10:30am 10/02/2005
i am not very pure. i don't feel clean, there are touches of blood on my body and.

i recommend you to read angela carter. wow. she is a fucking genious, she writes like i wish i could. magic realism, i think my head has shrunk.

there isn't any snow on the ground. i can't get over the fact that every snowflake is different from every other snowflake, and. i caught my history teacher in a lie: she said that 'samer' have 100 different words for snow. this is not true. they only have about 40.

i want to drown myself in music, and.

i am not depressed. i am happy. i have to go to the loo, whispers.
11:28am 12/10/2004
  friends only. so fuck off or add me.  
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