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Andrew Comes Back. [27 Jun 2003|02:23pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Mercy-Me hey they are good right Lauren M? ]

..Andrew comes back today! Yay!
Ok so any ways - I wake up this morning happy and not in pain. Then I get into the shower -shave my legs. I paint my nails and I'm ready to go. Then I notice I have gotten red marker! Damn it!! *it would happen on my most important day* I was so angeree! Hah! Because I had the cutest stuff picked out to wear.. arrrgh *hating mother nature* So any ways tonight I'm going out with Andrew and we are doing a triple date with: Joannie & Justin.. Aby & her pink haired boy. SOO EXCITING...*no* I'm trying hard to get Bennett to go!! hah! He's being difficult. I might be doing something with Griffen so I can waste time before Andrew gets here! Heh.. Well I'm tired of writing.

Kiss Me <33

Nother -1- heh [27 Jun 2003|03:54pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | EEErkkk... Shannon Walking around. Hah! ]

_____[12 things that annoy you]
? Dumb blondes.
? Racist people.
? When people don't wanna do what I wanna do.
? Red markers. =*(
? Fibbers!
? Parents.
? Tiffany.
? Snakes.
? Pedifiles.
? House not being finished. =O
? Rape.
? ?

_____[12 people you'd want to stay alive]
? Andrew.
? Carlee.
? Michael.
? Ben.
? Hannah.
? Lisa.
? Amber.
? Julie.
? Lindsey.
? Mom & Daddie
? Shannon
? Last but not least my :. Brittz .:

_____[10 things you'd like to change about yourself]
? My Nose.
? I need to think of think of others more then myself. =0)..
? Stop being such a hater.
? Stop being so skinny.
? Start learning and studying more.
? Start to love myself more.
? Caring more about others feelings
? Not being so jealous
? Start applying myself more.
? Stop trying so hard. At everything. I'm not the best. Seriously =0(

_____[9 things you wear daily]
? A bra.
? Underwear.
? Pants or Shorts.
? Shirt.
? Almost everyday - Makkup -
? Lip gloss.
? Shoes.
? Perfume..Andrew's or Mine..I'm keepin' it reel.
? Hmmm?

_____[10 movies you'd watch over and over]
? Casper
? A Walk to Remember
? Cruel Intentions
? Addams Family
? It Runs In the Family
? How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days
? Legally Blonde
? She's All That
? Can't Hardly Wait
? I Know What You did Last Summer

_____[7 concerts you've been to. (or wish to go to)]
? Good Charolette -> I wish
? Sum 41-> Wanna See Again.
? Britney Spears-> Seen
? /\/*Sync-> Seen
? Garth Brookes-> Seen
? Kenny Chesney-> Seen & Wanna See Again..
? Outspoken -> Seen
*Wishes* X-tina & Justin Timberlake Concert! -> I want!!

_____[6 objects you touch every day]
? Hair.
? Face..
? Lips...
? Clothes....
? Food.....
? Andrew... Almost everyday.

_____[5 things you do every day]
? Wake up.
? Eat.
? Chat.
? Talk on my phone.
? Breathe//eat//sleep... Obviously.

_____[4 foods/drinks that you couldn't live without]
? Cherry Coke.
? Buffalo Chicken
? Choclate
? Apple Juice.

_____[3 of your favorite songs at this moment]
? Mercy Me -> I Can Only Imagine.
? Marilyn Mansion-> Obsence
? Otep-> Emtee

_____[2 people that have influenced your life the most]
? Hard....Britt & Shannon
? Andrew - Most Def!!

_____[1 thing you could spend the rest of your life with]
? Andrew Oppal -> I Luv Yew Schweetie!

Kiss Me <33

Bored =o( [27 Jun 2003|04:48pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Your Mom..heh ]

First Name: Lauren
Middle Name: Ash. Nicole
Nick Name[S]: Laur, Rennie, Tink, Lanibell.
Gender: Chick-a-Dee
Age: 16
Birthday: 1.5.87
Height: 5'0
Weight: 92..*thinks*
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Race: White 25% Pr!
Glasses: Sometimes
Contacts: Yepz.
Braces: Yepz // Off 12.1.03 Hip=Hip=Hooray!
Hair Short Or Long: Longish
U Were Born Where: Louisville
U Now Live: Louisville
Astrology Sign: Capricorn - Cappiz-rock
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rabbit -he 8 mile
Nationality: White, Indian, Pr, German, French, -n- blah..blah..blah..eh heh
Piercing: Yepz.
If Yes Where & How Many: Ears.


Mothers name: Debbie. Ann.
Fathers Name: Donald.Edward.
Brothers Name[s]: Nope.
Sisters Name[s]: Ashleigh.Deon. -GS
Favorite Aunt: Aunt Shannon.Marie.
Favorite Uncle: Uncle Mike.Parker.
Favorite Grandparent: Pa- Bobby.Goings.
Worst Relative: Richard.Anthony. *annoys me*
Best Relative: Brittany.Estelle. / Shannon.Marie. / Mikehal.Chadwick.(Chad) / or John.Parker...hmmmm maybe - Tyler.Edward...?
Best Family Memory: Kaelins. heh Long story..
Do U Get Along With Your Parents: Depends...
Do Your Parents Understand You: My Daddio does..
Does Anyone In Your Family Understand You: Yeh.. Britt, John, Shannon...Tyler & Chad.


Are You Still In School: Yep..
Current/Supposive grade: Junior. 11 -o5-
Favorite Grade: Frosh
Worst Grade: Hmmmm 6th
Favorite Teacher: Weaver!! White-Waltman or Sniderman
Worst Teacher: Oh God - Mrs.Davis or ??
Favorite Subject: Math or English
Worst Subject: Hmmm...Science
Do/Did U Buy Lunch Or Bring Lunch: Both
School Sports: Softball
School Activities: -FCA, Chem Clubb-
Popular Or What: I do what I want...Hang with who I want kind of thing.
Favorite Memory: Seeing Andrew in Lib. with Tess. aka Stoner
Worst Memory: All the Drama.
Memory that is going to come that is going to be bad: Grad maybe?
Memory that is going to come that is going to be good: Graduation
Most Humiliating Moment: Getting paint wiped all over me by Ben in the crotch. Asswipe!


Number: 4.7.or 14.
Clothing Brand: I wear what I want.
Shoes: Heh Old Adidas with Black & Pinkk Laces!
Saying: Ok Yeah
TV Show: Real World.. & So Little Time..
Sport: Soccer
Vegetable: Brocillee!
Fruit: Peaches
Movie: Cruel Intentions & It Runs in the Family
Song: I'm with You // I can only Imagine // Lord is my Weapon
Magazine: Cosmo Chick lol
Candies: Hershey & Gummies!
Gum: ?? Bubbleyum?
Color: Blakk. Orange. Red.. Some Pink
Season: Fall
Holiday: Christmas
Type Of Music: Ah any really
Fast Song: Boys Remix? Hell don't know..
Slow Song: I'm with You.
Thing In Your Room: Bed
Place To Be: With Andrew.
Radio Station: 98.9*99.7*100.5*102.3*105.1*105.9 heh
TV Channel: 37
Store: Hot Topic * Kohls* Pac Sun* Ron Jon* Hollister*
Shoe Brand: ?
Fast Food Place: B*K*
Shape: Heart-a-gram
Time Of Day: Any
Country: America
State: Florida
Mall: Florence or Brittz
Shampoo: X-tra by Sebastain
Words: Yeah Okie -
Month: November
Scary Movie: The Ring-creeepppy & House of 1000 Corpses
Posession: Monkey-Dre & Andrew!

[.Whats The First Thing That Comes 2 Mind When You Hear....]

Dog: Huckleberry
Orange: UppaLumpa
Choice: ?
Fuck: Sex
Bisexual: Aww
Black: Me!
Insane Clown Posse: Andrew
Jack: Osbournes
Rainbow: Gold! or Luckki Charms
Cherry: A Nickname
Cucumber: hah Old School
Shark: Nemo
Lifehouse: Group
Bat: My icon
Leather: Bondage
Love: Andrew
Always Together: Andrew & I
America: Rich Biotches

[.This Or That.]:

selena or jennifer lopez: Both *-Selena-* ;.RiP.;
hot or cold: HOT
fall or summer: Both
spring or winter: Spring
mtv or vh1: MTV
Dawsons Creek Or Gilmore Girls: Dawsons Creek
Football or Basketball: B-ball
summer olympics or winter olympics: Summer
Skiing or snowboarding: ?
roller blading or skateboarding: Skating
black or white: Black
orange or red: Both
yellow or green: Yellow
purple or pink: Pink
inside or outside: Outside
cell phone or pager: Cell
pen or pencil: Pen
power puff girls or Charlie's angels: P-P-Chicks
Scooby doo or dino: Scooby
tattoo or piercing: Both
prep or punk: Punk
Slut or whore: Neither

[Would You Ever.]

Bungee Jump: Maybee
Sky Dive: Nope.
Swim With Dolphins: Yeah
Scuba Dive: Yeah
Go Rock Climbing: Yeah
Change Your Religion: No Sir!
Turn Your Back On Your Friends For Personal Gain: Nope
Steal A Friends Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Hell No..no.no
Lie To Your Parents: Maybe

[.Your Friends.]

Best Friend: Britt, Joannie, Carlee, Hannah----ANDREW *Sowwi Benji*
Known Longest: Britt
Wish You Talked To More Then You Do: Britt
Wish You Saw More Then You Do: Britt
How Many Friends Do U Think You Have: A few>
How Many Do U Actualy Hang Out With: A few..
Who Can You Stay Around Forever And Hardly Get Sick of: Andrew - Britt
Ever Loose A Friend Because You Took It To The Next Level: Yeah Kristina
Craziest: Britt and Joannie sometimes Andrew
Loudest: Hannah
Shyest: Alex
Can Always Make You Laugh: All of Them ex-specially-Britt
Best Eyes: Andrew
Hot Tempered: Hmmm?
Most Impatient: Hannah - Oh nooo
Shortest: Me
Tallest: Ben
Talented: Britt
Skinniest: Me
Fatest: ?
Nicest: all of em..
Best Personality: Andrew
Most Immature: Hannah
Most mature: Britt and Julie

[.Have You Ever.]

told the person you liked how u felt: Yeah Andrew
been to Michigan: Nope / Want too
skateboarded: Tried with John heh!! No Shoes!! haha
pegged someone in the head with a snowball and they never knew it was you: Yeah
kissed someone of the same sex: Hmmmm.
been to a concert: yes ma'am
talked back to an adult: hmm haha yeah
into a car accident: Almost
given money to some homeless person: Yeah
tried to kill yourself: Hmmm
tried to get attention? Yeah
cried to get out of trouble: Yeah
kissed a friends cousin: Yeah
dropped something on the floor that you were cooking for dinner and still put it on the plate: Heck no nast!!

[.What Did You Do....]

Last Birthday: Went to Dinner with Family & Phil
Yesterday: Nothing.
Last Weekend: Don't remember

Kiss Me <33

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