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[21 Jan 2003|05:20am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | coffee maker. mm? ]

puh. Not much to say. I'm going to become avoidant at school .. hoorah? o.o; Annd. As you, whom ever, can see I'm trying at keeping an online journal once again. If it works out, I'll probably ask to take back my role as Gaku-kun; it all really depends. Hopefully, no one will nab 'til then. Tell others 'bout Blurty later.

.. Haha! I don't really know any one on here, 'cept the JRock RPG. XD; I feel dumb. >.o; I think, Mary showed me something on a journal of hers on Blurty- I forget the address. Oh, well. Welp. Time to go mess around with color codes and shit.

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