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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
10:18 am - Hello Again everybody
Hello, how is everyone still doing, me im doing ok. I still havent gotten that ring off my finger, I think that i may have to get it cut off. Oh Joy. I dont want to get it cut off, I like my ring. BUt its starting to hurt my finger. I love heather so much, we Just got out of GYm, and It was ok, We are playing Croket. Its ok. It was hot though, the sun decided it wanted to appear mid period, so it got pretty muggy. I hope all goes well this after noon.

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8:21 am - I hate School.
Hello, everyone, hows everyone doing? Me, I'm doing ok. I can't get my ring off of my finger and it is starting to hurt like hell. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get a ring off of a finger that is swollen, please comment on my page. It hurts, someone please say something. Heather and I are doing ok, but not the greatest. Well i have to go, ill write more later. I hope i can get it off soon.

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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
10:15 am - Hello, everyone from Orange Park High School
Hello everyone, this is Michael again, saying hi from school. I have nothing better to do now, so im here writing this to you. Im supposed to be in Physics, but my teacher let me out to come here and to this. I just came bcak from Gym, GOsh was it hot. I sweated all period, we didnt do anything because we had a guest speaker. Yippee. Heather and I are doing great, we had a little fight yesterday and the past 3 days, but now we are as good as can be. i think there may be something that she isnt telling me about her stay in class while i was in ISS. But i dont care, because i trust her. My brothers name is Collin, he is not the brightest person in the household, but hey, why should i complain. I'm thinking about telling this administrator at my school to screw off, hes stalking me, and he will not leave me alone. I talked with my brothers carpentry teacher from last year, my brother keeps telling me that he will go and see him but he doesnt, so i figure talk to him, and maybe he'll talk to him alittle later. but oh well. Well everyone i have to go now, ill write nore later. Have a nice day.

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Saturday, September 6th, 2003
10:29 am - Hello everyone
Hello, It's Michael again, im bored off my mind, my mom is out of the hospital. Yipppeeee

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Thursday, January 23rd, 1997
10:35 am - school sucks
Im sitting here, with nothing to do. Its my lunch period, and i have not a single thing to do. Everyone is gone, my girlfriend Heather, wont be here till 1116. That sucks, i want to see her now. But my scheduel is so messed up, the school doesnt even care, as long as they arent responcible for what they are doing. But ive about has it with this school and there crap with the way they handle things. Well i must go, TIme to go eat lunch. I will write mre on this later.. By the way, my name is Michael, and my Girlfriend\fiancee, is named Heather. Have a good school day.

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