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Date:2003-03-26 20:36
Mood: loved
Music:dreams - kenny chesney

You know, I'm so happy for everything that he and I have shared together.
When you think about it...you know, spending the first days of our getting together at various concerts is special. Someday, I'm going to burn him a cd with mark chesnutt, joe diffie, and tracy lawrence...because that was the first night we hung out.
Then I'll buy him Kenny Chesney, because that was a good night for us :) They tied my wrists together with my bandana, those whores!

I'm wearing the rebel flag shorts for him for his birthday, and the barbell is in just for him. Rar!

I can remember the night Trick Pony was on, and he wasn't there, but I talked to him on the phone. Heh.
And yeaaaaaah, I'm crazy.

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Date:2002-10-28 20:11

I decided I was sick of being cinnamontoast.
I'd rather be Whit.

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