well ^^I'm making the poster, not the screenplay!

Hmm~ So, I went over the Veron's house on Sunday, I believe... And, she burned lotsa songs for meh~ =) I'm listening to them now~~ I'm going to go off now~ ^^Hehe...

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ughh.... [10 Sep 2006|01:07pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

I don't get it... I don't remember if Physio had any information about why you sometimes just so fricking low on energy... I've been lethargic eversince Friday... Maybe it's cuz I haven't been sleeping much... Insomnia, maybe. I've been having a hard time sleeping these days, tossing and turning all night and morning long... When I wake up, I feel tired... And the rest of the day goes by with me being restless and procrastinating... Moody and lethargic.. Maybe I spent so much energy on weekdays seeming happy that I have no more energy for anything else... Hmm... Okay, nevermind, I just checked my calendar... I'm just pms-ing. I need to sleep more...

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So, it was good~ [09 Sep 2006|10:43pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]
[ music | Somebody - Bonnie McKee ]

So Club day on Friday was pretty good... We sold our two pies for great profit~ (i'm not exactly sure how much we made ^^;) Not that our club needed it... I guess it would help people who have great vigor for the sport but no money... The pies were so delicious that bees were attracted... yea. Scary as hell... Then this tall as a building guy, Ben, comes up and smashes his hand right on top of the bee... Like... "ARE YOU CRAZY!!?? YOU COULD'VE BEEN STUNG!!!!" haha... But the bee was unhurt, so was Ben. The bee just got up and flew away... haha...
After that... Just hung out in photography with veron... then popped by in ravvy's physio class and helped make the shirt that said, "I ♥ YAOI"... Put our initials on the shoulder areas too... And in the heart, with neon orange, it says, "Freaks are cool". I'm embarrassed. XD Haha... But that's what she wanted to write...
We carried an ice box all the way under the hot sun to her house... We were talking about having a "Study/Do homework session" then we plopped on the couch and watched Kim Possible and Grounded for Life... It was pretty interesting, actually... Haha... Ravvy kept lighting her marshmellow on fire... I didn't know that could even happen...
After that was dinner wiht the family at Sushimaru... At one point, I think I thought SushiMaru was like... The best restaurant ever... But now, I realize that the sushi isnt' even that good... Nor was the takoyaki... It was mushy and too soft... Had no shape... Plus, it was too small... Haha... I guess standards change...

Seriously... This day has been very unproductive... I have 6 major projects to complete and I haven't really done much shit with it... So... I'm screwed. Oh who cares. I've had senioritis ever since junior year from hanging out with them graduates... I'll deal with the procrastination when it comes back to bite me in the ass later... Meanwhile, I'm dazedly wandering around in life... Feel like I have no purpose... Probably is no purpose... We're probably just fooled by the media and whatnot about this "having a purpose in life" thing... Who're they kidding? We'll never KNOW what our PURPOSE is... We live, we have good times, we have bad times, we die. Just enjoy life, man... We only get one life, unless you believe in reincarnation... Mwah! What's the three L's again? Live, Love, Laugh? =)

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*sigh* [08 Sep 2006|11:09pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]
[ music | Otherworld - FFX ]

Dang it, I miss J.

come back soon, geez...

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Today... [07 Sep 2006|08:50pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]
[ music | Candleburn - Dishwalla ]

So today was the Club Promo day where we promote our club to the school by setting up a booth or performing... In the Martial Arts Club's case, we did both... The performance was alright... not very good, not very bad... I zoned out while performing and my body did something that irks me to no end... My muscles performed a movement that was later on in the performance... ^^; I guess it's cuz I like that movement in comparison to the one I was actually supposed to do so... I dunno >< Feel kinda bad about it but I know it doesn't matter to anyone except me so it's okay... Besides, I got to skip 5th period! (But of course, it was b/c I needed to get ready for the performance...) ^_~ And missed the first part of 6th period... Hehe, just to help with the clean up and tidying up...

Afterschool, me n ravvy went to buy pies for Club Day (which is tomorrow~^^) and we bought Lemon Meringue and Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie... =D 'Twas tricky to cut the pie cuz it was so soft on top (fluffs of whip cream, I think... I'm not sure what it was... The thing where they fire a few parts and it becomes brownish in certain places in contrast to the white) Aaaanyway... Yea... I bet 2mrw I'll be able to leave 5th period 5 minutes earlier or something...

On another note... It's scary sometimes how some people... I dunno how to explain it... I guess I can call it PMS...? But especially when that person's close to you... It's hurtful when they turn malicious because they know what would pierce your heart... Seriously... When I think about it... I've never really shown anger to my family before... Whenever they've made me angry, I shut myself in my room and do whatever seems to help... I guess it's isn't healthy psychologically for me... Hmm... Maybe that's just the way I was raised... Might be helpful in the work place tho ^_~ so that when the boss angers me, I would be able to hold it instead of losing my job XD

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Theraputic walk.... [03 Sep 2006|11:22pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]
[ music | Frozen - Madonna ]

I still love the layout of this page ^_^ I can't help dreaming of owing my own apartment and decorating it with modern-looking furniture... All the colors of black, white, red, and brown... Maybe even some gold and silvers too... and blue... XD

Anyway... Took what i wld call a "theraputic walk" today... strolling around instead of being concerned with getting my daily exercise and rushing home... Enjoying nature and listening to music on my mp3 player... Now that school has started, (like 2 weeks ago) I've started to get cracking on doing actual work... So... I guess it was just nice to get out of the house by myself in a peaceful environment...

Since I'm only one year away from college, I'm thinking about what I want to be... A career in linguistics?? Art?? I dunno... I'm interested in both but i'm unsure how to proceed with it...

Well, I guess that was just the news flash from whenever I left off...

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The Best Night of my LIFE [08 Jul 2006|01:19am]
[ mood | crazy ]

It was loud, it was hot, and it was sexayyy~~ I will NEVER forget the night of July 6th, 2006...

I thought my heart would BURST from the absolute ecstasy I felt just watching and hearing Hyde sing his soul out... In the encore, he was singing so passionately that I was about to cry... It was so SURREAL!! I was in the SAME ROOM as HYDE!! My 8 years of dreaming that this would happen... Dreams DO COME TRUE!! I was SO CLOSE to him... Closer to him than I ever believed I could be! I can die happily now...

Hahaha... Man, but I was deaf by the time it was over... And I think I grew some neck muscles from straining to see my little Hyde on stage... Why do I have to be so short... I'm still high on Hyde... I'm listening to his latest album songs right now... And the last 2 days, I've been a bouncing ball of energy shooting from every side of my house... EUPHORIA!

I love love love love love love Hyde... Haha... We were so enthusiastic and the crowd sang along with the songs so he said, "You have a great voice..." lol... You have a great voice too HAIDOOOOOO!!!! Haha... I loved it when he said, "Let's...get... CRAAAAZYYY!!!!!" And the crowd just went wild, cheering him, loving him!! Haha... "I'll be back!!"

"I want your blood, give it to me!" "Move your body to the beat!" "Jesus Christ, I believe you!" "I can feel you!" <3 Hyde, rock on!

Give me a perfect moment

hmm... [11 May 2006|08:20pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | Desert Rose - Sting ]

wow, haven't updated in a while... That last post sucked... I kinda feel the same, except now it's a little better... bleh. I still hate it anyway.
Urrrmmm... Spent 3 hours at friend's house watching Wizard of Oz and Scrubs (or something) and playing video games... Actually, I mainly watched Michael, Michael, Joe, n Alice's lil bro play those violent race car games... Haha, me n Alice just watched... Was fun. Wizard of Oz... Urgh. Wasn't very interesting, especially since it was my second time watching it... Gargh. We didn't even analyze it. (it's for a proj)... Scrubs >.< Bleh, I disliked it, it made me very uncomfortable w/ all the sexual stuffs...

Yuck, the weather these days is making me sad. It's so hot! By the time I complete my 30 min walk from school to my house, I'm sweating like a pig and sunburnt. Oh well... I dont even know what I'm doing right now when I have two super huge tests tomorrow... 100 point History test and I-dont-know-how-many-points test for math... URGH. I'm not gonna get all A's this year if I keep this up for the next 3 weeks... Noooooooooooo... >< Managed to keep it at that the last 12 weeks *dies*

*revives* I gotta go study, tata~

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Argh. [21 Feb 2006|12:55pm]
Lately I'm been stuffing myself and exercising like a freaking idiot. Self esteemd down. Energy level down. Irritability up. I need to punch something. I need to hit something. Why do I feel so shity. I feel like I've tried everything and nothing works permanently. I want a cure and I want it now. Yea, impossible. How many times hv i prayed to God while I was crying my heart out on my bed while my family was downstairs laughing and watching Jay Leno? I'm tired.
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^^Coolz... [08 Oct 2005|05:15pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Linnie's radioblog!! ]

Today's been pretty good so far... At 9am, i was at the Sacred Heart Comm. Service thingy till 12 noon doing some pantry services... At first I packed some bread in boxes (yum! i was hoping to eat some XD) then we went to do some packaging... 0_o I was like, HOLY. This is INTENSE. XD it was like the olden day factories, ya know? You put in your cans, then you pass it on to the other person who packs her stuff then passes it down to the next person, etc etc... >< My arm was aching and burning after half an hour... Geez, my arm is so weak, and it doesn't help that i was so short that i had to reach up higher to get the heavy cans =.= Then we just did some unloading (heavy stuff AGAIN XD I was DYING) then (woe woe!) again with the food packaging... then clean up and pushing carts... =) Then I was done! =) But i did have a 15 min break in the middle...

Anyway, yesterday, my dad just told me we wouldn't be going back to M'sia this year... ^^;; I kinda don't know how to feel about that... I've been looking forward to it and also dreading it and... and... @_@ I just dunno what I feel... I guess i feel kinda neutral right now XD

Well, it's been about 5 days since i started helping my friend and she hasn't cut for FOUR days! =) I'm so proud of her... I hope she keeps it up! It's almost gonna be 1 week without cutting!! I'm gonna help her beat her record of 2.5 months without cutting! Woohoo!! ^_~

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Am I doing the "right" thing? [04 Oct 2005|08:52pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Celtic Woman ]

For the past 2 days, I've been talking and trying to help my friend who's cutting herself and my other friends, who helped her last year are telling me to "not get involved" cuz they dont want me to get dragged down on it... It really planted a seed of doubt in me... It makes me feel terrible that the don't want to help her and that they disapprove of my actions. It makes me think that they know something I don't, like I don't know how hard it will be to try to help her. At the same time, I feel strongly that this is something I feel I need to do because she's such a wonderful person, I can't just let it be!! With my experience, I want to help her... They're not really helping her so i just think it's unfair that they should tell me not to do it even if they say it's for my own sake. Any thoughts? I need some other opinions..

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Community serviceee... [01 Oct 2005|09:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | endless story ]

^^Today's main event was community service! from 11am to 2pm~~ Wee~ Me n kimmy were selling ice cream for 2 hrs n 10 mins... and the last 50 mins, we were sitting around at the face paiint booth... It wasn't the most exciting experience, but it wasnt too bad either... =) Got to know Kimmy a lil better, I guess it's a good even if you wanna get to know someone... XD Or something...

The rest of the day... I just slacked off... well, i went for a jog and walk but that's it... ^^;; Been online quite a bit this weekend and friday... lolz... Crazy, I'm addicted again... Was up till 4am yesterday... and woke up at 9am... Geez... I think I should sleep a bit earlier now... =.= wasn't feeling my best this morning...
Well, this is just the update! Jya!

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Interesting dayz.... [30 Sep 2005|11:20pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | Omajinai ]

When I got back from school, my parents wanted to go to some French restaurant to eat dinner... ^^It's called The Plumed Horse... It was quite delicious... <.< Although I don't really like seafood, I ordered the North Altantic Salmon... *sigh* My whole family loves seafood, I'm the only one who doesn't XD Pretty sad...

Well, tomorrow, I'm gonna do some community service in the name of Octagon at the Not Just the Child Walk... ^^;; I won't be walking, I'll just be at the snack shack, giving out food to the walkers, I guess... ^^My first community service project, am quite excited about it...

Anyway... I'm extremely worried for my friend... I found out that she's cutting herself... I really don't know what to do... I want to help her since I know how she feels (I don't cut myself, tho)... My heart just aches whenever I image her in her room crying, cutting herself... She's such a wonderful person, I can't stand it... I'm just unsure if she wants my help cuz she doesn't know that I know about this... I sort of found out by accident.......

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^^Back again... [18 Sep 2005|02:08pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | The Cape of Storms - Hyde ]

Somehow, I'm back online doing something other than research... ^^Just surfing around the net, re-energizing myself and my love for Laruku n Haido-san... I still absolutely adore them... ^^My healthy obsession, lolz...
Anyway, I just recently watched an anime called Yami no Matsuei... (episodes 9-13 only tho) Hehe... I'm gonna go to the library and check out the first 9 episodes... ^^;; Looks pretty interesting (XD yea, well, I watched the ending already tho...) but the guys cry a lot... ^^Kawaii tho...

Well, this is just my short update, I gotta go meet with my group for a project, jya!

Give me a perfect moment

Up late... [26 Jun 2005|03:55am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]
[ music | listening to the silence... ]

^^Am up late again today... A bit later than usual... I can't sleep for some reason... <.< Wanna go get Laruku's new album but I'm not sure my mom's free tomorrow or for the whole week for that matter... Time passes by so quickly when I think about how fast these 3 years have been. Three years already? I can't believe it. (well, actually 2.5 years but still, close enough) Father told us we might (note: just MAYBE) going back to Msia... Supposedly his boss isn't very happy with his progress... XD Somehow I suspect he wasn't really trying. He wants to retire and become a househusband, cuz he's tired of work...

As much as I want to return to Msia, I'm actually feeling a bit... what is it... reluctant? Just slightly. ^^;; I mean, this place isn't all that bad... There's the ups and downs, yea... I really do miss Msia tho... I just wish I could gain what cannot be regained... The loss of my secondary school in the place where I (weirdly) miss being a part of. I guess it's just me wanting to fit in, be a part of something permanent. Nothing in my life seems to last for long. I'm always moving everywhere. I miss Japan, my Japanese friends whom I've lost touch with. I look at their pictures now and read their blogs and see how much they've changed and grown and I mourn over how I never got to witness it. It makes me sad...

I'll probably snap out of this.. hopefully soon... I should learn to appreciate what I have and not mope about what I missed out on...

Give me a perfect moment

^^Holidays news... [22 Feb 2005|08:29am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | chihiro onitsuka - memai ]

So, this is the first "official" day of the holiday... Yesterday was President day and most people had a day off anyways so I didn't really consider it a "holiday" XD Yea, I know, I'm weird in trying to logic with myself... I don't really why I'm so crazy...
Well, anyway... Yesterday (actually, technically, it was this morning..), I was up late doing my Merchant of Venice character analysis... ^^;; For the Duke. Really sad cuz he's not really the MAIN character of the play... But, that's who I'm playing so I have to do the best I can... I still haven't finished ^^;; Weeeell, I have time. @_@ This project is taking up a LOT of my holiday time... I'm meeting again with my group all throught the week... On Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (maybe Saturday but we're not sure yet...) THen meet again on Tuesday for the final gathering of the project papers... =.= I hope my teacher will be satisfied cuz if not... I'll kill her.

Anywayz. XD On to a happier note... Nothing much has been happening.. We went out to the mall yesterday where I spent my time in the Barnes and Noble bookshop reading manga and looking for some good books to read... ^^Finished reading Girl Got Game #7... I saw some good books in the bookstore and put a hold on Crown Duel, Court Duel, The Daughters of the moon, and a few other books by Sherwood Smith... I wanted to read Blue is for Nightmares, White is for magic, and Silver is for Secrets but... The library didn't have any... Jan Siegel's books looked interesting too so I'm planning to check them out when I go to the library today... XD Aah... don't you LOVE the library. I'm crazy for the libraries here... They're so full of resources and books... And you don't have to pay a thing! =) ... Of course, there are those who abuse the kindness they give but... Thankfully they're not the majority...

Gosh, gotta stop babbling and work on revising my chara analysis!
^^Btw, Linnie dear, watch out for incoming mail~ Ehehe... In replacement for that carelessly packaged bday prez that got lost... or *ahemstolenahem* <.< *huggles* Bye then!

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^^Weee~ It's Friday!! [11 Feb 2005|08:44pm]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | All I ask of you - Phantom of the Opera ]

Woohoo!! =) It's Friday already! Now that I think about it, this week has gone by pretty fast! =) I likey. Ehehe... Actually, it didn't seem to go that fast when it was in the beginning or middle of the week... Especially on Thursday... I was just WAAAAITING for Friday to come but then DREADING it cuz I have so many tests and quizzes.. XD Ehehe... Kind of a weird feeling... Wanting and dreading at the same time... Just so crazy... Well, so Valentine's Day is creepin' up! XD That's all I think about these days.. I don't even like Valentine's Day taht much... Christmas is a bigger thing... Even Chinese New Year's bigger... I dunno, maybe it's the fact that I'm baking cookies and brownies for ppl... =D Still haven't planned out exactly how I'm gonna wrap up the goodies... @_@ Better do it tonight or tomorrow...

YEESSSSSSSS... I will have a one week break after next week! Woohoo!! Rest and relaxation at LAST. Gosh. I was feeling extremely stressed and depressed on Tuesday for some reason... Or was it Wednesday? Urgh. I don't remember.. I should stop being obssessed with schoolwork... I guess it's just that I was kept busy with the chinese new year's eve party that I needed to do extra work to keep up to my usual standard... XD Ehehe.. OH! About the Chinese New Year's Eve party... XD Was pretty awkward at first... I mean... What do you expect? All adults at the party except me. (well, my sister is technically an adult already... Gonna be 20 this May.. So I was the only child...) And, I didn't talk much cuz... I mean, what do you talk about to an adult? XD I seriously doubted that I had anything of their interest to talk about... Well, it went fine and I got some angpaus XD Gosh.. They didn't have to give anything... I barely know them, afterall!!

^^I think I finished most of my homework... Wee~ =) HEre I come, relaxing weekend~!!!!

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^^Whew... What a long time... [10 Feb 2005|04:49pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Killing me - L'Arc~en~Ciel ]

My gosh... It's been FOREVER since I last updated!! >< Sorry... Been busy with school and all that good stuff XD ^^THis time at school it's been Take on you Teacher week where the students and teachers do games against each other at lunch time... XD IT's really interesting to watch... They played basketball, relay races, trivia questions and tomorrow we're doing something like American Idol... XD Instead, they're callign it Matador Idol cuz it's the matador is the symbol of our school... XD I wonder who is gonna participate! I HAVE to watch this... Bet it's gonna be so fun...
^^Well, Valentines day is coming up~ Am planning to bake cookies and brownies and give them out to a few selected students and teachers... XD Definitely NOT going to give any to ANY guy. Not that I have any guy to give them to... Besides, I only have heart for Haido-sama and Sanzo~~ ^^;; Hehehe... In my mind, they are perfect, flawless, just the way they are. =) Muahaha...
So, that's teh short update on what's happening and what I"m planning! =) Gotta go do my tedious homework... Jya ne~~~

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^^Whew. [22 Oct 2004|07:02pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Bleed for me - Saliva ]

Goshes. I was in a depressing mood last post... XD OH well, I'm feeling WAY better right now... =) Just took a break, watched tv, ate food, then I tried completing some of the work... ^^I think i've got almost 1/4 of the stuff I have to do done already! =) Yippee! Ehehe... ^^Also the fact that shifu is coming back from China today or tomorrow... Am not too sure actually... ^^;; Oh well. Somewhere around this time.

Mother is cooking Italian food for dinner right now... ^^Yum! Just cuz I was looking at her Italian cookbook XD lolz... Well, just didn't wanna leave my journal on a bad note... =) Smilezz!
Oh and, just d/l-ed Bleed for me by Saliva from Linnie dear's blog! =) THANKIES for puttin it up! =)

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