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hello i love you. August 23 2004 & 01:08AM
mood; aggravated
music; pat benatar "love is a battlefield"

my life lately has its ups and downs. right now things aren't going as smoothly as they were say saturday night at 930-10, but i guess that's how life works. so i had an amazing weekend at knobels with everyone, especially bethie. i<3her. she makes me laugh or as i said i million times to her "you crack me up". we went on the twister a million times. we talked a lot, too.

let me tell you how not excited i am for going back to work, but i actually like my job unlike most people i know. tuesday&saturday i have off, but i already have some kind of plans for those days, which is always good. school is soon and i can't wait to graduate. i've decided that once i go back to school shopping i am buying myself an ipod. i can't wait a whole 4 months.

after i dropped off beth at her house, i came home showered and went to arbys, redners, &blockbuster. i watched a movie and ate ben&jerrys ice cream alone, since i wasn't invited to go to the hospital.
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