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(love is a leap)

a scribble or a sonnet, theyre really just the same [03 June 2003|10:09pm]
[ mood // giggly ]
[ music // brighteyes!! ]

umm. boring stuff..more boring stuff.. more fun stuff in geometry.. boring stuff..megan got a hair cut, it is SOOOO CUTE!! lol. held caleb's hand kinda sorta. he is so hot. oh yeah. lunch... we switched tables again. all the guys were lined up on one side of the table cus they were lookin at this chicks bum, silly kids. so it was me and maddy on one side, and like..6 guys. lol. anywho. super boring review shizzle in business. fun stuff in history. i think i said something about it in my last entry.. we had to like design a ship adn say where we are going and what wre taking and if we are gonna explore or set up a colony.. me and britt *well i did all the work coughcoughslacker*'s was... a ship called the hottie, and were taking lots of cake, and were gonna kill all the natives, and set up a gigantic pig farm to ward off enemies. teehee. yes yes i am quite teh genius. HAH. umm she told taylor i like him. ??? lol! anywho... french was boring.. and then i came home. haha. i got blake to ride the bus instead of bball conditioning, so once brandon got off i jumped seats and sat next to him, which was behind mike myers, and we were talkin tryina get him to turn around. i was like 'blake do ulike my pink belt?' and he was like yeah i have some pink thongs.. yeah.. and mike didnt do anything so i waslike oh.. i have a pink dildo! lol and mike turned around SO FAST and had this hilarious face. i was ike JUST kidding just kidding. lol. funnyful. and then blake was like i cant get rid of my gf. *sigh* why does everyne tell me that. hes like 'if i cheated on her, she would prob dump me. wanna have sex?' lol. golly gee. time for sleep.

so when im lost in a cloud
i hope that ull get me out

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ure lovens like a car crash [02 June 2003|07:12pm]
[ mood // interested ]
[ music // the donnas, yeah chick rockers rule ]

howdy hum. sunday was fun. got my math done purdy quick, and mowed the lawn, and fell asleep on my new tanning bed aka dad's workbench thing in the back.. put more clothes on and went to WALMART!! lol. got some flowers and some green eyeliner and shadow and blue eyeliner and shadow and some super lavender shaving cream lol and umm something. lotion. and SESAME STREET BANDAIDS. ohh ure jealous.
britt and me are doing mucho el better, which is good. i was giggling like a maniac cus danny tried to hold her hand and she rejected it. funny.
hm. i think i might have found someone. again.. lol. this kid taylor. kinda goofy lookin but at least hes not as boring as other people, cough ryan.
this kid brandon invited me over to hang out in his jacuzi. or his aunts jacuzi. something. eh. lol. he was like 'u know..i never really knew ure name..' lol.
and i wore this guy..chris?'s fireman hat. lol. those things are SO EFFIN COOL, MAN!! lol
um. we did fun stuff in geometry today. yay.
uh.. no whining jesse today, at least not much. sean threw his bag off the table lol. twas funny. mike sweanys sucha cutie. if he was only taller and
ummm. essay. toodles.

(love is a leap)

woopdy doo, hula hoop [31 May 2003|05:26pm]
[ mood // im so happy ]
[ music // tbs ]

last night i told my mommah about the tuba thing and she was alright with it. surprizingly didnt wanna kill me for quitting sax. ^_^ she was like 'im jus happy ull still be in band'
then we went to this place in fred to pick up our food. she talked the whole way there about her not so hot marriage and shizzle.
came home and watched forest gump. that is a good movie.
i slept til 11, woke up thinking how it was a beautiful day. and that it has been. so i get outta bed and walk around looking for people and then i find my dad and i was like where r u going and he said he had to go cash a check and shizzle.
so i go take my shower and shave my legs all smooth and such. do my hair, burn my neck hella bad. it is still hurting. it looks like a hickie. lol.
go shopping. yay! first we go to gadzooks, i got this orangey red shirt, it is cute. says 'tko,total knock out' hehe. and my dad got my bro some shorts and i picked out that penguin shirt that says 'i wish i could fly'. its so cute. umm then we went to deb and i didnt find anything, so we went to hottopic. my dad was like 'o.o....' and i was very angry *arr!!* that they didnt have the bright eyes shirt OR the pedro the lion shirt i wanted. so disappointing. hmph. so then we went..and got food. then we went to pacsun and i got.. a pair of pants and shorts and this pink belt and some flipflops and... this amazing adorable sundress. yay! then we went to american eagle and i got a green skirt, a white shirt that says 'proud to farm', a slateblueish shirt that says something about a truck stop..i like the colors..a pink tank, a green tank, and a sweater thingy to go with the dress i got. hooray! and i found out you only have to be 16 to work there. woot.
picked up tony, modeled my clothes, and here i am. i need to go work on my essay. cus i have to do my geometry tomorrow. poo!

(love is a leap)

bum bum bum [30 May 2003|02:54pm]
[ mood // giddy ]
[ music // jets to brazil ]

yeah so today was productive. cleaned out my locker even though it already was.
just about to talk to josh, and then he opened his mouth. holy christmas am i glad i didnt make a move on that one. i think that if there was some certificate of a achievement for being the dumbest person, i think he would get it. hes got that macho laugh thing 'huhhuhhuh'(a deep hahaha) AND him and whoever came over to use the trashcan darryl had and his was full and ours was full and he put it in and was like huhhuhhuh and was like 'dood put ures in!' cus at first they were trying to put it in the lil tiny ones in the hallway..ugh. aND so his friend's is even more full than josh's and he's still trying to fit it in and josh is all cmon hurry up stuff it in while the papers are falling out all over the floor. ugh! lol
talked to mr loft about playing the tuba. he was enthusiastic. now just to ask the momma.
umm stuff. more stuff. boring stuff. caleb smacked my bum. that silly kid.
went to lunch..jesse is such an ass! i think it comes with the name or oemthing. the guys were always rude to maddy to begin with but now with this whole moving of seating arrangements its just stupid. she was sitting, where apparently jesse wanted to sit, cus it is "his seat". so they had a screaming match and she was definetly more mature than he will ever be. and then she got up anyway cus he was sulking, so i gave her my seat. arr! only a week left, only a week left.
business test..and then i started the floor plan of my future cafe/bakery/deli/place for bands to play and sam came over to talk to me and shizzle. she said im exactly like brady..whatever that means. she said we have the same personality. rightio.
stuff. more stuff. someone by the certain name of tank needs to stop touching me. he seriously doesnt get it.....arrrrrr!!!
well now. i am going to go tan. since it is nice and warm and tan giving. and i get to go shopping tomorrow *happy dance* with my daddy *semi happydance*

(love is a leap)

he is GORGEOUS! haheh.. [29 May 2003|02:55pm]
[ mood // hotboycrazy ]
[ music // muchmusic..or fuse..gayness ]

hmm. i am such a nerd. and so deathly afraid of the dark. i dunno if ive put this in here yet or not but since ive seen darkess falls its gotten worse, especially this past week or so. i turn off my lights, run across my room, jump in my bed, and pull my covers over my head. lol. its pretty sad. especially since im serious, but o well lol.
so mr loft said he might switch me to trombone lol. which wouldnt entirely mind cus i like the brass ones bette anywho, and i heard tech drama is mostly busy work anyway...but i dont wanna do marchingband. so maybe i will stay a band geek and switch to tuba, which is originally what i wanted to play but muhmomma wouldnt let me. we shall see.
umm. umm. josh is so hot. lol. i was talkign to meg and he walked by and i thought he had kept going and really he turned around again and was like right behind me and i was like 'HE IS SO GORGEOUS' and turned around to look at him, ugh. lol. oh well. he didnt seem to mind. ahh. lol
i have these two nerdy questions bothering if anyone knows the answer tell me!
(a) why does 'hate' have the "hard a" sound but 'have' has the "soft" one???? ahh
(b) old civilizations and shizzle supposedly buried people in the fetal position cus thats how you 'come into he world', so thats how u should go out. but!!! there werent those ultrasound things back then so how did they know what the baby looks like in the mommahs belly??? ahh
got me's a concert tonight. =(
hohum... i guess i'll go try to work on my essay..
joshclark is one good looken kid. yesyes he is!

(love is a leap)

you cant complain about the sunshine [28 May 2003|09:08pm]
[ mood // i feel like a pirate ]
[ music // orgy ]

arrr. well lets see. ive been having good days.
andrew wasnt akward at all or anything so that was swell.
i only liked him for like an hour. that was so silly of me to tell him. lol but o well.
his gf was like i already like u, u like gummy bears..referring to my pic of gummy bears playin spin the bottle on my notebook. i feel bad for her. she seems cool. silly kid.
umm josh is so hot. lol. i am working on my introduction. i told andrew to do it. i dont think he will. imma have to do it myself. ppl are saying i should. so i hopefully will. lol.
went to tony's concert dealie tonight. their band teacher is so goofy! she bends like all the way over to bow and then she like flips up and like wiggles. its hilarious. i laughed everytime she did. which was a lot. ^_^
saw mike there. he rubbed my head when i was talking to megan. arr! she was like 'i knew he was gonna touch u or something' i agreed. he calls me bubble butt now whne he sees me. arr! but ive been told thats a good thing so w/e.
OMG. this guy at chicfila lol.. me and tony were going in to get the sauce stuff.. and i was like 'thank u' cus he held the door open and he was like u welcome very much yea baby hell yea u sweet. ugh. things like that make me giggle. silly kid.
gonna go shave my legs. put off my essay sumore. repaint my toes. sing. sleep. fun stuff.
i hope i get the nerve up to talk to josh lol. those bright blue eyes are intimidating. not to mention that adorable curly hair. heh.

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holy christmas! [27 May 2003|09:42pm]
[ mood // crappy ]

kates gotta crush kates gotta crush
he pretty much asked me, or rahter told me were going on a date this summer.
'just so u know im taking u to see wrong turn when it comes out this summer' and then he went on to tell me what its about, and that its an R so hes gonna get his sis to get us tickets. hum.
and then this survey thing he sent me..that i did on him and he did on me..its just so adorable.
enough to make me think he likes me...
but then he says he likes this other girl... + he has a gf (that he "doesnt like")...and some other girl that is a 'really good friend' that he 'likes to be around' who is really me... so i go and make an ass out of myself after he tells me directly that he thinks of me like a sister and i say 'well thats too bad cus i have this really big crush on u'
lol. im so stupid sometimes.
and so he says 'sorry I asked you to kiss my cheek then, just meant it as a friend thing'
ughers. well so much for that.

(love is a leap)

if its on ure mind, its real [27 May 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood // its rainy.. guess ]
[ music // oleander ]

my oh my imma jus cry cus this computer of mine upsets me so much. ugh. the slowness is killing me.
hum. today was alright. pretty good acutally. did my hair in cute like pigtail thingys last night so i go to sleep til 645 today!! um.. turned in my wrestling hoodie and gave travis some cookies for his bday. andrew was all huggy and shizzle. it was cute. after band rehearsal *gag* i was like bye andrew bye andrew ANDREW! bye! cus he was muy ignoring me and then he came up to me in a huff and bent down and gave me a hug and pointed to his cheek & i gave him a lil kiss it was funny. silly kid.
!!! damn it to sippy cup is dripping on my lap and it be cold yo.
rawrers. muh mommah makes me so angry!! (a) she takes the fun out of simple things such as slingshots (b) she gets mad..REALLY mad over absolutely nothing and (c) she never does what she says she will. example: taking me shopping. ugh! no clothes, what to do what to do.
well i am off to write my essay. 'did the count of monte cristo go too far with his revenge?' woo.

outside im feelin kinda faded
inside im holdin conversations

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mm, cuddley warm softness [26 May 2003|03:25am]
[ mood // ready to pass out ]
[ music // brighteyes ]

lets see...not much is going on. memorial day weekend, yay. hardly any school left. double yay. 90-10 chance of me not going to ns. very boo.
went to ash's on friday. we are so old. asleep around 11-12. watched final destination, lotr *again!!*, betoveen 2(sp?), the little rascals, and something else im forgetting.
i got picked up. got 3 cds... oleander, brand new, and fiction plane. tis are mucho el goodo.
tried to have her over tonight, but her rentals think we are spending too much time together. right.
cleaned my room, made some (if i may say so myself) delicious chocolate & white chocolate chip cookies.
watched maid in manhattan, office space. good stuff. i lover office space. thinking i will watch it again tomorrow.
get to do some lovely geometry tomorrow, after i wake up probably around 4, considering how its about 330 now. heh.
i wish i could find a guy to like.

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we call this the act of mating [22 May 2003|07:21pm]
[ mood // crappy ]
[ music // anything and everything ]

i think im starting to figure things out.
i go after guys i dont know so i dont have to deal with getting my heart broken, i can simply swoon from afar. yet this tactic isnt working either, cus not only is my heart staying in one piece, its getting empty. i need to do some loven! there are guys that like me, that i dont like back, always around me. im thinking this is why guys i would like never show up. im really tired of not liking anyone. but hey its summer. so i dont need a boyfriend anyway. not that i do in the first place but yeah.
tomorrow i am telling brittney i dont want to be friends anymore. she treats me like shit and im not gonna put up with her pretending to be my friend so she can have me to console her or wtfever when ever she decides she needs me, and completely ignore me otherwise. what a shame.
i want to talk to that kid. that is so adorable. and probably a junior. with a gf that he loves and plans to marry someday. but i am too shy. soooo oh well.
i really need to find someone. someone like steven. only minus the thinking of me like a sister bit.
i want to kill so many people.
i want to start over.

(love is a leap)

hm. [17 May 2003|06:06pm]
[ mood // disappointed ]
[ music // std ]

i have a different one. but i forgot it. so i guess i have to write in here. poopie.
i can safely go back to perma-single-dom. im soooo tired of getting my hopes up and then getting my poor little heart ripped out. heh. just cant take it man!
and ashleys so mean. shes all 'there he is!'
and my silly mantras arent working. not a one of them.
my depth perception must be off again this hurts deeper than i thought it would.
and brady is so incredibly cute. awwh!
and i feel like the best course of action would be to go curl up and cry.
so i probably will.
but then i'll feel worse for going against what i believe in.
which would be not getting worked up over a guy.
especially one i havent met. heh.
well now. that would be dandy eh?
i have so much homework.
and i'll never be able to concentrate.
i have a million tests on monday.
and i'll never be able to concentrate.
i have things i need to get out.
but i'll never be able to concentrate.
and theres no one to tell.
i wish things could be different.
different so that i wouldnt have to wish for them to be so.
i wish i didnt have to apologize.
but im sorry.

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i am an opera singer [06 May 2003|10:15pm]
[ mood // tired ]
[ music // cake ]

what is today? tuesday? yesterday moma yelled at me for nothing. ??? i dunno what i did and so i asked her and she was all get ure ass up and go to ure room!!!! lol. yeah. so this morning i asked again to go to the ball game and she wa slike whatever. but i didnt wanna stay after so i went home and tried to call ash but her phone is nutsa.. got a ride with dennis's mom.. got there.. chilled with zack for an hour or so.. andrew stood me up! lol.. went out and chilled with steven y..watched some of britts game, some of the dan&danny's game, saw britts doggie ¤SO CUTE!!!¤... went up and talked to caleb with steven.. they went home after messin with my phone.. went inside and talked to this guy i dont know..came home...stuff. josh clark is hot hot hot! lol. man blue eyes..muslces.. brown curly hair..oh yes. i should stop eating. so fat. :( hmm greg talked to me again. nothing great though. told caleb nothens gonna happen really.. stuff...... i need to turn in my application. so i can get some money. and get a cool picture fone even though id have no one to send em too...and of course mucho el clotheso. toodles »» brady this short enough? lol

i walk on painted tape

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i threw him a ball but he didnt hit it [02 May 2003|08:03pm]
[ mood // anxious ]
[ music // dashboard ]

i am musicless. ok better. i am thinking i will just wear my hair up forever now, i always end up putting it up sometime during the day anywho. so what have i been doing.. maybe hopefully got rid of travis? added two more to the list, kind of. caleb said he likes me. i know he just wants some. but that boy.. WOO. lol. so hot. like today..ahh. had this like white polo shirt thing on.. oooh goodness. showed off some of them real good looken muscles and his peurto rican tan. ohh baby ohh baby. today is national make sweet love to katie day. yay. ok so yeah. caleb. and danny is single again and i am thinking maybe likes me? but i think britt likes him so imma stay backed off him. and also i believe he is just on the rebound. he seemed to like margret. he came by this afternoon and was like nuding and looking into my eyes and stuff. eh. but then i went back to talking to arron cus i blew him off one day when i like danny and that was rude of me. im nervous arron likes me. hes a great guy but mucho el reminds me-o of my brother. and sorry but i am not attracted to people who remind me of my brother. although he is also one cool dude. i might go see xmen2 with him and dennis tomorrow. i will want to bring caleb. he is coming over. and we are gonna "chill". hmm. hopefully my parents will leave us alone and we wont have to go to hhp. lol. cus when he came over last time we were in my room and my mom was like WHY DONT U GO IN THE LIVING ROOM.. lol. hm. he is so hot. hot hot hot. yes. ben got a gf, blew me off today. lol w/e. i need a job so bad lol. my parents are being..yes..and are like 'if you wanna act grown up then u can buy all ure on stuff..' hence me not having clothes. lol. all my pants hang on me. eh. good and bad. i have a new goal for this summer, to mucho el makeo my legs thinner. like significantly slimmer. so that i can wear all kindsa cute stuff. bleh. me and megan were talking..i have to eat..finish this in a few.. and she was like i hate my "hourglass figure" and i was like yeah me too! i have like a lil waist and then i blimp out! ugh! lol. and then caleb came and it was hotness. lol. he wears rubberbands around his ankles even when hes not playing basketball..what a jock. whata hot papa! hehe. i am so getting laid tomorrow. haha no just kidding. ryan prolly thinks im some insane nutcase..which i am..but thats ok lol. hum. sols suck testies. i dont wanna take them. but i also dont want exams. not that i have to take any anyway cus i have like an a average in nearly all of my classes and ive only missed four yeah. but the extra 6 points will be nice. i am one poitn away from a b in geometry now. yay. i wanna go out and party so bad lol i hate being home. it suckers. maybe i will just go on a walk and end up at someones house. i dunno who though. caleb i forget exactly where his house is..brady has gf...ben lives too far away. is at temple. has a gf. lol. everyone seems to be taken these days. dude mike allen asked me out today, i dunno if he was serious but he was all like 'hey pretty lady' and molested me and whispered 'will u go out with me' in my ear and i whispered 'no' in his and i dunon if he was serious. i hope not. that would be mean lol. NO. lol. ehh. today was britts bday. i wrapped her lil bottle of hooter helpers in like four boxes. she was like no u didnt. somewhat amusing. i think she was embarrassed. but it was funny. steven yauss gave her pink roses. it was so cute. i am thinking they should go back out. cept she doesnt like him. lol. ooo well. i dunno what i want. caleb or danny. hmm. danny was a bit of an ass to me. caleb isnt...what im looking for, just at. woo yes. lol. OMG. corey.. ugh! hes so.. i hate him so bad lol. i'll walk into history and be like 'corey i hateyou' and smile real big at him so he knows im just playing and then he goes off on this thing 'stfu u 2cent cocksucking whore' i dunno if ive already put that in here...but ugh!! and yesterday he like pushed me and i fell! :( and he calls me chunky lol and he kept like knockin into my head with his bookbag the other day. err i hate him. lol. i asked him for an answer today on the test and he gave it to me, hes always saying how hes such a genius at history, and he made me get it wrong. i was right with my first instinct. ugh. lol i ramble a lot. hohum. i love austin mostest yay. i wore his shirt in business today lol. smelled gooooood. i was like 'i think this is the hartwood guy's smell...all the guys i know from hartwood smell like this..' and he was like its axe. and i was like oh. lol. im such a nerd. i wanna get some axe and like spray it on my pillows. heheh. so lets see what did i do today i came home and put on my boxers and bikini top cus it was hot, and then ash called and was like "come see lizze miguire with me!!" lol so i went. it was gay. but thats ok. then my phone died so i used kims. then i had to pee *again* and then we played that loud shoot the zombie video game. yay. lol. i love that game. then we were like wow bored and went to the dollar store and got ring pops and she got butterfly temp tattoos and i got glow in the dark star stickers yay! in the car on the way home i was like i think we are the coolest teenagers ever..we go on carousels and eat ringpops and something else.. i forget. and then she was like this tastes like my lipgloss and i was like yeah... mmm! chapsticky deliciousness. heh. so then i came home and was once again bored. anxious about tomorrow. ooh baby. lol. ok well i guess i am going now.

(love is a leap)

build me up, i promise to fall down on my own [27 April 2003|09:18pm]
[ mood // thoughtful ]
[ music // radio stuff ]

arrrrr! ok. last day of spring break. eh. played zelda til five. took a shower. was smelling pretty bad. all sweaty and such. do homework, almost done. going to go nutso on this fly thats flying around. it is massive. hehheh. ^_^. umm yeah. while playing my zelda i could sense "it" getting big again. im afriad it wont stop until the popo are called. again. ehh. :( freaks me out it do. she started yellin and such, figured it was nothen and would be done in an hour or so. nopenope. continued growing. louder and louder. i was on the phone with britt working on math, getting embarrassed, wondering if she could hear my mom screaming her fuck yous and such. ehh. she storms down the hall. 'i got to go. ttyl.' " something about getting my ass in the kitchen. tony too. sits us down, tells us that our dad is gonna raise us the rest of the way...??? eh. tells me i was a mistake, things are my fault, blahblahblah. and then. break my heart again, 'take away ur pretty, ur boobs... ure nothing'. gee, thanks. eh. dad comes home from getting the chinese. wooah budday! i hate watching them fight...but since she was not done raving at me, i had no where to go except staring out the window holding in the tears. ugh. im worried for tony. if he ends up like me..i swear to god. hohum. so she throws tonys paint stuff all over..apparently getting stuff on the carpet? or something? i dunno i didnt look. eh. they go outside. i tell tony im not hungry, he says hes not either. i go back to my room, shakin like crazy. i dunno why... eh. put on like five shirts to stop it, start sweatin like crazy. take them back off. she comes back down and yells, calls me a fat ass. heh. tells me to do the laundry, i get up and start goin down the hall behind her. she spins and is like 'u know whats gonna happen to u? ure gonna take some guys "seed" and pop out some babies and expect them to respect you, and they gonna treat u like a NIGGA!' lolololol! heheh... she says stuff about how she doesnt care about me, doesnt care if i go to college, tells me not to call her, how im so stupid, etcetc. its all amusing really. a few days from now, after i give her this letter ive been meaning to give her for so long... ahh. it will make or break it i think. maybe.
i really dont know what to think anymore. im the problem, and so if i went away, so would the problem right? but that creates yet another problem.. i have stuff i want to do with my life. i dont wanna give it up. been there almost did that, not worth it at all. plus i always get so pissed at people i hear about doing that. err! its so stupid and er. it doesnt fix things lol. hum. i just dont know anymore though.

(love is a leap)

come here and giggle the night away with me [26 April 2003|01:59pm]
[ mood // crappy ]
[ music // savestheday ]

ok so. shaun is retarded..very out. i was thinking about it alot over teh past few days. hes sweet but not sweet enough. wont be here over summer. is also 'keeping his options open' whats the point in persuing anything with him? bad date = no point. ben... sooo sweet, easy to talk to, hot... but its just not there for me. travis.. he is just too stupid lol. and then there is no one else. well not really anyway. hum. so lets see... thursday i raked from 12-5ish..sunburneded! lol umm then i took a shower and had dinner and ash called and then i hurried up and dryed my hair and went to youth group with her. funfunfun! hehe. they are all so nice lol. and all the guys are hot. hothot. lol. the first thing we did was get put into groups and then we were given like a box and some straws and toothpicks and papernapkins and rubberbands and a ping pong ball and an egg..and we hadta find a way to keep the egg from breaking when we threw it off the balcony. twas fun. then we came back to my house and stuff... were nerds and got online for a long time..called dan and talked to him until like one i guess.. talked some more..went to sleep. got up at like 830 and got ready and stuff...packed ourselves into kathy's lil..expedition? i was like a jeep..with a bigger trunk type thing. anywho.. lucky me got the middle. eh. so we go to dc and find a place to park and find our way to teh spy museum..woo. call my dad and see where the guys are...balhablahblah...get tix..go to the butterfly exhibit. it was hot. lol. and there was this semi hot guy there. who was 'checking my out' accordign to ash lol. WHATEVER. umm so then somewhere along the line we go on the carousel next to the mall. yay! finally get to the spy museum..ehh crowd-ed! lol. finish up there..go to this place called potbelly sandwhich works or something...yum! lol. its now raining so we freeze our booties off goin back to the parking garage thing. ehh! but i got the side on the way home..yay! i slept lots. not very comfortable though. bumpy against the door... akward against ash.. so eventaully i jus bent my head backwards. when i woke up at the gas station ash said somethin bout how im funnylooken when i sleep...mouth open and such lol. o well! so then she spent the night again..only we watched tv and stuff mostly instead of being nerds. but then we were on the puter again and she was lookin at one of my old yb's and i was like 'ooh! hes cute!'...hence my new stalkee. ^_^ well! its now saturday..i must go to my homework. evilevil practice sol packets.

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well anyway.... [23 April 2003|11:27pm]
[ mood // confused ]
[ music // scott weiland ]

hm what an eventful evening. but i suppose i should start from the more beginning-er. i noticed myself making quite a few innuendos and feared i was coming on a little strong so i decided to test shaun to see if hes 'worthy' of my time.. or rather me risking getting hurt. hate to say he rather struck out, but that since he was honest, and knew he was in need of improvement, and said he was trying to do so, i'll only hold one strike against him. he said hes fast moving but trying to change that.. 'do things in the right order' as he says, more of a cuddler than a sex guy or conversationalist cus he likes to cuddle, talks while cuddling, and you never know where cuddling leads. eh. and the last question i asked him was if he is interested or horny. his answer kinda irked me. he said something like that he didnt know and was trying to get to know me cus he only knows me online or something like that, that he is more interested in the 'girl behind the boobs' and that hes not a typical guy. eh. i think thats still up for debate though. umm then today. hes cuter than i had been giving him credit for. i know i thought he was cute when i first saw him and then not so cute with his glasses and then cutecute again tonight. we got there at like the same time which was good, kacie and her mom got there very soon after, more goodness. so our moms talk.. and we go to the side to talk and such. then some of tonys friends walk up and theyre like hello hello and tony joins them to see holes which a little while ago i heard him say 'i didnt wanna go!' so whatever lol. so nick's mom and mine are talking and not shutting up so were like ok going in. movie was funnnnny yesyes. i got lucky and there was a scene providing easy snuggling in-ness right in the beginning. was not paticularly comfortable with those stupid arm rests..but whatever. lol kacie and chris sat like a mile apart it was cute. umm i felt his knees. they have liquid in them. i wanted to throw up. lol. but i guess that wouldn't have left a very good impression. umm...yeah so hes not the greatest kisser ever..i dont remember if i closed my eyes or it was dark who will know if i didnt. lol. but im guessing it was just like first kiss jitter type things. + my reluctance cus it is a first date and that he made me mad last night. but anywho. ends...heheh. get in car with mom. wow is the only thing i have to say. since he lives in hartwood, plenty of time for lots of conversation. start of with his being a 'music junkie' and yet not knowing of more than a handful of old bands.. eh? get to how hes goin to military school next year probably cus of bad grades..and somewhere to how he doesnt believe in god and gets pissed when people force it on him. she was like yeah i know what you mean. i am so very glad she didnt whoop out some preachin, she is a sunday school teacher now and all. ehh! lol. it was weird, they were yappin away and all of a sudden i was just like...'that reminds me of brady...' and started giggling over nothing. they were like 'what?' so then umm.. we get close to his house, and he proves my theory is right in him being no where near over his ex even though he said he is. she lives next door to him or something, and he was going on and on about her. *sigh* i need a guy like ben only a younger version. he is so amazing. heh. lol well anywho. jury is still out on if anything will happen with me and shaun. dont really know if i want to. this keeping my options open thing as everyone puts it works. i guess we'll see.

(love is a leap)

quizilla tis addicting [19 April 2003|03:10pm]
cuddle and a kiss
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You're Perfect ^^
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(love is a leap)

they love to tell you 'stay inside the lines' [19 April 2003|11:44am]
[ mood // hopeful ]
[ music // johnmayer ]

'welcome to the real world' she said to me
'take a seat take your life
plot it out in black and white'
well i never lived the dreams of the prom kings
and the drama queens
id like to think the best of me
is still hiding up my sleve
they love to tell you 'stay inside the lines'
but something's better on the other side
i jus found out theres no such thing
as the real world
just a lie youve got to rise above
so teh good boys and girls take
the so called right track
faded white hats
grabbing credits maybe transfer
they read all the books but they cant
find the answers
and all of our parents
theyre gettig older
i wonder if theyve wished for anything better
while in their memories
tiny tragedies

me likes that song so yeah. HMM. yeah i am so fickle lol. monday came around, or maybe it was tuesday, i dunno it doesnt matter, but travis fell out of my good graces. which is just super spectacular timing cus someone really great has come around! i am really hoping it will turn into something..good..instead just another fling. so lets see. i think it was when travis sent me this page on ebaums world, retarded animals, where they like just slaugter his poor little cartoon rabbit, and he thought it was hilarious, and it was not..very sick!! lol, and he just would NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT!! eehhh. and then one day he had a lighter, for some reason he always has lighters (and yet doesnt smoke? sure) anywho, aNd he was flickin it on it his pocket. i was like imma laugh when you burn ureself. and i would too. yes. and so, i guess it was monday, shaun imed me and was like "i know who you are now, danny pointed you out". and i was like blahblahbah, and so we met. lol. and then tuesday he yelled hi when i was storming off after telling corey i hate him, becuase i do..that boy is MEAN! lol. and yeah. so we exchanged formalities all week and thursday i was messing with my pooing pig and stuck it to his*shaun* arm, hence our first conduct. last night we had to long conversations, in which we explained "marital status" to eachother, talked about video games, played the word association game, talked in general, AND played a little like code kind of game which was...yeah. really cool since he complimented a couple times. ^_^ but thats why im worried its a fling. eh. "flames that burn the hottest also burn the quickest". hmm. hopefully not though. we shall see. but also when we were playin this code game, i said soemthing like i am really starting to like you, and he was like i am really starting to like you too. *crosses fingers*
so my spring break is now cursed b/c of a bad start ..thanks to none other than satan. and the rain. heh. i was planning on seeing angermanagement with whoever would go, that turned out to be kristen. time rolls by and shes like 'hey i got some bad news, my dad doesnt want to drive me cus of bad traffic' and i was like well my parents dont mind driving..and she was like 'he doesnt think its fair' 'bad weather'..oo well lol. adn so i also invited brady but i couldnt go if i couldnt get a chick to go and so i didnt. ooh well again. but i guess it wasnt a total loss since i got to have a nice long chat with shaun. yes. well i am going to go ask agian to go to blockbuster. not that i have a vcr anymore. eh. stupidness. u gw'er tiy 'bs ag'yb! ^_^

but something's better on the other side

(love is a leap)

cute but psycho, things even out. [13 April 2003|04:10pm]
[ mood // hopeful ]
[ music // thedonnas ]

well well well. friday was cool. went to ashes about 430 i guess went on a walk got our hair all messed up went to homegroup and that was cool and then we watched a bit of a knights tale. ooh yes heath ledger is a hottie pants he sure is. went back and watched... a very brady sequel. fell asleep early. lol. umm got up early and we got cute and went to my house so i could feed the animals then we went to best buy and i was going to get coheed and cambria's cd but ehhh no money for me lol. umm then we went to kohls and i got a pink shirt and a white shirt. cuteness. then we went to the mall. first we looked around jc pennys. then i believe we went to american eagle and i was tempted to buy a blue and a red layering tee but i was like ehh no money for me. then we went to pacsun and i was like ehh dont really like anything in here today. then we went to hot topic and ash got... i dont really remember what she got the first time. then we went to gadzooks and looked around, saw some sorta cute shirts but guess what! ehh no money for me. umm then we looked around deb and tried on dresses. the one i put on was bright pink and haltery. tres mignon. but it was like too long on one side so yeah. then we went to bath and body works and smelled some yummy stuff. back to hottopic and ash got a taar shirt and i got happy bunny mints and a post card. "would you like to suck on a mint? since you already suck all the time." and "hi, loser". teehee. back to ae to see if i wanted to get those shirts but i was like eh..... and went back to hot topic, debated between a dc shirt and a happy bunny shirt that said "i love boy's theyre stupid". picked the dc one and was going to get a pen that said cute but psycho. things even out. but ehhh no money for me. then we had chic fil a for lunch and went to the christain book store and ash got the new relient k cd which is tres bon. umm then we went back to her place and chilled and then we went down and watched the count of monte cristo. its crazy how different the book and the movie are. umm then we watched... part of bring it on and then stepmom. and of course we talked tons and tons about travis and dan. she was all fussy over him being akward around her and she didnt even talk to him at church today lol anywho. umm a british evangelist was guest speaking. he was cool. "isnt it wonderfull hey" "belovéd!" etc etc. so cute.umm then we went back to her house and got the massive amount of things i brought with me for no real reason other than paranoia about havinga fat day. yeah. sure. ummm then they took me back to my house and i couldnt unlock the door so i had to run around and try the other one. eh crazy. umm and now tony is wanting on. oh yes. kacie called and invited me to go with her to the nfg, gc, less than jake, and someone else concert! wooh. hope my mom will let me go! lol. that would be cool. yes and i get to go do some evil geometry so toodle-oo.

(love is a leap)

my oh my where have the days gone [10 April 2003|03:47pm]
[ mood // eehhhh ]
[ music // the clatter of keys ]

it was just a few days ago and i was talking to someone how this week is passing so slowly.. here it is thursday! hohum. i forget when i last updated. yesterday i made cookies. they are good and cute and like, perfect. yes. so sleepy. yes i am. travis and i are almost maybe officially "travis and katie" as in a couple. maybe. who knows. i think it is getting more obvious to other people. like ones we dont know. for instance when we were walking down the hall we were pretty much holding hands. and then i bit him.......teehee. see he had this clicky pen and i was trying to get it from him but he wasnt letting go so i bit him. hehe. and i dont think i like steven or ben as much so say. well i am off to make smoothies and read some more of my book. which reminds me i need to like call the library and tell tehm to renew sense and sensiblilty since it is like tres retard. and i do not want to pay 10$ in late fees since it is on my card. eh. and then i will go pack for ashleys.
oh yeah. report cards came out today. a+ in band, english, and science. a in business and french. b+ i history and b in geometry. 4 point oh for me.

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