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    Saturday, April 19th, 2003
    7:13 pm
    o god....where r u jenna?

    i been callin ppl like crazy jus 2 look 4 u
    all i want 2 do is c ur face again but as the way things r lookin now ill prolly never cur face ever again
    this fukin pisses me off cuz now shes closer than ever but i seem 2 b farther than ever from her at this moment......this fukin blows cuz i been waitin all week 4 this n well i HOPE i wont get disapointed o were r u???

    Current Mood: pissed off
    Current Music: selena-dreaming of you
    Saturday, April 12th, 2003
    7:15 pm
    stupid surveys....
    1. Name: MIchael

    2. Nicknames and Origin: Duckiee, FreaK

    3. Adjective Most Often Used to Describe You: PAraNOiD

    4. Birthday and Age: 10/28 15

    5. Location: SOuTH PHIlLyz

    6. Favorite Element: Arsenic

    7. Who Are You?: Iono...u tell me

    8. How Do You Feel About Life?: its comes and goes...much like a slut

    9. Define Bliss: umm....anti-misery

    10. Have You Ever Been In Love?: possibly

    11. If So, With Whom?: errr...i forget.

    12. Define Perfection: w/o consequences

    13. Sunrise Or Sunset? Why?: not a morning person

    14. Who Do You Admire?: my left nut

    15. Obsession Is: isnt that a cologne

    16. A Word You Find Obscure For Some Reason: wut does obsure mean...

    17. Favorite Natural Scent: W-E-E-D :)

    18. Favorite Natural Color and Description of Where It Occurs In Its Purest Form: red ,the blood that flows deep within my veins

    19. What Makes You Look Twice?: twins

    20. If You Could Only Listen to One Album for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be and Why?: id go deaf

    21. One Song That Defines You: Ozzy F'N Osbourne-Iron Man

    22. Favorite Jell-O Flavor: jello is satans' creation

    23. Are You Happy With Yourself?: only if rosey n her five sisters vist me

    24. If You Could Touch God, What Would It Feel Like?: it burnssssssssssssssssssss

    25. Do You Believe in an Afterlife?: uh...yea *takes the bribe*

    26. What scares you?: u

    27. What is Your Most Prominent Emotion?: lonelyness

    28. One Song You Wish You Would Have Written: iono

    29. Your Addiction(s): ...2 many 2 count

    30. To Be or Not to Be?: wtf kinda question is taht

    31. Beauty Is: isnt she the chick from beauty n the beast

    32. Your Favorite Person: wth...u cant ask questions 4 shiet

    33. What Do You Look Like?: the ugly duckling..only uglier

    34. If You Could Change Your Name, What Would You Change It To?: Jack Meoff

    35. Do You Associate Crying With Pain?: no...for my tears are but water released from my eyes

    36. What Causes Emptiness?: ...iono

    37. Are You Vulnerable to Anyone? Who?: i dont kno

    38. How Do You Feel About People?: there jus there

    39. Is Social Status Important?: ummm....wth does tat mean

    40. Favorite Art Form: smelting stuff

    41. Would You Rather Be Used By Someone You Love, or Be Involved With Someone You Only Like Partially?: i question

    42. Do You Have Any Plans For the Future?: one day at a time

    43. What Would Jesus Do?: he'd roll a fattie n get higger than a muttherfugger

    44. Brilliance is Defined By: iono look it up the dictionary

    45. When Was the Last Time You Were Truly Happy?: never

    46. Is Contentment the Same as Satisfaction?: No

    47. Better to Have Loved and Lost Than to Have Never Loved at All?: wuts wif theses Shakepeare quotes

    48. How Do You Feel About Punk?: Its a way of life

    49. Favorite Texture: *drools* u think of it

    50. Favorite Taste: the taste of blood in your mouth after u won a fight

    51. Most Admirable Celebrity: Kid Rock...he banged PAm Anderson

    52. Hurts More - Sticks and Stones or Words?: umm..have u ever got hit by a stoner..err stone they friggin hurt

    53. Do You Believe Everyone Has a Perfect Match?: I kno ur out there...stop stalking me j/k

    54. Is Ignorance Bliss?: a duh...huh

    55. Words or Pictures?: pics.

    56. Favorite Oxymoron: good friends

    57. Lasts Longer - Juciy Fruit

    58. Absurdity Is: can u stop asking these stupid question get ur own dictionary

    59. Do You Feel the Word "persons" Contributes to or Detracts From the English Language?: i look like an english major

    60. Is Cynicism Used to Prevent Pain?: cyncism

    61. Is Optimism or Pessimism More Widely Accepted in Society?: neither...if 2 happy they label ur a queer if ur 2 sad they label u goth

    62. Fishing For Compliments Is: y fish...jus blow up the whole sea

    63. Would You Rather Hold or Be Held? Why?: hold...she can run away ;)

    64. Favorite Palindrome: wtf a palindrome

    65. How Long is a Moment?: uh...iono i never have a stop watch on me

    66. Lullabies or Silence?: Silence

    67. Full Moons or New Moons?: Blood Moon or eclipse

    68. The Most Accurate Way to Find Out How Someone Feels About You Without Asking Is: write it down n pass it as a note

    69. Favorite Symmetric Shape: the human body

    70. What Do You Live For?: the hope taht tomm. would b a better day

    71. Kisses or Hugs?: kisses...hugs r so common

    72. Is Isolation Self-Imposed?: depends who caused it

    73. Better - Introversion or Extroversion? Why?: next question

    78. Most Important Factors in a Relationship: ...find a chick and ask her not me

    79. Do You Keep a Journal or Diary? Why or Why Not?: for me 2 kno n 4 u 2 find out

    80. "I just want to be friends" - Sincere or Bullshit?: bullsheit

    81. Favorite Sound: u'll think of it

    82. Is Singing in Public a Right or a Privilege?: where do u get these questions

    83. Favorite Independent Musical Artist: ummm...i dont know mainsteam has engulfed most of them

    84. Envy Is: Yvne spelled backwords

    85. How Do You Feel About the Prominence of Eating Disorders in Today's Society? Why?: ...uh..burr *stupidifed*

    86. Do You Support Local Music?: if its anti-mainstream

    87. Favorite Musical Instruments: dammit u had say musical didnt u

    88. Life - is a cereal

    89. On Average, How Many Times a Day Do You Question Your Signifigance?: 6354.146

    90. When Was the Last Time You Laughed For No Reason?: uh..last time i got stoned..i cant rember that day

    91. How Do You Feel About Your looks?: this is jus a mask that i hide behind

    92. Innocence -- a Virtue or a Burden: neither

    93. Do You Look For Love Forever or For Now?: wham..bam..thank u mam'n j/k

    94. If You Had to Choose, Would You Live Like There's No Tomorrow or Dream Like You'll Live Forever? Why?: if i lived like there was no tomm. i would be sentances 2 death by now

    95. How Old Do You Want to be When You Die?: doent matter

    96. What is Your Favorite Sin?: lust

    97. How Far Would You Go For a Friend?: ...ill stop b4 i drop the soap

    98. Do You Feel that Love Needs to be Proved?: wut 4

    99. Would You Rather Exist For Someone or Have Someone Exist For You?: ummm...i dont exist

    Current Mood: melancholy
    Current Music: Bad Religion- Sorrow
    3:04 pm
    testing testing
    does this sheit work...bah
    if i dont get any hits i kno y...*cough* panda *cough*
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