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Monday, June 9th, 2003
8:54p - spandex... its a privalige not a right.
todays all superdandy. i talked to maddy. told her i love her. i went to my guitar lesson today. he taught me a third version to the song when i come around. i think he likes that song. oh well. im so happy i learned how to play a bunch of songs by the distillers. pretty soon im gonna get bored of looking for tabs and just write words for the songs i made. curses! the phone wont stop ringing... giving me a headache. oh well. i can play from autmn to ashes - short storys with tragic endings... its so great! ok anyways im goin to play my guitar some more!

current mood: melancholy
current music: greenday - the grouch & the ballad of wilhem fink

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