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[10 Oct 2004|08:04pm]
our house in the middle of our street.

new people moved in, but they're younger. but another new family's moving in too, so it's all good.

the new kid at school is still this mysterious mess in my head. and maybe that's why i'm attracted to him. but i don't know.

homecoming is the 23rd. stepphaine and i have been invited to go with heather, kelli mahieu, virginia cheng, sandy dang, shawn miller, brian seed, kenny, james, anthony, and their friends. id on't know about this entire date thing though... it doesn't fly with me, i would rather not have to stay because i have the date. you know? but i suppose it means i'm going. i'll go dress shopping next weekend? i don' tknow. i don't know.

friday we went to the westview game. right before the game started the power in the city went out. the game was postponed a good hour. and then the lights came back. it was their homecoming game, they had 10 minutes of straight fireworks, no joke. we beat them 45-3. when we were walking to my car, these guys were like: good game, and we talked a bit. it was cool, they were nice, not stuck up like the girls at the school. meghan asked if she could go with stepphaine and i, we gave her a ride and she ditched us. i feel used, so when she left i thanked her for hanging out with us...

saturday was virginia's birthday thing. it was ok. maggie was flirting with john *gag*

today has been wasted. we worked on the float, but it felt like we didn't get much done.

school is tomorrow, i really don't want to go.
the tears fall

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