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Update [06 Apr 2003|10:20pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven ]

Hello Blurty.

We had a disappointing performance Friday night. Didn't get that much of a response from the crowd and just ended up feeling funny on stage. Yep, I messed up a lot too. Damn. Next month shall be better.

Me and Bach have been talking about what kind of direction Burning Monument should be headed. And we agree that we should all contribute to the writing process. Bob's songs are pretty damn good and creative, but they seem sorta unorganized. We need songs that flow. Until we're all happy with the songs we're writing, I don't think we should go in the studio and spend $81.25 only to come out disappointed. Recording over at Bob's sounds like a better idea to me because we can save up our money, we can perfect the songs we have, we can work on new ones together without worrying about time and money, and we can all figure out what kind of direction we want to take the band without ending up disappointed and wasting our money. Plus, I think it'll be a whole lot more fun recording at Bob's for now. I don't think we're ready to go into the studio either.

Alright, thats the band stuff. Prom is coming up in a month I'm worried about my shabutie because shes worrying about it. Haha...DON'T WORRY BABE! It'll be cool. We shall all have fun. =D

Since I've last updated, I've pretty much decided that I'm going to UC Irvine to be an Anteater. Yeah. Things have gotten a lot better in the past week. My family still supports me even though I didn't get into all the good schools and that makes me feel really good. I'm gonna try my hardest to succeed once college starts.

Ok, I think that was a pretty boring entry to read. Haha sorry guys. Next one shall be better. See ya later Blurty.

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