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    Sunday, August 31st, 2003
    11:30 pm
    So You Can Get To Know Me!!Whitney!!
    Hey!!My Names Whitney Nicole Lynch!!Im 13 years old!!I have Blondeish Brownish hair and its curly I so Hate my hair!!But Its all cool,I have hazel eyes and I go to Smith Middle Skool!!!!Okay Enough Of me and herrs some stuff of my friends!!Chels-Gurl you r my bffe!!Lylas So many Great mems our right and our left!!Thats great!!I live on the right and the left!!HeHe!!ly2d Mwah!!Bffe!!
    Now this is for all muh othe friends -Gurls- Mel,Ellen,Kacy,Aniya,Kiara,Nlly,Pia,Britt,MeganLee,MeganBeverly,Jessi,Andi,LovaSue,Allisya,Kaitlyn,JenniferR,TiffanyJ,TiffanyL,AshleyM,keep it real!!Neva Change!!If I forgot u Holla @ cha gurl my I cq #`s 203613313!!Look me ^!!Well to that hott Boy his name is Anthony Hitchens A.K.A Humpty!!And he looks good emm does he look good!!All u gurls that kno Humpty u know he looks F-I-N-E.LoL!!Yep!Yep!I went out wit him for like 4 1/2 months and I want him back cause he is soOoOoOoOo Hott!!Well my ex is kinda cute!!I mean I would go back out wit him if he asked me!Cause I hate bein single!!So if u a boy and u know me and u look good!Holla @ Cha Gurl!!Memember Dat!!WellI cant wait till Tuesday I get to see him again!!He LOOKS GOOD!!This year we go to the same skool!!
    But to all u peeps out there u ought to come watch me play vball!!If you a boy and u like Big BUTTS uhh like mine lol u ought to come cause we have spandex its so nasty though lol!!I hate my butt though but herrs out schedule!!
    And thats all!!But If u jus wanna come to watch 8th grade(me)we play second so like come @ 6:00 if the games @ 5:00 or come @6:30 if the games @5:30!!Kk!!Well Thats All Folks For Today!!Mwah!!Kiss~!*Kiss~!*
    Much Luv 2 Ya All
    AKA Mrs.Hitchens(LoL)(Iwish)
    Humpty if u see this I wish we could get back together again and I bet you that our relationship will be alot better than It was the first time!!We can like go out to eat and stuff!!Our relationship will be alot more maturer!!If thats a word lol!!But uh its all cool!!Also Humpty U were the first boy I ever Loved and u will be the only!!I jus wish I could have you back!!And when u left u took a whole clump of my heart and until we get back together I will never get that back!!Thats how speacil u r 2 me!!Well No matter what I will love you forever and EVER!!Kk!!Herrs a poem 4 you!!Humpty!!You said you knew I loved you
    And I thought it was true!
    But come to find out,
    I never loved you
    I know love don't last forever
    But I still wanted to try
    All the pain and tears I still had left to cry
    My best friend said it wouldn't last
    But I thought she was just mad at me
    Then I got real mad at her
    And said just wait and see
    I guess she was right in the first place
    That I should have kept my distance from you
    But if she saw you like I did she would love you too!
    My head said you should try it
    But my heart said, yet again
    That I should have listened to the voice of my best friend!!!
    Well know my heart'z in pieces becuz of one thing: the male race!!!
    Herrs another 1!!
    I like you because of who you are to me
    I hate you because of what you did to me
    I miss you because you got her, not me
    I love you and that's how it will always be
    This is a defintion of boyz in small words
    ** A heart is not a plaything **
    ** A heart is not a toy **
    ** But if u want yours broken **
    ** Just give it to a boy **
    ** Boys they like to play with things **
    ** To see what makes them run **
    ** But when it comes to kissing **
    ** They will do it just for fun **
    ** They never give thier hearts away **
    ** They play us girls for fools**
    ** They wait till we give our hearts **
    ** And then they play it cool **
    ** You will wonder where he is at night **
    ** You will wonder if hes true **
    ** One minute you will be happy **
    ** One minute you will be blue **
    ** So to fall in love with a boy **
    ** That takes alot of nerve **
    ** You see my friend you need a man **
    ** To get what you deserve **
    LoL Thats the small one!!
    I Always Imagine Your Gentle Touch
    If Only You Knew I Felt This Much
    Not Being With You I'm Falling Apart
    Cuz I Don't Know How To Get To Your Heart
    If You Could Only See The Luv In My Eyes
    Of All Those Nights I Sat And Cried
    Just Look At Me I'm Standing Here
    Just Call Out My Name And I'll Be There
    How Long The Wait, I Don't Know
    When That Day Comes I'll Let It Show
    If Only You Knew My Feelings For You
    I'll Stay Hopeful You'll Feel The Same Way Too
    Thats 4 Humpty!!
    This is for my bestfriend Chelsie Ann Adams
    Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss,
    If you are my friend, please answer me this:
    Are we friends, or are we not?
    You told me once, but I forgot.
    So tell me now, and tell me true,
    So I can say "I'm here for you."
    Of all the friends I've ever met,
    You're the one I won't forget.
    And if I die before you do,
    I'll go to Heaven and wait for you,
    I'll give the angels back their wings
    And risk the loss of everything.
    There isn't a thing I wouldn't do,
    To have a friend just like you!
    This is for Humpty!!
    Sometimes I remember
    When we were together
    Everything was perfect
    In each and every way
    You loved me forever, and more each day
    I should have known
    It was too good to be true
    I held my head high
    And tried and tried, to say goodbye
    I thought about our memories
    And all the good times
    The times I had you So tight in my arms
    And knew that it was true
    That I'd love you forever and that's what I'll do
    This is for chels!!
    The two of us
    All for one and one for all
    Best friends forever
    Each other we call
    Never split this quad up
    Or else you’ll be in trouble
    We stand up for each other
    And cheer when one hits a double
    We will be and are best friends for life
    Thru thick and thin together we will be
    girl u r awsome
    And you just wait and see
    We’ll be together forever
    Don’t get mad when
    in our group you can’t be
    CrOsS uR HaRt & hOpE 2 DiE
    ClOtHeZ & MaKeUp BoYs & LiEs
    4EvA DeRe TiLL Da EnD
    DeFiNiTiOn Of : TrU BeSt FriENdz
    100 memories, 200 jokes, 300 great times, 400 secrets
    1 reason..
    Well herrs my ending for tonite
    With a Wink and A kiss...
    im Sry 2 announce but thys lil hottie haz got to BoUnCe...
    so with an X and an O diz cuties out like wo!
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