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    Saturday, July 19th, 2003
    1:38 am
    i've been writing this story in my notebook since tuesday night. i'm lol writing it but i don't think that it sounds lol when reading it. this is less than ONE FOURTH of what i've written (it's a really long story) - i'll try to type the rest ASAP (tomorrow).

    (This appears in the Washington Post on Sunday, December 25, 2005)

    WASHINGTON. The leaders of Great Britain, Japan, South Africa, Australia, and Brazil converge at the White House today to join President Dennis Kucinich in the world’s first Peace Summit, which will be highlighted with a tic-tact-toe tournament at midnight. Each leader is obligated to participate in the single-elimination tournament, results of which will determine the amount of Peace that the continent each represents will receive. God, who arrived in Washington on Friday after a whirlwind world-tour, will officiate the games and distribute the Peace portions at the conclusion of the tournament.


    A dramatic draw yesterday saw the setting of the following first round matches: Great Britain vs. Brazil and Australia vs. U.S.A. (Great Britain and Australia will play “X” and have the advantage of moving first in the their respective games). Accordingly, South Africa and Japan have lucked out as both have received first-round byes. In the second round, South Africa will face the winner of Great Britain vs. Brazil, while Japan will face the winner of Australia vs. U.S.A. Having received automatic second-round placements, to even things out, South Africa and Japan will each play “O” and move in the disadvantaged second position in the second round. Positions for the championship game will be determined with a coin flip before the start of the final game.


    “President Kucinich is the one world leader competing who is the most astute in the game of tic-tact-toe,” said Al Dunleavy, a bookmaker for the Las Vegas-based Mirage Hotel and Casino. “And he gotta a hell of a draw as his first round opponent - Prime Minister John Howard of Australia - is a complete numskull; look at all of the fires already set on the outskirts of Sydney and Melbourne in anticipation of Prime Minister Howard’s defeat. The people of Australia know that their Prime Minister does not have a chance, and, luckily for North America, President Kucinich faces him in the first round on Sunday... in the second round the President will face a more formidable, but still very much beatable, opponent in Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi... if the President were to defeat Prime Minister Koizumi, he could possibly face the strongest challenger in the final round - and that’s, obviously, South African President Thabo Mbeki. But when all is said and done, President Kucinch, we think, will prevail and that’s why we give him 3-2 odds... his strongest opponent, President Mbeki, we have 5-1 odds on,” Dunleavy also said.

    Meanwhile, in London, newly appointed British Prime Minister Lord Steven Rich is the odds on favorite. Harry’s Bets and FOOTBALL Haven, two of Europe’s premiere betting houses, both have 2-1 odds on the Prime Minister Lord, followed by President Mbeki at 5-1, President Kucinich at 6-1, Prime Minister Koizumi and President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva of Brazil both at 10-1, and Prime Minister Howard at 100-1. “We think that the Prime Minister Lord’s decision to seek tutelage from Sir Stephen Hawking, the world’s smartest man, will lead him to glorious victory and bring Europe some glorious peace,” said Harry Smith of Harry’s Bets.

    North America and Europe notwithstanding, a poll conducted by the Washington Post indicates that a strikingly high percentage of bookmakers across the world have their respective representative in the tournament as the favorite, with the lone exceptions being in Australia, where Prime Minister Howard is clearly not the favorite. Accordingly, mammoth man-made fires have engulfed entire cities in Australia while, at the same time, Aborigine and Anglo-Saxon leaders are each drafting formal declarations of war against one another in anticipation of Prime Minister Howard’s defeat. The Prime Minister himself has sought and been refused refuge in half a dozen countries, trying to flee his ravaged country and secure his and his family’s safety, even without the help of the Australian Army, which negated its allegiance to the Prime Minister on Wednesday. Meanwhile, an ever-growing mob of peoples is trying to locate and isolate the Prime Minister, much like the people of Britain did with former Prime Minister Blair, leading there to the succession to power there of the Prime Minister Lord, an Oxford M.D. and a Cambridge PhD. “John Howard does no good to the people of Australia right now... and it ain’t just the beach bums like myself who want him removed from office immediately - you see judges and professors in the streets with signs like ‘John should tic-tact-go' or ‘Howard shouldn’t stay ‘cause he don’t know how to play,’” said Taylor Tremble, 29, of Melbourne.

    A representative of the Prime Minister, reached via satellite phone yesterday, said that Prime Minister Howard is “excited, confident, and making final preparations for his big trip to Washington.” When asked where exactly Prime Minister Howard is, the representative said, “Prime Minister Howard is doing fine; he’s in the outback... somewhere in the outback... and everything is fine.”

    Current Music: sold. grl.
    Saturday, July 12th, 2003
    3:04 am
    No one knows how it happened exactly, but, early on October 31, 2003, rats, by the millions of them dashed and darted through sewers and underpins - swam and swap, to envelop the island of Manhattan, bringing the bustling City of New York to a standstill.

    Here is a summary-type article about the catastrophe that appears in the Washington Post on November 2, 2003.

    WASHINGTON. Even as the world is still in shock with the underlying development, an outpouring of help, support, and supplies is being delivered to the people of New York, many of them still to their neck in rat. Here is a summary of the day’s events and tidbits:

    - The New York story is still big news, making front-page headlines across the world; everywhere except for Green Bay, Wisconsin, where both local papers went with the Annual Green Bay Cheese Off on the cover (New York story dropped to page 5).

    - Kangaroos in Australia and pigeons in Britain are being poisoned or otherwise eliminated, as governments in both countries fear the occurrence of a similar calamity. PETA and Greenpeace file formal protest with the International Court of Justice.

    - Plummeting financial markets recover after Warner Bros. announces plan to make movie about the disaster, starring, among others, George Clooney, Jennifer Anniston, and Bill Cosby. The movie, expected to gross a billion dollars, will incorporate the rocky romantic relationship of Clooney's and Anniston's characters with the characters' reactions to the event and its aftermath. NBC has already bought TV-rights to the motion picture, which stars 3 of its greatest Must-See-TV legends, and says that it expects the movie to garner a 62 share in its first airing (November 2005).

    - Mayor Bloomberg announced that alternate-side-of-the-street parking is still in effect and that cars parked on the wrong side of the street will be ticketed by hovercraft-riding ticketing agents. AAA-member Glen Garbo of Manhattan, reached by phone, says that "no one can get out of their stinkin' buildings - not even to buy milk for their children - and the Mayor wants as to do what??? Or we'll get a ticket? Well, I bet that even if we could get out that our cars won't even movie - I saw from my window those rats chewing car tires... this is bullshit..."

    - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. reocrds climb the charts across the globe to numbers 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

    - Saddam Hussein comes out of hiding in Iraq and makes this announcement:
    Speaking for the entirety of the Iraqi people, I would like to express our sympathy to the people of New York. We offer our condolences to the families of the killed and send our prayers to all of the injured and all of the survivors... at the present time, regrettably, Iraq is not in the position to help, as we, too, face a multitude of hardships... in an ironic note to this human catastrophe, I wish to note that Iraqi scientists, in the late 1980s, developed a chemical agent specifically capable of eliminating rats and other vermin. The chemical agent, which we named RATATAQBAGHDAD, posed no harm to humans nor the environment... unfortunately, as mandated by U.N. Resolution 1361, all Iraqi WMDs and affiliated programs, including RATATAQBAGHDAD and the development of RATATAQBAGHDAD, were prudently destroyed to cooperate with the U.N. Resolution... the only man who could have produced RATAQBAGHDAD from scratch, Dr. Ter Maq, the scientist who initially discovered RATATAQBAGHDAD, was killed when, during Operation Iraqi Freedom, a smart bomb missed its target and hit the children's hospital where he was working in.

    - Conspiracy theories flourish on the Internet, most popular being Cuban Premiere Fidel Castro's involvement in the disaster, Nostradamus' prediction of it, and, some weird guy in Queens, NY claiming that genetically-mutated cow's milk, or, rather, milk from genetically-mutated cows, served at Starbucks, induced the rats to attack.

    - Finally, the term "when pigs fly" is a common cliche used to express doubt throughout the English-speaking world... except in Vancouver, Canada, where the common expression used to be "when rats invade New York." "I can't believe it - this is the worst thing that could happen," says Jenna Leigh, 18, who, now, must go out with Bob Field, after rejecting him the previous week with the expression "when rats invade New York." Similarly, lawyers in Vancouver are flipping through contracts, trying to find ones containing the expression "when rats invade New York" and are, therefore, now, void. City officials also estimate that up to 90% of criminals currently in prison must now be released because the term "when rats invade New York" was used in their sentencing.
    Thursday, July 10th, 2003
    10:16 pm
    Billionaire CEO Jack Straw walks into a Starbucks and orders a vente latte (cost $8.47 plus $1.53 tip - it's the year 2004 where inflation and corporate greed are running amock, sort of).

    Anyway, yeah, he orders his drink, pays for it, and, after a while, they make for him his drink and announce to the world that his drink is ready. Jack sits on a confy-soda to drink his latte and make obnoxious comments... "I am the king of the world," Jack starts yelling outloud, annoying people around him, most importnat of which happens to be me 'cause I believe in myself!

    "I'm the king of the world - look @ me everyboy... I'm Jack Straw, CEO of War OIL Inc. We earned a trillion dollars last year... war, war, war, oil, natural gas, energy, and war, war, war... hahaha..."

    Overly excited, he accidentally spills a bit of coffee on my right arm, rendering me helpless - they rush me to the hospital where I die. My family sues Starbucks for selling poisonous coffee (kills if it touches the skin) and is awarded a million bucks, virtually bankrupting the company. Harvey Schultz goes back to the dump where he belongs and Dunkin Donuts reins supreme.

    As far as Jack Straw gores, the CEO laments greatly at his accidental slaying of me, changing heart and mind he vows to make peace and let smiles flourish the world over. And so the wars end, capitalism gets hit on its head, and 3-nation coalition of Sweden, Senegal, and Sri Lanka (known as the "3 Wise Esses") leads the world ahead. Eventually, equilibrium sets in and the genesis of a Florentian-like Rennaissance of the arts begins.

    Don't know why I would go to any Starbucks again for the rest of my life, but who can really deny fate thrust upon one? It is written that next year, at around this time of the year, I'll go to a Starbucks and die when poisonous coffee touches my skin. So sad an ending, so sad a life!

    vacation's almost over :(
    1:36 am
    Jessica sunbathes on her roof sometimes, mostly in the summer time. While sunbathing, she wears a pink bathing suit, quite similar to the one that Jenna somethingsomething wore on the first Survivor. On this particular day Jenna is sunbathing on her roof. It's July 9th, it's a Thursday, and it's really, really hot.

    Having appled sufficient suntan lotion on before, Jessica decides to relax her mind and, why not, take a nap. Some people deserve somethings sometimes and, today, Jessica is especially deserving of a nap -- having stayed up the past 2 nights to look after her sick grandmother, who people around the neighborhood call Moses.

    Suddenly, Jessica's beeper sounds and this message appears: "SOSCALLSOONASAPMOM."

    Jessica runs down the stairs, from the roof to her apartment in ten seconds flat.

    "Mom, what's wrong?"
    "Jessica, it's Grandma Moses... she, she, she just passed away."
    "Oh mom!"
    "There, there honey... it was a painless procedure and all the suffering, it's not all gone - she's in a better place now Jess. Grandma is with God now."
    "I know mom, but I loved Grandma Moses so much and I just thought that she was doing better these past 2 days... wait, what procedure?"
    "Oh, nothing."
    "Now Jess, calm down... I just did what's best for you and me - and what's especially best for Grandma Moses. She didn't feel a thing, I promise you honey..."
    "You KILLED her mom - is that what you did - you KILLED her?"
    "Do not use that word again, you hear? I did the only thing that I could have done under the circumstances... don't tell me you liked staying up those nights looking after her... washing her and feeding her.... caressing her where she likes to be carrassed... don't tell me that u wanted to clean her potty for the rest of her life. Don't tell me that Jess 'cause I know it ain't true!"
    "Mom, you're scaring me... and I'm telling you she was getting better... I sensed it.... I'm going to the police..."
    "Don't you dare go to the police... I am your MOTHER... Jessica, listen to me now -- Jessica are you there? Maybe we need to talk, why don't you comer over this afternoon?"

    But Jessica puts down the phone and runs to the police station a couple of blocks away in 200 second flat.

    "You look like Jenna somethingsomething from the first Survivor," says the officer on duty at the station, Pete Johnson.
    "Thank you officer."
    "... so how can I help u miss?"
    "Oh yes - my mom just killed Grandma Moses."
    "Your mother just did what?"
    "My mom just killed my grandma. I don't know how she did it - but that's what she told me on the phone - that she killed her!"
    "I see..."

    Officer Johnson proceeds to the office of Detective Mike Sorce, presumably to inform him of the family tragedy - an alleged murder!

    "What is it Johnson?"
    "That girl over there in the pink bathing suit, who does she remind u of?"
    "What's her name - from the first survivor..."
    "That's right, Jenna.... did u like Jenna or Collen more, by the way?"
    "Collen 100%."
    "No way man, Jenna was taller and more developed."
    "Colleen had the priceless charm of innocence/innocence of charm/you know... hilarious too - her and Greg were the funny ones from that season."
    "Greg Boies."
    "Yeah, Greg Boies - I think that he's a river guide now in Arizona?"
    "But Jenna's still hotter than Colleen."
    "Right... and next thing u'll say is that Mary-Anne was hotter than Ginger - not in this world..."
    "Mary-Anne was way hotter and I think that 58% of viewers thought so too."
    "Come on, the movie star. She was the hot one..."
    "... anyway."
    "Yeah, anyway..."
    "Oh, that girl in the other room Jenna... she said that her mom just killed her Grandma or something like that..."
    "I see..."

    blah, blahhh, blahhhhhh so BORING story BORING
    Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
    1:56 am
    James, 24, drives a cab for a living and to support a wife and 2 kids residing a million miles away on the planet Zorbaf.

    "Return to send - undelievarble." That's what's posted on all the envelopes that are returned to James, who had adressed them as such:

    "My wife Camela and my 2 kids, Calf and Kalf
    The Montana Building
    City of Dam, Planet Zorbaf

    I am not James/James is not me; I am not a cab driver and I am not married; and never had sex, thank you. Alls James and me have in common is the same age and, also, we went to the same elementary school (P.S. 70) and intermediary school (J.H.S. 10)... he went off to Brooklyn Tech after 8th grade and we lost track, but, now, for some reason i ain't sure of, i've decided to put him in one of my stories/my first story back from, you know, sbatical - a period of time without any stories and a part of my life that will be referred to, after I die, as the "englightened period." The "engligthened period" laster for 5 months and it ended today, woah!

    Paul told me about James so we decided to have an intervention, I think it's called? So Paul, Steve, Ian (pronnounced Yan), and myself - the "old gang from the hood" - invited James to Mrs. Conroy's (our supercool 6th grade teacher) pad for a "get together" - that's how we put it.

    "Hey guyz... u're all here already. So nice to see youz all - Paul, Ian, Steve, her Mrs. Conroy, and u 2 who is writing this - hi 2 u 2."

    "Oh hi James," the rest of us said in unison and Mrs. Conroy took the initiative:

    "Listen, James, you friends and I have called u here today not to remenish about the good old times."

    "What?" Ian asks 'cause Ian's on drugz always and he must have forgot?

    "There there Ian," says Steve and begins to confort Ian (an RIT grad!) by caressing his fair blonde hair.

    "Let me continue..."

    blah blah blah

    I'M NOT IN A RHYTHM and this was done in 4 or 5 minutes out of nothing. also, no re-reading and stuff so whatever i wrote, i'm sticking with it!

    IT DON'T MEAN...........................................................................................................................................
    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
    9:24 pm
    Monday, June 30th, 2003
    11:12 am
    me: for breakfast? oh, i just had a couple of munchkins.

    him: you what?

    me: i had a couple of munchkins?

    ackward silence because, apparently, dunkin donuts ain't that popular in st. louis and the person on the other end of the line thought that there were 2 less short people in new york city.

    Saturday, June 28th, 2003
    12:07 pm
    wtp's summer 2003 fashion review and guide

    i walked all the way park avenue south last night to dunkin donuts, let me tell u something. soccer-mom wannabees, that's what i saw. khakis are so disgusting and stale. only type of khaki that's good at all is the olive-colored kind.

    fake people: people work out. people do surgery. people pretend. becoming people they are not. "hey, i want to look good." meaning looking fake. an entire perception of looking good has been created. sad 'cause the best thing one can be is be themselves. if u're yourself and u look like u're supposed to look like, natural and stuff, i'll like you. fake muscles, fake breasts, fake hair, and fake names are not!

    problem with american culture, i think, is that it's just a repeat of the past. blast from the past. that's why, for music, nowadays, u gotta go to sweden; for art, there's italy, and for literature, of course, russia. that's what i think! also, that's what that nationally-known magazine said.

    people must be themselves! park avenue south socialites could not survive a night in downtown baghdad, i think!

    and what is it with u - me. u think that titles like "wtp's summer 2003 fashion review and guide" are funny? what r u an idiot? stop acting like "mr. gooddy two-shoes." ain't funny and ain't real.

    be real!

    anyway, yeah. four more days of work - that's all...


    california dreams!

    p.s. i think i saw britney spears last night? near union square?

    was she in new york? does anyone know? 'cause i think that i walked right past her.

    besides khakis, another in-thing, i guess, among females is the cowgirl meets hippie look.

    this concludes wtp's summer 2003 fashion review and guide.

    - mr. goody two-shoes
    Thursday, June 26th, 2003
    2:21 am
    things on my mind:

    i would want to maybe marry a girl with large hips who would be able to bare me lots of children - it's all about prosomethingsomething, the expansion of the species.

    subway ride from hell tonight!

    monday protest lame.


    inradio cd.

    utne magazine. something that african-americans controlled .65% of all the wealth in 1865 and .10% in 2000. racist country!

    an ad somewhere that animal shelters are REQUIRED to send a certain minimum amount of cats and dogs each month to places where they products will be tested on them.

    dennis somethingsomething from ohio for president. department of peace.







    jury duty july 16th.

    i truly hate myself for writing so much about myself, as if i were the center of the universe.

    but it's so easy writing about one's self. i'm lazy!

    lovely hot day.

    european union jambaree.


    babies ruly - i want a girl with large hips.

    or maybe i could artificially somethingsomething?

    nurse: "sir, what are u doing?"
    me: "prosomethingsomething - the expansion of the species?"
    nurse: "well, stop it."
    me: "i'm sorry... but what else can i do?"
    nurse: "pretend."

    pretending a SPREE.

    bond means bean.

    i'm sleepie. i'm sleepie.
    Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
    7:16 am
    Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
    3:54 pm
    life is so precious.

    life is so beautiful

    life is so easy to love.


    but i can't stop thinking!

    (about everything)

    Monday, June 16th, 2003
    8:26 am
    no one will die of boredom! okay? it's like physically impossible! and i should know because i got a 78 on the physics regents! that's right!

    anyway, yeah, update your sites more everyobdy! you know who u are!

    and i know about your sites!

    all of yours! (well, just one, ahem)

    up yours!

    jo mamma!

    i can maybe like signal something when the site changes?


    besides, if anyone at all dies of boredom, it'll have to be me!

    i'm talking truly pathethic! that's me! that's my life!

    i don't care.


    i think that it's all ok, if not just good.

    my 5th grade teacher said that i shouldn't use the word "good" so much (i had used it more than once in an essay), and suggested i use words such as "great," "terrific," and "outstanding" instead. mrs. kapusta. p.s. 70 astoria, queens!

    anyone remember their headers?

    C.S.D. 30 P.S. 70 [my name goes here]
    Class 5-1 June 16, 2003

    i think that's how it went?

    oh, best part about elimentary school was field day? one year i was 2nd in field hockey. and the next year i was 1st!

    i should have gone into field hockey, instead of financial data collecting, which i'm into now.

    head and shoulders!


    'cause maybe this page is visited by strangers after all!

    you's alls strangerz!

    sometime today i'm going to write a story!

    funny story :)

    about people/things/events that happen, like maybe a volcano errupts right in downtown l.a.?

    something like that but maybe more positive? i'm writing it in blurty after all!

    everything in blurty must turn out alright!

    everyone lives!

    and has sex [after marriage - in the end everyone gets married]!

    they'll be a mass-wedding!

    people from all denominations!

    including christians, muslims, jews, and buddhists!

    also, people who think that zoroaster is the way to be!

    only people who would be excluded from the wedding, and therefore left out to dry on a hot day, would be people who don't believe in god!

    "everyone except some" could be the slogan of the mass-wedding!

    loves you!
    Sunday, June 15th, 2003
    10:18 pm
    pics of march now @ www.geocities.com/dr_floyd_ferris/x.html

    i know that i haven't updated that page for a while and when i went to update it tonight i took a glimpse at visitor stats and it's been getting like 4-5 hits a week - none of which, i'm sure, were from me!

    someone's been visiting my pics page?


    missed m27 meeting this evening because i couldn't find the place.

    but i have an idea! it's top secret! i'll e-mail them!

    anyway, pics are up to more than halfway through the march. until my memory card got full! just 35 pics or so. missed a lot!

    i'm not a fan of flag burning.

    i'm also not a fan of:

    - police states
    - illegal wars
    - empire
    - slavery
    - greed
    - corruption
    - arrogance
    - etc. etc. etc.
    Saturday, June 14th, 2003
    7:12 pm
    the wildest march ever! from union square down broadway to tompkins square! a dozen arrests caught on digi! flags burning - at least 3 - on flag day! resistance, a french word! fork on the road, we go two block up and the entire street is ours! run down the block! to washington square! do it all over again!

    i am so wet!

    this was the wildest march i've ever been part of! the police are out-of-control! i like the people there a lot! i want to do this again tomorrow!

    at tsp police push a guy hard and he falls right in front of me! a girl on a bike given a ticket! officer mccormack from the suburbs! office meyers, a really big guy who's really mean!

    so, so many sidebars to this one! maybe i will write a whole lot about this later! maybe not! but i will upload the pics, for sure! maybe tonight! maybe tomorow morning!

    it rained so much! i had to much fun!
    Friday, June 13th, 2003
    3:12 pm
    "Agricultural lands, totalling some 477 acres of citrus trees and olive groves were bulldozed..."
    2:18 am
    right now where i am and how i am feeling; i am at a starbucks, sorry to say, looking at 3rd avenue and st. mark's place, a bar next to a mcdonald's across - wondering how i am feeling, i am feeling different from how i felt earlier. never again, i say once more, in a bad mood me put, negative energy waves passing through me to you, to him - innocent bystanders feeling my wrath. not will the enivironment be corrupted by my moody demeaners - not ever again, at least not tomorrow, which is actually today.
    how can we make the world a better place:
    a) attend the protest march saturday at usp!
    b) stop it already with the negative energy waves!
    c) be more nice to blurty, pet it, feed it, love it!
    d) toyotas for everybody 'cause they average 30mpg - i'm talking $3 in operating costs per day!
    e) speak to god through sally struthers!
    (momentary pause to acknowledge the rain - it's raining!)
    f) save water by showering less!
    g) if not toyotas, then public transportation!
    h) maybe write stories again?!
    i) be more like them, less like yourself the better!
    j) human shielding in gaza - u know u want to!
    k) little voices in head must go away quickly!
    l) for father's day, six simple words: "pizzaria uno chicago bar and grill"!!!
    (note: just noticed that apparently everyone's now got fancy new umbrellas. how this is bad: a lot of people, possibly tens of thousands of people, made a living by selling one-time use umbrellas eacht time it rained. but now that everyone's got designer umbrellas, they are losing money, they are probably all hungry and homeless and wet!)
    m) they are bringing back the 2-dollar bill!
    n) didn't thomas jefferson have you know?!
    o) i cannot write that word - it is a very sad word to write!
    p) i want to know why the u.s. was one of the last countries to abolish it - why was it so late?!
    q) it was one of the causes war of 1812, i think!
    r) u.s.a today = late in signing the global anti-mining treaty, amont many treaties!
    s) so, so scary!
    t) can the green party ammass 270 electoral votes?!
    u) can't touch this!

    (anyway, yeah, that's what i was writing then. it raining a lot so i stayed 'til closing, then went to virgin and bought the best of the kinks for $10, that's 24 songs i think, plus they gave me a free "british cd" 'cause i bought a british cd. long live the queen! god bless easter island! and will not a man ever really leap onto history, if once, if for once in a lifetime?

    i'm talking bungy jumping off mount everest! that's right!

    let's talk about ideas again. i think that my ideas are reasonable with a capital z. reaZonable. similarly, why do we need to sleep like so much each day. sleep wastes so much time. if people slept less, i'm sure, there would be world peace or the end of the world, one of the two -- us humas always like living to the extreme, except in germany and japan post-1945. let's think about german and japan for a second and how they are different... they sure are!

    i think spy had a you know party tonight because all the guys there were really neat and clean.

    in 10 short years the thong went from trashy to sexy to classy?

    so so weird.

    demi moore is hot, i think.

    i think that all people are really good but that society has corrupted most people, except maybe 9, of which i am one?

    lying and cheating and stealing are out of control.

    we go to their countries, steal their resources and ruin their environment, AND LEAVE - that's the motto of most u.s. corps. doing business overseas... which is simply a ripoff of our government's motto of the 60s/70s - we go to their countries, support a ruthless dictator who will serve our interests, AND LEAVE.

    no wonder the world hates us!

    big rally next week in THESSALONIKI, GREECE - right up there with paris as my favorite city. know LOTS of people there who i'm assuming will go. WISH I WERE THERE.

    - instead i'll be going to FT. LAUDERDALE in JULY.

    - alls well!
    Thursday, June 12th, 2003
    1:28 pm
    am in the super-depressed mood again - thank you very much mental illness disorder of mine - but not going to talk about that...

    what if people had three nostrils instead of two, would it be so bad?

    what if ebay and amazon teamed up one day to fight cancer, would anyone notice?

    what if the movie casablance were named algers or tunis, would u have watched it?

    what if water ran cars and oil made plants grow, would there have been a war?

    what if hollywood became corrupt and nearsighted, would you cry all night wishing it were all a dream?

    what i'm trying to say is this:

    noting matters, really. for real, legitimately speaking. 2 legit 2 quit, yo yo ma, and public enemy.

    i think?
    Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
    10:13 am
    after i was hustled in chess @ tsp i borded the w train in union square. between 59th and queensborough, a little chinese girl, not more than 18 i'd say, started throwing up. a memorable stench of stomach fluids, digested yeast, and rum. i just had to change cars!

    in the next car was someone i knew! he didn't know me, of course, but i knew him - he was one of the leader guys of m9 or m11 or whatever that group is called... widely known for its midtown sit-out when people still cared; when being vocal was the flavor of the day. just a few months ago, if memory serves me correctly. he got off @ the same stop that i got off!

    i bought cherries from the fruit store; 2 lbs of red ones and 1 lb of yellow ones.

    slept @ 12/got up @ 7.

    brush teeth. look @ yahoo news and other stuff too.

    drive to work: GCP/CIP/NB/DP/LIE/LR/MA.

    work so far has been boring.


    checked N.O. airfare/hotels. airfare just $230. days inn just $49/night. will do this for sure.
    Saturday, June 7th, 2003
    10:53 pm
    two and a half years ago it upset me so much that i picked up smoking - for a week, contemplated continuation as is, and started growing my hair long. and now it's gotten worse! here it is quickly, as i have a movie to catch in 20:

    time's square has a lot of lights, right, and at night the sky is blue, instead of black. literally, you look up and you see the ocean - same thing u see during the day; the illumination of the lights changing the course of nature. what should not be there is, upsetting one and all - upsetting me.

    i first noticed this september/october 2000, senior year in college. i didn't much now what to think of it then - just that it was not right.

    tonight as i was walking down park avenue (parked on 64th between madison and park - hoping that they don't tow my car 'cause of the puerto rican day parade?) toward time's square where i am now (easyInternetCafe - # 7887 5782 7865 password 2004ad) i saw the blue sky, yes. this time from farther away than last - it's alive and it's growing!

    what is it?

    24-hour shopping.

    who's behind it?

    governments and large corporations.


    so people can become slaves. they'll work more (more hours and later in life) to buy things they think they need.

    why do they care about the people?

    because the people, if left unoccupied, could do something drastic like start a revolution?

    will it be televised if it happens?


    i see...

    good. we must stop this, together.

    what can we do?

    acknowledge the truth and help others see the light?

    that sounded wacky, would u like to rephrase that, like for the record?

    acknowledge the truth - that the light is not our friend. that life supercedes commerce. and that dignity and self-worth are the right attributes.

    i think u're tired and need some rest.

    well, i've gotta a movie to catch in 10!!!

    what movie?

    the matrix reloaded.

    what movie house?

    amc 25.

    what other movies have u seen recently?

    i've seen 3 movies this year: being john malcovic, phonebooth, and talk to her.

    well, i think that's all the time we've got?

    yes, i need to go to the bathroom pronto!

    thank you for your time. any closing words?

    4:52 pm
    The Kinks - Dedicated Follower of Fashion back to LYRICS index

    They seek him here, they seek him there,
    His clothes are loud, but never square.
    It will make or break him so he's got to buy the best,
    'Cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion.

    And when he does his little rounds,
    'Round the boutiques of London Town,
    Eagerly pursuing all the latest fads and trends,
    'Cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion.

    Oh yes he is (oh yes he is), oh yes he is (oh yes he is).
    There's one thing that he loves and that is flattery.
    One week he's in polka-dots, the next week he is in stripes.
    'Cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion.

    They seek him here, they seek him there,
    In Regent Street and Leicester Square.
    Everywhere the Carnabetian army marches on,
    Each one an dedicated follower of fashion.

    Oh yes he is (oh yes he is), oh yes he is (oh yes he is).
    His world is built 'round discoteques and parties.
    This pleasure-seeking individual always looks his best
    'Cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion.

    Oh yes he is (oh yes he is), oh yes he is (oh yes he is).
    He flits from shop to shop just like a butterfly.
    In matters of the cloth he is as fickle as can be,
    'Cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion.
    He's a dedicated follower of fashion.
    He's a dedicated follower of fashion.
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