Bwittanni's Journal

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

6:32PM - was a 'normal' day i suppose you could say....nothing out of the ordinary happened...meh stepdad may be comming to stay wif meh again and i dont know if im going to be able to deal with that...He's such a fucking asshole...:( Mum keps saying 'oh, he'll change' MY ASS!!! anyway, i suppose it's just something im going to have to continue dealing with just as i have for the past 16 years...*sigh* if it wern't for trey, i really dont know where i would be right now...It's the laws and standards society has right now are completely ridiculous... it pisses me off that everyone thinks hes to old for meh...does it fucking matter how old he is?? he cares about me and i think thats what bothers everyone...that someone would love brittani...nope, they cant have anything like that happening... oh well, i love him sooooo much, gramma talked to him and told him to make sure that the both of us understand that its just a simple friendship and nothing more... whatever, im gonna stop muh whining...

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