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Updatee [05 Nov 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | Over nd Over aqaiin [[Nelly]] ]

heyy what`sz uhp? nmhjc... well ii have nOt updated thiisz shitt iin awhile.. Well me nd justin brOke up nd hes a faq hEh... ^___^ well let`sz start with today ok i was runnin late bcUz i qotta straiqhtin mah haiir nd all that shit l0l and my dad`sz lyk ahh ur qoin to miss the bus hurry the fuck up so yeh we qOt iin another arqument nd now ii qotta qo to anqer maneqment.. ii d0n`t nO y ii dO n0t have anqer problem`z hehe.. Well ii lyk thisz kid iin all my classes named luis ^___^ he`sz sO sexyy hEh. ii duno iif he lyk`sz me yet.. h0pefully <3. well iim tired nd blahh l0l i d0n`t feel goOd ii have the sniffle`sz hehe... well tOday wuz qoOd i quess but this kid iis lyk retared me nd my friend`sz were all lyk u lyk guy`sz and then he did the m0ve l0l and he`sz lyk I LYK GIRL`SZ nd were lyk woah settle d0wn there.. haha.. omq l0l this other kid l0uis iis going to tell the kid ii lyk luis that ii lyk him omq lol ii was all lyk hey y0u knO luis right and he`sz lyk yeahh and iim lyk he`sz hot lmaO iit just slipped and he`sz lyk o0hhh iim tellin him.. Rawrrrr hehe he better n0t or iim kickin hisz asz haha well ii q0tta qO buh bye`sz

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Tommrow`sz my birthday hOller for a dolLa fOo [14 Oct 2004|07:04pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | sOuthsiide[[LlOyd+Ashanti]] ]

heyy people`sz whats uhp? nm here well tommrow iis my birthday WeEeeE hehe nd yesterday wuz justins bday happy birthday ii love you!! hEh. Well ii feEl bad cuz justin was planing on having a birthday party for me nd him saturday but i`ll be iin new york so yea... l0l o0h well hEh... Well hmm today at school was so fuckin fun lets see
FiRst Per.
Lets see uqh readinq class sucks Mrs bontio iis a lezbo eww!!! ah shes a faq haha literraly yea well that class iis qay (lyk her) ahh ii am tOo mean hEh. But duriin that class ii was just writtin notes to justin nd people`sz. Cuz u can`t lyk tlak in that class with0ut gettin fuckin yelled at. Rawr hehe ii think tommrow ii am qoinq to piss her the fUck off
SecOnd per.
that class was alright ii did work woah thats weird... me do work. haha. yeh nd ii wrOte moOre notesz wee!! and ii was tired so ii slepted to hehe... Then ii just talked to people`sz lyk wOoooOah...
Thiird per.
Uhm Social studys uqh that class iis qay but ii did my h/w thanx to marquita o0h yeahh haha.... yea n omq ii qet to VOTE haha thats awesOme o0h vote for the ppresident guy if i did nOt make that speicifc l0l.
OMG this class iis hilerous haha cuz mrs ballas iis greek nd its so funny of making fun of her and her accident yes ii know wee need lifes but o well iits funny nd ii took a test there and ii think ii qot lyk a qood qrade cuz iim iin a slOw class awesome dude.
Fifth per.
so0o0o fun did nnothin that per. but playy cards with marquita joseSWAY haha John Mike Eric nd Carlton. Fun Fun ii didn't really play cuz ii suck so ii just watched nd told people what other people had hehehe.... yah nd where iis my possessed snoopy ?
sixth per.
all ii qotta say iis mr. mikkenis soudns lyk the teacher from finding nemo lmao shannon
Omq ii had hot frys nd this old quy took one and he made this face iit was sO funny hahaha omq l0l
7 per.
haha Amanda me Zack Mark nd Matt were makin fun of this kid tim hhaha askin iif he was gay askin where he got his haircutt askin for candy hitting him with pencils nd throwin paintbrushes that still have paint on them lmaO
AfTa SchoOl
Went tO jessicas ii was suppsoe to cutt her hair but ii quess she dO n0t trust me l0l0l then went h0me nd packed for new yOrk WEEEE well ii have to qo to school tommrow cuz ii missed to maNy daysz soO ii dO n0t wanna stay bak so iim n0t really g0in to "skip" or n0t qO tO schoOl sO iim qoin tO be a qoOd student =0) psh yea right.....
sry that was a lo0ng ass entry haha
x0x0x Melinda

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Pho0o0one Rawr [12 Oct 2004|11:15pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | My GoOdies [[Ciara]] ]

Heyy what uhpp? nm just happy =0) me nd justin offically qO bac out * Holler he is sO eFfin sweet__ hehe Well ii`m s0o happy heh ii`m on the phOne riiqht nOw wiit Jess hii jess lol well i`ll update this shiit laTa

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SchoOl S0o bOorinq [12 Oct 2004|03:10pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | ii qOt ur man-[[Lady Saw]] ]

Ye0 whats crakin fOo nmhjc yo lOl iim so hyper lol ii feel qhettO today lOl rob. Well well well Justin went online last night but Rawr he wuz hiigh so he did not ask me out lOl he was bein a ass thouqh all he said was fuck me fuck me nd shiit i was lyk omq lol nd then he kept on callin my cell nD shiit nd not sayin nethin lOl sumtiiime that kid pisses me oFf lOl but ya qotta love him hehe well idc he is suppose to ask me out today so hopefully he will not qet "hiigh" nd forqet lol but ya know ii love him so much he lyk means the fuckin world to me ! lOl well today at school it was ok nuffin speical but i qot in trouble for missin to many daiisz of school o well if they did not make schoOl so fuckin borin ii would show up more lOl mann then i got my progress report i got a F iin science a D- in social studys a D+ in math nd a C- in reading ahh fuckin teachers are asses for givin my thOse grades yo !! heh... well i doo neeDa do better in schoOl i do not feel lk stayin bakkk... Rawr..... lOl don`t mind mee im weird qet ussta it =0) heh... Well ii can`t wait till Friday iim qoin to new yorkkk =0) nd its my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! weeeee lOl im happy nd tommrow is Justins BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Doubel weee lol iim weird muwhahaha Rawr lOl ok ii`m qoin to stop there
Ps: me nd shannons new names are houqhy nd smouqy im smouqh muwhahaa
Smouqy * x0xox0x

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Shiity layOut... [11 Oct 2004|06:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | My bOo-[[Usher+Alica Keys]] ]

yeO, Whats up nmh.. Well myy jOurnal is loOkin really shiity riight nOw uqh... I need help lOl. Hmm... Well sOo far my day has been ok ii was qOinG to qo to sams but ii was to lazy nd shiit so i stayed hOme and called jess nd we prank calleD peOple iit was hilerOus. Well Justin is suppose to ask me out ASAP lOl hopefully soOn lyk when he comesz onliine hesz qOiing to ask me out b/c thatsz what alexa told me so yay! o0h last niiqht sumone called my hOuse at lyk 12 30 nd my dad piicked up and they said hello this is parenthoOd or w/e nd they said ur dauqhter is preqnant nd shit so ii came one the fone ii was lyk wtf ii shOuld no iif iim preqnant or not nd i did nOt have a test or nuthin aight omq i wuz pissed nd then when ii went online todayy nd fuckin Charlie imed me sayiin o0h ii knO who calLed you nd iim lyk aight who? nd hes lyk mike nd ii fliped oUt omq lol. o0h well ii do nOt care nemore. lOl RaWr. Well ii`m just waiitin arOund fOr justin where the fuck is he? lOl. Lalala. iim sOo boredd ii`m abOut toO call jess so we can prank call more people muwahha... byee x|o *Melinda

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