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Hot Cheets, Haucph, and California Navel [07 Jun 2003|10:58pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras ]

NO MORE SCHOOL!!! WOOHOO! The last day of school was pretty good but I was pretty sick. It was NUTHA's bday and I gave her her little gift and I hope she likes it. =D Finished up my Spanish final and then watched Mr. Deeds in art. In Anatomy I found out that I have an A-! YES. I hope it doesn't drop after the notebook check or anything. A 90.0 percent! In Stats I was beatboxing and Jeff and Herman were flowing. Man I was all snotty because I was sick and all this snot came out of my nose. Pretty gross. Then in 6th period we performed our lame musical. It was pretty fun though. I think Waters enjoyed it. Then after school we sat around on the benches and signed yearbooks. This was the first year I got a yearbook! Haha...my first yearbook. Yeah.

Today I woke up feeling a little bit more unsick, but then it started coming back to me later. I sat around watching TV. Sunny called and said he wanted to come over and make a CD. So he did and it was cool. After he left I felt sick so I collapsed and fell asleep. Woke up to go have dinner with my family. I had curry. MMM yum. I've never had real Indian curry. I wanna try it sometime. All I eat is the Chinese-ized and Japanese-ized curry. Came home and Bach called and asked me to practice. We went over to Bob's house to play and it was pretty good. Thats it. Goodbye.

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Farting [01 Jun 2003|09:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Our Lady Peace - Life ]

Hello Blurty and friends. This weekend was pretty eventful and I feel pretty good going into our last week of high school.

On Friday, Elaine wasn't at school and I missed her. Yep. I hope they're all wrapped up with their video project though and I hope Elaine incudes the CHOLLO DANCE in it. Yeah...after school I just went on home and played computer games and watched TV. And I think thats it.

On Saturday, I went with my parents to a housewarming party for their secretary, Cindy. She's a really nice person and she just got married. She lives in this pretty cool townhouse kind of complex with a little stream and a lot of trees in and around it. Its nice and simple. There's also this clubhouse in the center for everyone living there to use which is pretty cool. Its sorta like how its gonna be in college. Haha. Yep so we went to the clubhouse and ate a lot of stuff. I saw Grant Hung or Huang or something there because he was one of Cindy's father-in-law's friend's sons. Pretty funny. I talked to him a little about graduating and what we're doing after. What I remember the most is when I told him I'm going to Irvine he said " Dang dawg...are you ready for that shit foo?" I also got to listen to my stepdad and one of the other guys there talk about the division in Taiwan between the native Taiwanese(not the indigenous population, the Chinese people that went to Taiwan first) and the people that came over to Taiwan with the "Kuo Ming Tang" after the communist revolution in China. Pretty cool.

After that, I went home and called Elaine and we decided to head on over to Huntington Beach to hang out. We got there and were all looking for Nutha and Michael and they were lying on the ground right in front of us and we didn't see them. Haha...yep, we ate a little and then went in the water. The water wasn't nearly as cold as it was when we went to that Enviro-Sci thing so it was pretty fun swimming. The water was really salty though...and I also pee-ed in there and it felt quite good. Came out of the water and ate chicken and sandwiches and played with the beach ball and learned a new song about a moose from Michael. I forgot how it went already but it was funny. Cleaned up and then headed to Downtown Brea and got some ice cream and then on home.

I think I've figured out (or in the process of figuring out) a lot of things. I feel good.

I love Elaine Hsiao.

Today, I went to Ross' house in the morning to do our English musical stuff. His house is pretty nice except the inside seems all frilly. Haha...its cool though. He has 5 cars and one of those BBQ block/platform things that I always see on Cribs. And a very nice pool too. And a pretty good looking guitar. And a mom that made strawberries with maple syrup for all of us. And a brother that looks like him except a little bigger and with bigger lips. And a long driveway that leads up to his house. Yeah we worked on dances and stuff. Its sorta lame but I think it'll be funny. I then headed on home and proceeded to sleep all afternoon and then wake up to watch "Russia: Land of the Tsars" on the History Channel. Ate dinner, made a CD, and now I'm going to go back to doing my anatomy and hopefully studying some stats for tomorrow's final. See y'all later.

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Boring Entry [22 May 2003|10:15pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | The Strokes - Soma ]

Oh crap I'm so damn full right now. I ate waaay too much at BJ's tonight. The food was alright...I was so hungry before we got there so I ate too fast. I was afraid I was gonna barf. Darn this always happens. My hypothalamus is too slow to sense when I'm full.

Hypothalamus. Hm I think thats the right part of the brain. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Well the banquet was pretty cool. I liked the BBQ Chicken pizza. The spitwad fight was pretty funny. And also Nutha and Lilwisher getting whipped cream all over their faces. Didn't get to try a pazookie though...was too full. Oof.

My babe looked very hot tonight. =)

We also went to Guitar Center for a little while. I got to get a bunch of free catalogs and magazines. Woohoo...more stuff to read while I'm taking a dump.

Hm not much else thats on my mind right now. I'm in that full/sleepy mode right now. So I'm going to go to bed. See ya later Blurty.

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Untouchable [19 May 2003|10:30pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | Thrice - Where Idols Once Stood ]

WAHOO! I finished my poetry project!!! It looks sloppy and all the analysis etc stuff is complete BS but ITS COOL! I'm just glad I finished it. Whew. Its damn hot right now. Summer is coming. I hate heat.

Today my anatomy class and I went on a field trip to Loma Linda University (or college?). It was pretty cool. The deformed babies in jars were weird. I really feel bad for them and their parents. Darn. I also saw a picture of an 18 inch 18 year old. That was pretty crazy. And then we got to watch two movies about having babies. The first one was pretty cool. Those damn Brits do a good job of putting tiny cameras in our pees to make documentaries. The second one was wack though. It was all old and the people in it were damn funny. Especially the big guy that looked like Sir Mix-a-Lot. He was pretty dumb. Yeah and then we got to see babys' heads pop out of stretched vaginas. Scary.

Yesterday I didn't update, but I went to watch Matrix Reloaded with Elaine. It was pretty cool. The fight scenes are too long though, but I thought the story was alright. Causation and all of that are interesting concepts. Also, shabutie got a haircut and she looks(ed) nice. =D. After the movie we went to Albertson's so the shaboot could get some money, and I decided to get some potato wedges for us. I saw John working and then we walked outside and Nutha popped out from her car all of a sudden and started screaming at us. Haha...she's cool. Yep, then we went to Nutha's car and stood and ate potato for awhile and then Mrs. Chinn arrived and we departed. Me and shaboot headed home and then talked about some stuff and then talked more later on that night and now I feel good. A good few days. Thats it. Later Blurty.

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Chinese People Are Cool [17 May 2003|10:58pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | The Police - Roxanne ]

Just got back awhile ago from the gig at my mom's friend Annie's house. It was pretty cool. Haha I enjoy these weird gigs in front of old Chinese people and little kids. Pretty darn funny. Yep, we just went through what we normally would play except all on clean and more quiet. I got to play with these strange little brushes. Toward the end, one of the old uncles got on stage and wanted to play Bob's guitar, and then he busted "When Saints Come Marching In" (i think thats the name) and yeah it was funny. I also ate a lot and that contributes to my sleepiness right now. Can't sleep though; I need to stay up and do the darn poetry project for English. Gay.

Oh yeah I also got 20 dollars today which made me very happy.

I updated two days in a row. Hopefully I can keep this up. Later Blurty.

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Chances [16 May 2003|10:40pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | At the Drive In - Doorman's Placebo ]

Darn guys, I'm tired. Not just sleepy tired. Just tired. I'd like nothing better than time spent alone at home, in the car with music, the bookstore, the park...anywhere. Not that I don't like spending time with my shaboot or the Nutmeister and friends, but I think I need some time to myself. Please don't be offended if I seem(ed) to be acting any differently. Its nothing anyone did...its just me. Turd. Haha.

Well Prom didn't turn out as expected. Sorry to everyone for the disappointments. Especially to Elaine and Nutha...I don't know what else to say...sorry. Hope you guys are doing alright over there. I also hope that that bum on Spring isn't still there bothering people. That mofo. He scared the shit out of me. Darn I would've given him some coins but he looked so damn threatening. Don't want to get my ass shanked.

Today John and Bach came over to jam. It was alright. Steve from the now defunct Loyd also came. Tomorrow we shall play for a crazy, energetic, and throbbing swell of a crowd of Taiwanese grandparents, parents and kids. Woohoo. I'm excited. Seriously I am.

I also have a massive poetry project to do for English. So expect me to be hard at work on that. I think thats it for now. I think I'm going to try to update more often now. So more bland entries to come! Later Blurty.

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Gig [02 May 2003|11:12pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | Nutwood - The first song they played ]

Damn all the performances were pretty awesome tonight. My ears are ringing like telephones or doorbells.

No Significance is a pretty awesome band. Brian is damn crazy on the drums. He should go become a soloist and go around the country and do clinics and that kind of crap when he gets older. Haha...pretty crazy. I feel like a novice next to him. The rest of the band is cool too. Their songs are pretty darn cool.

I think this was our best performance out of all the ones we've had. I'm glad that we all pulled through tonight. Good job Bach. And thanks to shabutie and Nutha for the support and encouragement. You guys were awesome too.

My Blurtys are damn boring to read!

Alright...Nutwood was DOPE! Seriously, I think they can really get somewhere soon with their sound. It's pretty damn addictive. The way the screams and the singing go together is way knarly man. Guitars, drums, and bass are all damn good too. Sheist. Amazing.

Loyd is pretty DOPE as well. Sure their songs are really simple and all, but their performance makes up for it. They put a lot of energy in and it just gets the crowd going. Ruben is damn good. What the hell man. Haha.

Well thats it. I had a good night, hope y'all did too. Alright, sorry guys for another boring post. I really suck at writing Blurtys. Haha. Later.

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Burp [18 Apr 2003|10:14pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | John Coltrane - Acknowledgement ]

Woohoo. Spring break has finally arrived. Now theres only a few more weeks until graduation and the end of high school! I guess I'm a little worried about somethings that will come after that, but mostly, I'm excited and optimistic about starting a lot things over.

Today was a pretty fun day. Was pretty damn tired during most of school. Fell asleep in a few of my classes. After school, I took Elaine home and then went back home to get some money and stuff, then came back and Elaine and I went off to the Block. It was really fun...I always have fun when I'm with her. Got a chocolate brownie frap, walked around and went into stores, we bought some shirts, and then came back to Rowland Heights to get some food and then came on back home. I'm tired and full now. Feel pretty darn good yo'.

Well thats about it for now. Spring break should be alright. Gotta do some projects for school though, and practice for the talent show. Besides that it should be all good. Relaxin' and chillaxin' time. Woohoo. Alright, I'm damn tired. Goodbye Blurty.

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Update [06 Apr 2003|10:20pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven ]

Hello Blurty.

We had a disappointing performance Friday night. Didn't get that much of a response from the crowd and just ended up feeling funny on stage. Yep, I messed up a lot too. Damn. Next month shall be better.

Me and Bach have been talking about what kind of direction Burning Monument should be headed. And we agree that we should all contribute to the writing process. Bob's songs are pretty damn good and creative, but they seem sorta unorganized. We need songs that flow. Until we're all happy with the songs we're writing, I don't think we should go in the studio and spend $81.25 only to come out disappointed. Recording over at Bob's sounds like a better idea to me because we can save up our money, we can perfect the songs we have, we can work on new ones together without worrying about time and money, and we can all figure out what kind of direction we want to take the band without ending up disappointed and wasting our money. Plus, I think it'll be a whole lot more fun recording at Bob's for now. I don't think we're ready to go into the studio either.

Alright, thats the band stuff. Prom is coming up in a month I'm worried about my shabutie because shes worrying about it. Haha...DON'T WORRY BABE! It'll be cool. We shall all have fun. =D

Since I've last updated, I've pretty much decided that I'm going to UC Irvine to be an Anteater. Yeah. Things have gotten a lot better in the past week. My family still supports me even though I didn't get into all the good schools and that makes me feel really good. I'm gonna try my hardest to succeed once college starts.

Ok, I think that was a pretty boring entry to read. Haha sorry guys. Next one shall be better. See ya later Blurty.

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Words Speak and Choose [28 Mar 2003|09:51pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | Sparta - The Host ]

I didn't do much today. Pretty normal day at school. After school I went to Mcdonalds with Elaine for Filet-o-Fish Fridays. Yum. Hung out at her place for awhile and then headed home. I got my letter from Chicago and it was the reply I was expecting. Man, I don't know why I applied to those hard schools. I didn't think I was going to get in. I guess I was just hoping too much. Didn't really realize how hard competition is and how tough it is to get rejected until I started getting these letters. Well I'm good with being an Anteater I guess. Don't think my parents and the rest of my family are good with it though. I guess they expected more. Well, hopefully I'll get my act together in college. I think I'm doing pretty ok this year thanks to Elaine. I think she's influenced me in a really good way. Yep.

I just spent the rest of the day playing drums and watching TV. I watched The History Channel! Haha...yep, I learned more about the different gangs from the 5 Points in New York. Oh...we have a gig at the Loyd house next Friday I believe. Hopefully we can do well. Come and support y'all. Hm thats about it. Oh yeah...Elaine says she has a surprise for me tomorrow...I wonder what it is. -_-. I'll just have to wait. Ok. See ya later Blurty.

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Point Your Gun in Another Direction [24 Mar 2003|10:55pm]
[ mood | unsure ]
[ music | Coheed and Cambria - Neverender ]

Damn man. I keep thinking about life after high school. I can't help it. I'm worried about losing certain people, getting into colleges, pressure from my family, and most of all, what the hell I want to do with my life. Damn I'm just a little baby...I need to grow up. I need to be more responsible, I need to be more focused, and I need to have my own damn opinion about things. Especially things relating to my own life. I'm not sad, I'm not depressed, I'm not any of that stupid shit teenagers think they are because things don't go the way they want them to. I guess I'm just afraid of growing up. Well the time is coming William Yuan Wei Lee. Haha...I better get my act together.

Today was just an ok day at school. I got to chomp on some GPOR for lunch and I also got to hang out with my little shabutie after school for awhile. She's fun. =D Haha...I like watching her smile and laugh. "Hehe, shabutie."

Went home and slept for two and a half hours. Oof, I was tired. Got up and ate, then played some drums, and here I am updating my Blurty after finishing my anatomy homework. I also got to talk some to the big Nutmeister about college and crap. It's reassuring to know that other people are going through all of this too. Thanks Nutmeister. And yeah...I think thats about it for today. I think I'll be getting offline soon so I can talk to Elaine and then I'll be off to bed. See ya later Blurty.

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Sunday [23 Mar 2003|06:54pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Thursday - Dying in New Brunswick ]

HEY! I'm updating this thing! Yeah...I'm pretty bored, so I guess I'll write about today's events and thoughts.
Isn't that what journals are for?

Well today was an ok day. Woke up at about 10:00 and laid around waiting for people to get off the phone so I could call my little chomper. She's fun. =D After that, I headed into the shower to wake myself up. I thought about a lot of things standing there with water massaging my neck. Lately, I think I've been worrying the most about college and all that. Still no reply from UCSD, and I'm guessing that I'm not going to get in over there. I don't really want to go there, but it feels good to be wanted and it sucks to be rejected. Same as everything else. Now all I can do is hope that someone over at the offices of admissions at Berkeley, Mckenna, USC, Chicago, and Cornell will make a mistake and admit me. Yeah...there's my college situation.

Anyways, got out of the shower and headed downstairs to eat a little something and catch up on the news. I never really watched the news regularly. But now with all this Iraq bullshit, I try to keep up with whats going on in the world because things are getting pretty messed up and they're probably just gonna get worse. I really don't think Saddam Hussein is the problem and I don't think getting rid of him and his regime will solve that much in the growing conflict between Islam and America. As long as we have our noses stuck into the Middle East's business because of our reliance on their oil, I don't think things are going to get better. Maybe instead of invading, bombing, and conquering another country, we need to take a good look at ourselves and all the problems we have here in America. Improving ourselves will improve things for the rest of the world. War won't.

I know I'm being being pretty damn hypocritical when I talk about not relying on and trying to control the world when I myself live off of all that the world provides for us here in America. But I guess thats just a result of being part of a hypocritical society.

Ok, enough of that. I had Round Table Pizza for lunch with my dad, Stephanie, Andrew, and Mimi. Muy sabroso. Chicken and Garlic Pizza is the best in the west man. At lunch, my sister got a massive hong bau that my dad brought back from my grandma in Taiwan. She deserves it...she got into USC Film School. Only 15 people from the whole nation get in and she's one of them. I guess she felt bad because I didn't get any money for just getting into UCI and UCSB so far, so she wanted to give me 100 bucks. After a few minutes of arguing with her because I didn't want to take her money, I finally took it. Damn I feel bad...I need to get a job and I hope I get into at least one of the rest of the damn colleges I applied to. Shit.

Well after that, I came home and just sat around and watched Andrew and Stephanie play with my sis' dog Casey and my dad's dog Shakira. Yep...my dad named his chihuahua Shakira. Pretty cool eh? Haha...anyways Andrew and Co. left, and I spent the rest of the afternoon practicing drums. Eddie came over later and we hung out, and then my mom cooked dinner and we haucphed. Watched a little bit of the Oscars then came upstairs to do some homework and write in this stinkin' journal =D I think thats about it for now. Wow I wrote a lot. Cool. See ya later Blurty.

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Blurty? [22 Mar 2003|08:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Mineral - Parking Lot ]

Ok. I now officially have an online journal. I'm still trying to figure out how things work. Well I'll try my best to write in this thing every so often. Hm...I think this will be it for now. See ya later Blurty.

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