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Date:Monday-Apr/18/2005 7:57 pm
Mood: happy
Music:Killswitch Engage - Irreversal

So I Joined the Murray Facebook today, I kinda resisted at first, as all I had known about it was from some n00b who was spamming Msuracers with it.

I've been pleasantly surprised so far, I've got in contact with 2 friends that I haven't seen in over 6 years. It's a really cool feeling, and I hope I get to meet up with them sometime...

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Date:Thursday-Apr/14/2005 10:44 pm
Mood: accomplished

I've finally come to terms that I am inherently nocturnal. I've suspected it for a while, but as I was working on my debate preperation last night at 3:00 AM, it dawned on me that it's the best work that I've cranked out in ages. I don't know if it's the pressure, or the fact that none of my friends are on, or that theres just absolutely nothing on TV... but all i know is I zoned in, and killed that thing. To top it off, Derek and I absolutely slaughtered the opposing team. I almost kinda felt bad about it. The guy didn't even attempt to respond to our claims, he just read off of his sheet. The funny thing is, I didn't necessarily agree with the position that I had to defend, but I did a good job convincing everyone that I did.

Maybe I should be a lawyer?

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Date:Thursday-Apr/14/2005 3:41 am
Subject:Not laughing at a fart is an affront to God.
Mood: tired
Music:computer fans, and amy snoring.

for some reason i remembered this the other day from when i was in high school....

so i'm in class right, and I have to rip this major fart... so i attempt a "one cheek sneak" maneuver, but didn't execute it properly. instead of the air passing silently between the hamhocks, it caused one of them to flutter spastically, creating the most raunchy sound ever heard by man.

but that would not be the end of me... that day was not my day to go down. without missing a beat, i whipped around and stared at the guy behind me, and quickly laid the blame upon him.

He never saw it coming. The fart and blame rarely works on my wife, but it'll fool a class everytime.

To this day, i'm sure everyone thinks he did it.

Hell, I bet he thinks he did it.

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Date:Monday-Apr/11/2005 7:45 pm
Subject:The wonders of Japan...
Mood: lazy

whoflungpoo?: GENIUS!
whoflungpoo?: Do you now understand why i love their cars?!?!?!
andy: Nope, but I understand why anyone would prefer pooping there.

I really need to go to the land of the rising sun...

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Date:Tuesday-Jul/27/2004 11:55 pm
Subject:I hate humanities..
Mood: awake
Music:the fan... man i wish i had some new music...

Fact: it is impossible for an instructor to carry on a class without putting his spin on the discussion...

I seriously understand why most of the liberal arts majors come out of the program brainwashed... now during the class discussion over A Good Man is Hard to Find and another short story about the proof of God that I can't seem to remember the name of... our teacher kept saying "I don't want to get into how i believe" but by the direction that he tried to lead the discussion in, his beliefs become quite obvious. and with as many moldeable minds that are in the class, i find it highly irresponsible that he would attempt to lead us to conclusions that are only in agreeance with his. ESPECIALLY when it comes to fundamental religious discussions, and to a lesser extent, socio-economic theorem...

It's a very fine line to walk between moderation, and leading a class to preconcieved conclusions is not cool... definitely not cool

I sense a lot of friction between myself and the instructor during these discussions, and i chalk it to having a bit more life experience (not much, but enough to make a difference) than the syllabus-suggested sophomores taking it with me. I see it as we are a bit more set in our beliefs, and our world vies. I back this up as it's the upper classmen who are taking this with me that tend to speak up against the instructors lead. and he seems to detest people who don't take the class during the suggested time.

I know this could come back to bite me in the ass grade-wise, but i really don't care... as it would be impossible for him to deduct me as far as class participation goes, it shows i read the stories, and I write some rather kickass essay answers on his tests. I dare him to try and give me crap on my grades... i double dog dare him....

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Date:Sunday-Jul/25/2004 11:31 pm
Mood: lethargic

wow... so my wife and i went to church today, i guess i needed to go, since i've become a little heathen bastard... so yeah, we went to the episcopal church here in murray. Now i know your expecting me to talk about how it was a bunch of facist bible belt assholes, but they were actually really cool there. I don't necessarilly agree totally with all of the policies that have been adopted as of late, but i think i'm just gonna ride it out... I just wonder if someone's gonna pull a martin luther over this one? i guess i'll find out.

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Date:Tuesday-Jul/13/2004 4:13 pm
Subject:getting the itch....
Mood: discontent
Music:sweet sweet air conditioning

omg.... it's so bad.... i'm feenin for boost.

i swear, boost makes a heroin addiction look like a slight yearning for salt.....

i'm pretty much set on selling my red S14, i've got most all the bugs worked out, it just has a tendancy to eat rear tires, and i'm looking around at econo-box/beaters for amy.

well, i keep running across DSM's, and DET'd Sentra's and boosted 240's,


i miss the whine of the turbo as it spools and pushes my head back into the seat,
i miss the PSSSSSSSSSH the blowoff valves makes as it expelles excess compressed air during shifts....
i miss making mid 8 second runs,
and I REALLY miss suprising the piss out of unsuspecting domestic corn boys and various ricars.

The thing that kills me is there is a kid with a DSM thats wanting to trade plus cash, but i've made a promise to myself that i'll never own one of those again.... at least not as a primary driver. way way way way waaaaaaaaaaay too much maintenence.

i know not many people can relate to this but if any of you have ever owned a boosted car you know the feeling...

sorry, i just had to rant

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Date:Tuesday-Jul/13/2004 1:27 am
Mood: working

I'm beat. tired. just plain tired.

I read 4 stories/poems today for hum.
read a chapter for civ
finished a takehome test
dealt with my car insurance..
read jihad vs McWorld
and am attempting to write a paper on my views

tomorrow i get to:
-finish this paper,
-take a test in hum over some stories that i really don't care about.
-call up the unemployment office and get my mu-fukin-money, because they're really dicken me around with it.
- Find out why the national guard hasn't payed my freakin tuition yet
- and if i find the time, i'll work on some of my military schoolwork.

thank god for wednesdays off.. I'm just gonna hang out and try and work on my car a bit... stupid camber...*shakes fist angrily*

-I'm starting to realize the merits of doing my work early... although i tend to do my best work under pressure, this much pressure sucks.

-I'm also starting to see the merits of going to bed early, because the more tired i am, the more scatterbrained i get... i think it's time for me to bite the bullet and get some help for that issue too. :( stupid ADD....

- i rather enjoyed the Jihad Vs McWorld article... although it was a written in 1992, it seems hauntingly relevant today. Especially with the far reaching powers of many of our major corporations now. It makes me wonder exactly how long we have left in the society as we know it. I don't see this being any kind of overnight change, but i can see the beginnings of it now... i might expound on this later, as i'm beat and am heading to bed.

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Date:Monday-Jul/12/2004 12:51 am
Mood: tired

so i lied, i've changed my mind and have decided to just kinda comment on random things, which MAY or MAY NOT include what happened during my day.... which some of you MAY or MAY NOT give a crap aobut.

so, amy and i have started watching southpark everynight, which i believe is very important to her expansion on her world view, and so she can keep up with my friends and my conversations....

anyways, i have more to write, but i'm really tired, so i'll continue on tomorrow....

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Date:Saturday-Jul/03/2004 2:29 am

yup, i've decided to blog again... not sure how i'm gonna approach it, as "diary" blogs get really lame after a while... i think this'll prolly end up as a compilation of random thoughts, and the occasional "this is why my day sucked" thread, intermixed with alot of inside jokes.

but fuggit... this IS my space aint it ;)

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