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08 Nov 04 + 11:40PM
mood:  contemplative

one word to describe school and stuff right now. GAY. ugh i can't wait to graduate and leave all the bullshit behind me.

hmm well i think i have changed a lot of the past few years of high school, for the better i think. been in and out of love. had awesome times with friends and even more to come. i've learned a lot about myself too. my taste in music has changed a lot. people have died and i've learned to cope with their not being around. people have left and i've dealt. life has sucked and it then it has been awesome just as equally.

i wish a certain person would get a fucking clue. damn.

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28 Sep 04 + 05:02PM
music:  ryan cabrera - on the way down

you saved me from myself )

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26 Sep 04 + 10:34PM
music:  jamisonparker - biting bullets

because i can )

oh yeah another plus about millersville is that it's like 10 minutes from park city, even though i like king of prussia more it's still that's a plus.

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it's been awhile.. 25 Sep 04 + 09:42PM
okay so i haven't written in here for awhile. i don't really have too much to say, actually. i've been really busy hanging with my friends, going to school, working and other things that i just don't have time to worry about writing in here.

i went to millersville today with my dad. so far juniata and millersville are fairly equal. i love how they have this cute pond in the middle of the campus with two swans. one is named miller and the other is sville. aw and i got a cute shirt from there, too. millersville is a lot bigger than juniata. i'm visiting kutztown on friday so i get to not go to school.

last night i went shopping and bought a cute purse and other stuff.

yeah and i love life.
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08 Sep 04 + 12:15AM

ew i'm sick and sad sorta. and i'm the biggest fool alive sometimes i think.

seriously where is this perfect guy????? )
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06 Sep 04 + 08:44PM
from friday to monday, this weekend was awesome. hanging out with my friends, keeping it simple, and just having fun.

i love life.
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01 Sep 04 + 08:35PM

and i'm already sick of school.
thank god it's senior year.
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30 Aug 04 + 10:29PM
mood:  discontent
music:  interpol "obstacle 1"

i'm in a not so great mood. a lot has happened.

we started school today, this weekend i went shopping, got a flat tire, the battery in my car died, and i feel so stupid for some of the things i do.

i wish i could just make everything right again and have it all go back to normal. is there such thing in life as normal though. i just wish for once i could say the right things and that i could just pick up the phone, because i know i want to.

ya know what would be awesome. if i were a homecoming rep.

oh yeah and my grandfather is dying, but i am trying to be positive and put on a smile. so far so good.
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24 Aug 04 + 09:39PM
ew my mom is just dumb.

and i don't think i can wait until november 4th for the oc to be on again. what can i say i'm obsessed, i guess.
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hit me. 24 Aug 04 + 05:21PM
music:  jay-z "99 problems"

picshas )

i need to go restore my wardrobe shopping so bad and now it might not happened. stupid little brother and his football games. supposed to hang out with ally today and she wasn't home. now i'm watching the end of cheaper by the dozen, because that's what lyndsay had on. then i think i'm going to call that cute blonde girl again. lol.
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hello i love you. 23 Aug 04 + 01:08AM
mood:  aggravated
music:  pat benatar "love is a battlefield"

my life lately has its ups and downs. right now things aren't going as smoothly as they were say saturday night at 930-10, but i guess that's how life works. so i had an amazing weekend at knobels with everyone, especially bethie. i<3her. she makes me laugh or as i said i million times to her "you crack me up". we went on the twister a million times. we talked a lot, too.

let me tell you how not excited i am for going back to work, but i actually like my job unlike most people i know. tuesday&saturday i have off, but i already have some kind of plans for those days, which is always good. school is soon and i can't wait to graduate. i've decided that once i go back to school shopping i am buying myself an ipod. i can't wait a whole 4 months.

after i dropped off beth at her house, i came home showered and went to arbys, redners, &blockbuster. i watched a movie and ate ben&jerrys ice cream alone, since i wasn't invited to go to the hospital.
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02 Aug 04 + 02:45AM
friends only.
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