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[06 Dec 2004|08:17pm]
[ music | "Fit But You Know it" - The Streets ]

These are the Days we Love

So these are the days we love
the bittersweet infractions of a jokers heart
a heart that’s not a heart
but a fucking rock
and make sure to add
trust and honesty
to that pretty little list
of the things I love about you
and then cross it out
three times and again
because it never really was ever quite there
and write it all down
in permanent ink
so ill be sure not to forget
all the things you’ve done to me
because I always knew I could trust you
and you’d be there for me
my friends are always there for me
right. I hope you caught the sarcasm
because if you didn’t
I could repeat it all again
so that you could always remember
that these are the days we love.

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