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9th July 2004

8:47pm: Sorry
Guys, I'm having a hard time at the moment and I don't now if I'll be able to update any time soon.

20th February 2004

3:28pm: So Sorry
Sorry guys that I'm hardly updating this thing. I'm extremely busy at the moment. Hopefully I will find the time to post more regularly soon.

18th January 2004

9:26pm: Relaxing again
So I was off for a while. I was having computer troubles and honestly I just fell into bed after I came home from work each night.
So today I decided to take some time for myself and had a long hot bath and a glass of champagne to go with it.
As I lay there my mind went back to Christmas when my husband was actually home again. He's an engineer on an oil rig and ís away for weeks and months on end.
When he's home though he is the most amazing lover one can imagine. We play a lot and fucking him is awesome. Read my little vampire story to get an impression of what he looks like, because it's basically him I was writing about.

So I was lying there thinking of him and slowly my nipples hardened as I imagined us both in the tub the other day.

He is sitting behind me, his hands kneading my shoulder muscles. He leans in and nuzzles my neck with his lips. He knows how sensitive my neck is and I moan deeply. His hands are no longer on my shoulders but on my breasts, tweaking my nipples into hard buds. His cock becomes hard against my back as he mumbles into my ears that he wants to fuck me right there and then. I want him too! I rise a little and spread my legs. He slides under me and spreads my lips with his fingers. He places his cock at my entrance and I push down on him, filling myself with his hard cock. I ride him, pressing my back against his chest, his lips on my neck, his one hand kneading my tits while his other rubs my clit.
What a great feeling to have him push into me. I moan as the head of his cock touches my cervix and I encourage him to fuck me harder. I am so close ....
My pussy is tight around him and I suck him into me, wanting his cum inside. He shoots his hot load into me, groaning my name as he cums. I shiver as my orgasm takes me and we slide back into the water, our breath slowing down as he cradles me in his arms.

Meanwhile I have cum again, my fingers still buried in my throbbing cunt. I sip my champagne and I smile.
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12th January 2004

10:45pm: Real Life and Computer Trouble
Well, in case you were asking yourself: "Has she disappeared from the face of the earth?"
She hasn't but her computer has. Total crash!
I only got it back today and I'm quite angry because it's actually brand new. I only bought it 3 months ago, can you believe that?

Besides, real life is keeping me pretty busy these days.

3rd January 2004

1:30am: I am back ! Hubby has flown back to his oil-rig and left me sated (not for long ;) ). I had wonderful holidays (hope you all had nice ones too).

And can you believe it? I'm 33 since New Year's Day. Another year older but none the wiser.
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22nd December 2003

2:32pm: I will be off till January because my husband is coming home over the holidays and I will actually be getting some of the stuff I am writing about here. See you back soon.

17th December 2003

11:29pm: Remember the quizilla thingie a couple of entries back? I thought about it and fantasized with my second great love: vampires ;)

" I'm waiting. Waiting for him to come to me. My master. The one I have chosen to follow.
He can't come before night falls and cools the air and the earth, because the sun would be his death. And soon it will be mine too.
I open the blinds and step out on my patio to squint at the sun. I won't miss it much. It singes my white, sensitive skin and my eyes hurt at the glare. How I long for the cool caresses of Mother Moon on my skin, bathe in her silvery light.
The anticipation lets my nipples harden against the thin fabric of my gown. I run my hands across my breast swiftly and moan softly at my own touch. Only a few hours more. Time to prepare myself for him.
I go inside and open my closet. Something simple ( so it will come off quickly and easily) yet elegant. I choose a low cut dress made of black stretch velvet. It hugs my upper body tightly and brings my breasts out nicely and best of all, I don't have to don a bra. I pick some silk stockings and my new garter belt and head for the bath.
I immerse myself in fragrant warm water, caressing my skin with my sponge, then shaving my pubis until the skin is soft and extremely sensitive to touch. The thought of his fingers and tongue on it, make me shiver in anticipation. This will be the best night of my life. And it will be my last .... at least in this life.
After I finish bathing I tuck my hair up. He loves to pull it down to watch my red tresses tumble over my shoulders. I pull the stockings up my thighs and fasten them to the garter belt, No panties tonight...
Finally after putting on the dress, I step into my high-heeled pumps. I only apply little make-up. The natural flush of my skin is all I need tonight. And also only a hint of jasmine on my pulse points. After a final check in the mirror I notice that sunset is almost there. I pour myself a glass of champagne, light the candles I have set up around the bed and the living room and open the patio door.
He comes just as the sun is completely set, his movements merely a blur to my still mortal eyes. He takes my hand and gently lifts it to his lips. -My Love, how I have longed for this moment! Are you ready to join me?- I can only nod, my mouth unable to form words because I am wrapped up in his aura. His blue eyes shine like sapphires and his hair shines golden in the candlelight. He is dressed in black trousers that accentuate his lovely backside and a shirt of midnight blue silk.
He takes my hand and leads me inside where he wraps me up in his arms and kisses me, his tongue working his way into my mouth. I shiver with excitement as I feel his fangs lengthen.
He draws my lower lip into his mouth and lightly pricks it with his fangs. I gasp as my blood flows onto his tongue and I see his eyes flash golden for a moment.
He scoops me up in his arms and carries me over to the bed, gently laying me down on the satin sheets. Then, seemingly from out of nowhere he produces two cords of soft silk. He takes my wrists and ties me to the bedposts. - Do you trust me, my love?- I nod, my heart racing. -Then surrender to me-
My voice sounds husky, almost like someone else's, as I look deep into his eyes and say -Take me!-
His hands roam over may breasts while he nuzzles my throat, licking at the vein, he tweaks my nipples through the cloth, a growl of frustration audible because of my garment. Slowly his hands wander down and push my dress up. As he sees that I'm not wearing panties his face lights up in mischief. With a flashing movement he tears the dress apart so it falls to the sides and reveals my body. His tongue slides over his lips at the sight of my already glistening pussy. He quickly sheds his clothing and my breath catches in my throat as I see his preternatural flesh glowing in the golden light.
His penis is already hard and I wish I could touch him, take him inside my mouth. But my hands are tied fast to the bed. His fingers glide up my thighs and spread my legs apart. Then I feel his tongue sliding between my labia and swirling around the hard nub of my clit. I buck my hips upwards, whimpering in delight. He laughs and I can see that his eyes are completely golden and his fangs glint from under his upper lip. He slips two fingers inside me and I can barely contain myself. I beg and implore him to take me but he puts a finger to my lips and tells me to be patient. Then he increases the rhythm and I nearly go mad. I burst into orgasm and scream his name. He waits until my breathing is more regular again, then settles between my legs, wrapping them around his waist.
-Your blood will be so much sweeter now-
His voice is barely human now, but dark, low and beast-like.
Then he pushes himself into me, his member filling me up. His strokes are frantic, I scream in ecstasy and I'm almost climaxing again when I feel him slumping on me and burying his fangs in my neck. The pain is overwhelming but it lasts only a moment. My moans of pain turn into moans of pure lust as he feeds and I cum again. I feel him pulse and spurt his seed into me as he continues feeding from me.
Then my movements become sluggish and I feel my life slipping away from me as I get cold. Strong arms cradle me and something wet is pressed to my lips. I lick at the liquid and it is ambrosia! I begin to draw at the life-giving font and the world changes around me. I see him smile down at me as he licks the last remnants of his blood from his wrist. At the sight of the crimson droplets my world turns red and I hear myself snarl.

I am hungry for more.

-The End-
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16th December 2003

11:48am: Sequel
So after my journal is finally back online, I can give you this. He did a sequel for me. And Oh my leaves me wet and panting for more:

I reach your mound, freshly shaven for me. I see the swelling shaft of your clit hiding under your thickening hood. It will do no good. I will have you soon.

I bite and suck your mound, and push your thighs fully your back to your tits. I bite and lick your fleshy outer lips and suck them hard. Your inner labia are now quite thick and darkening. I see a small rivulet of your cream form at the base of your lips, near your vagina, but I hold off.

Turning my head to the side, I open my mouth very widely and cover your entire inner labia at once, trapping them in my mouth. I grab your ass cheeks and pull you to me, as I begin to suck hard. The sensation on your inner lips is quite intense, and you feel them engorge enormously with lust blood. Your juices flow out of your sex hole and begin to fill my mouth. Now, you feel my tongue come to rest at the base of your lips, and on your perineum, or taint.

I move my tongue from right to left, which takes it from the center of your throbbing taint, over your vagina, over your tender peehole, around the bulb of your clit, and up and down your clit shaft under its hood. I return my tongue to your taint and then swipe back again along your shaft, under your thick hood.

I lick and suck you in this manner time and again, never once reducing the suction on your pussy lips and clit. Your clit is becoming huge, as I suck more and more, and lap it expertly with my tongue. My index finger presses into your drenched ass and begins to fuck you gently, in a glimpse of what is to come. You want to cum. You are begging to cum.

Finally, I break suction and pull my head back to survey my handiwork. Your lips are very dark red, thick and drenched. Your erect clit bulb stands from under your hood, demanding further attention. I put two fingers just at the very edge of your opening. Not penetrating so much as a quarter of an inch into your vagina, I begin to make slow circles, round and round your hot hole, stretching it slightly.

You gasp loudly and begin to whimper for relief. Suddenly, I stop, grab your left leg, turn you briskly to the side, and administer a hard crack on your pale flesh. WHACK! "No whimpering" I mutter. Startled, you begin to cry, but I know better -- your juices are now flooding out of you.

As my fingers circle the outer rim of your sex hole, my pinky is probing and playing with your dark rose anal bud. Slowly, deliberately, my thick and long fingers invade your hot cunt until they caress your slick, waiting cervix. At the same time, my pinky pops into your anus, causing an increasing feeling of pressure.

While my long fingers are within, bathed in your girl-cum, they begin to massage your cervix. At first, the sensation is a bit unnerving as I vibrate you to your very core. Then, I begin to milk your cervix, a frark ignites deep in your pelvis, behind your clit and cunt. My pinky finger-fucks your tight ass. Now, my tongue laps your clit like a kitten laps milk -- with a flat tongue.

I move slowly, very slowly. I'm in no rush. I want you to reach new peaks with each experience, so we shall enjoy the trip.

I look up and see your fingers dancing and playing with your breasts and nipples, your gentle touches punctuated with fierce twists and tugs of your nipples. You are beginning to buck my face. You know how much I enjoy being face-fucked by you, so you do so with abandon, coating my face over and over.

My fingers withdraw, nearly to the end, when I pause and shove them into the hilt. You cry out. Again, I turn you on your side and WHACK! On your ass cheek, as I plunge my fingers into you again and again.

What do I hear you saying to me? What is it that you want? As you can tell, we have much more to do … and I will describe it in my next part.

10th December 2003

7:18pm: I got this mail: Can you imagine what it made me feel like? I can' wait for the sequel. It is just what I need right now.

Well, Goddess, you say you are a naughty girl? I began to think about what you might enjoy -- that would take you on a slow, winding course that fired every nerve in your physical and sexual being. I want to slowly build you to an intense peak, perhaps more intense than you've experienced before. Then, I will hold you at the edge in a state of nearly unfathomable arousal ....
Perhaps I would begin by giving you a long, hot bath by candle light and your favorite soothing music. I bring you into the bathroom. It is dark and faintly candlelit, but comfortable. Ever so slowly, I remove your clothing; our eyes locked. As I reach behind to remove your bra, I lean forward and take your lips between mine. Your bra falls to the floor and your breasts swell to meet me -- but I do not touch them.

I take your hand and lead you into the bath. As you soak in the bath oil-water mixture, I massage your scalp and bathe your neck, your shoulders, arms, and fingers. I then bathe your feet and legs, making suggestive strokes of your inner thighs as we kiss softly.

To finish your bath, I rinse you with a shower head, and then dry you thoroughly. Next, I slide a thick robe on as I take you to the massage room. You allow the robe to slip down, once on the table, your nipples slighlty puckered from a passing breeze.

In preparation for your massage, I roll you on your belly, and warm scented oils in my hands. For a moment, I gaze, lusting, at your hot flesh, wanting to devour you. I glance at my well-oiled hands, rub them on my towel and lean forward to inhale the scent of your hair and skin.

At first, I lick and nibble your neck, from the base of your skull to your shoulders. Then, I move my tongue back and forth, lightly, and slowly, very slowly, over your spine, leaving quick kisses, nibbles, and licks, as I move side-to-side down your back from your shoulders to the top of your cheeks.

I see the goosebumps form all over, as a sex flush races across your upper back. My fingers dance up and around your spine and shoulders, making you quiver.

As I touch your bottom, you push your bottom up lazily toward me. I take your firm, fleshy cheeks into my hand and take large, gentle bites of them. Your woman-scent intoxicates me; your pelvic heat urges me to continue. My hands massage your cheeks and open them wide, exposing your ass and pussy to me.

Your crimson inner labia flare and glisten with a building well of your cream. I lean forward and dash my tongue into your sopping vulva, your lava-velvet lips enveloping my tongue. I lick up and down several times, and then thrust my tongue firmly and deeply into you, your gasp shattering the silence.

Not wanting to become lost in your scent and taste, for now, I begin to lick down the backs of your smooth thighs, knees, and calves. Your skin offers resistance, but you yield without resistance. I turn you over and open your legs. Our eyes lock again.

I lift your right foot to my mouth and gently suck your toes one-by-one, biting each gently as I complete that joy. I take your left foot, savoring the sweetness of your flesh once again.

Now, after sucking each of your toes, I lick my way up your shin, knee, and thigh. I quickly lick your mound, swelling with lust. Your hood is thickening around the shaft and bulb of your clit. In due course, it will feel the lash of my tongue tip.

I suck and lick back and forth up your belly to your left your breast. I open my mouth wide, covering your left nipple and a large part of your sweet breast flesh -- and suck.

My tongue flicks around briskly at your nipple as it is trapped within my mouth. My fingers float over your skin, lightly stroking and probing you. The goosebumps begin again. Now, my hand kneads and pumps your breast firmly.

My sucking intensifies greatly, and my tongue begins to press against your breast at the base of the areola. Your left nipple now feels like a large, fiery ruby. I draw my tongue forward and suck hard, and your tit yield drops of your salty-sweet milk. You cry out in pleasure-pain, once again piercing the silence with your cries.

I now lick over to your right breast where I repeat the kneading, sucking and milking. You cry out again.

Your fingers move to touch yourself, and I hold them away. Not now. Leaving your breasts, I lick over and around your belly, my tongue swirling in your navel. I inhale the scent of your flesh, so firm yet so yielding, Yes, pump your hips, and push my head down, down. I can hear your wetness and smell your scent. We've just begun ....

Should I continue? How do you feel as you read this?

8th December 2003

10:22pm: Life is being a bitch right now. I'm working my ass off and that leaves me neither the time nor the mood for posting. Hang in there, I'll be back.

4th December 2003

10:35pm: Just for fun
I stumbled upon this:

Bondage movie! You're into BSDM (Bondage &
Discipline, Dominance & Submission) and chances
are, you're fond of whips, chains, harnesses,
and tight leather outfits. You like to mix a
little pain with a LOT of pleasure, baby!

What kind of porno would you star in?
brought to you by Quizilla

Of course this got me thinking again ;)
So I put on some music and switched the light off. Maybe I'll post the outcome of my musings tomorrow.
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3rd December 2003

9:53pm: new icon
I created a new icon out of an actual pic. Hope you like it :)
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2nd December 2003

2:20pm: loving it - for excowboy (hope you like it, baby)
I sit in my comfy chair at the large window of my living room. It is a warm day and I'm sitting there just in my black lacy panties to catch some warmth. The sunlight tingles my skin and my nipples get hard. I like that.
So I start to tease them with my hands and fingers. I roll them around and pinch them gently until they are tight little nubs. Oh, it feels so good.
Suddenly I notice that there is movement below me. I look down to the street and there he is.
Staring up to me with that broad smile on his face. He rubs his hand slowly across the front of his pants and I can see that there is a huge bulge under the fabric.
The wetness shoots to my groin and suddenly I want him. I want him up here with me and inside of me.
I motion to him to come up to me and without hesitation he comes up the stairs.
I don't move. The door is open and he will find me.
Then he stands in the door. He is younger than me and very attractive. I smile at him and slowly wet my finger with my tongue, then I slide it inside my panties, looking him in the eyes as I start to pleasure myself. He gasps then pulls his shirt over his head and unbuttons his jeans. He doesn't wear anything under them and so his gorgeous member jumps right out. I gasp at the sight of that cock and I want it now!

He kneels down before me and pulls my panties down and he smiles at the sight of my dripping pussy. It is already throbbing. He wants to lick me but I stop him. I want this huge cock first. Gotta have it in my mouth now.
So we change places and I kneel between his legs. I grip his cock in my hand and start jerking slowly as I bent down to lick my tongue over his juicy head. Then I roll my tongue around it. licking and sucking. He moans and closes his eyes. His hands reach for my hair but I push him back. Patience!
Then I close my mouth around him and start giving head. Slowly at first then faster and now I let him grip my hair and pump my head down. His member slides down my throat and he fucks my mouth hard. I roll his balls between my fingers and with my other hand I tease my tits and my pussy. He groans below me and bucks his hips upwards in an ever faster pace. His fingers tighten in my long red hair and he spasms inside me, his cum shooting into my mouth. Ah, delicious!!
I pull back and watch him as he comes down. But now it is my turn. He pulls me up and we share long, wet kisses, our tongues fighting with each other. His hands knead my tits and he pinches my nipples. I throw my head back and moan deeply. His lips take over from his hands and as he starts biting my nipples gently his hands wander down to my butt. He kneads them and slowly spreads them apart. Hi s fingers slide into the crevice and he feels the hot wetness that awaits him there. His fingers slowly wander around between my thighs and slide in between my labia. He finds my clit and starts rubbing it with his thumb while his fingers slide in and out of my cunt. I moan and groan, because it is unbearable. I want him to fuck me!!!
And I tell him. He smiles and tells me to bent over. I love to do it that way - doggy style. I bent down and feel him spread my legs and then he pushes himself inside of me. God! This is good! He is so hard and thick that he fills me completely and I nearly cum just because of that. Then he starts to pounce me hard and I can't help it anylonger: I scream.
His balls slap against my butt as he fucks me and the sound drives me crazy. And then I cum.
I feel my pussy tighten around his cock and then he cums again, shooting into me with full force. We roll on the floor enjoying our orgasms.
Then we fall asleep.

....to be continued.....
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1st December 2003

10:05pm: Licking
I found this pic of some gorgeous cock on the net. It was huge and hard and pink with a juicy head. Just perfect!
So I closed my eyes and let my imagination run wild. I would go down on this guy and swallow him, eat him whole. Let him fuck my mouth until his cock hit my tonsils and then ... oh... he would cum in my mouth.
And of course, then we would fuck like crazy and do it over and over again.
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30th November 2003

7:13pm: Horny
I just opened this journal to vent of my frustration. I'm so horny!!! I'm actually dripping. And no one here to fuck!!!
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