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Saturday, August 23rd, 2003
7:20p - its the burning sensation thatll get you everytime
wow i was really all sad as shit yesterday. ive come to realize that there is no love for stacy like i thought there was. it was just i was so sad as hell that i thought maybe if i tried i could make something happen that can never ever happen. yes i admit it i do like caley. now i seem to like her alot but hey, andrew got to her first. and maddy cant yell at me because she likes her too. she also likes daniel and ryan (who she said she could never like that way because they had a brother sister relationship) thats cool though. i mean sure im taking a long break but that doesnt mean its over forever. even though chances are she'll find someone better than me and she'll end us forever. ut who really knows right? so anyways i need to stop getting jealous over every guy who gets close to maddy. its a bad habit. she said last night that i never got jealous when we were going out but when we broke up that i was constantly jealous. what she doesnt know is all those people i hit and kicked and swore at who actually sat there and told me irther that they liked her, they wanted tofuck her, they did fuck her, she was a whore, or the average "man that maddy chick is hot as fuck!" i never took the time to tell her about those assholes. maybe i should have. that sorta made me laugh, remembering the look on those peoples faces when i told them that i was maddys boyfriend. well shit im hungry so im gona go

current mood: blah
current music: voodooglow skulls - el cool cooi

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