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Watch me as I drown in this horrible sound. [21 Sep 2004|06:55pm]
[ mood | slightly annoyed. ]
[ music | acceptance ]

hawthorne heights/spitalfield/etc. show was last night. very good. you want more just go to miss excessive's journal.

school can suckamyballsah. middle finger to you ;)

slightly annoyed. kay, maybe a lotta annoyed. grrrr! not feeling it AT ALL.


Disguise yourself to hide the scars
It could be worse you know, so leave it how it is
A monument to please these fallen dreams of mine
They rest at my feet, but I know exactly how this ends.
Please bring me silence to the restless screams inside my head
They haunt me every time I close my eyes
I've had e n o u g h of it.
Hollow and despised
A picture in a burning home is all I am anymore.

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