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follow my every command, inept no0b peons! [26 Oct 2004|01:08am]
[ mood | retarded ]


1. there are more people there which makes it more fun (somewhat)!
2. blurty is slow! LJ is zoooom!
3. i hardly visit blurty anymore! i keep forgetting! therefore i almost never get to read your blurty entries na
4. if you're on LJ you can read my friends-only entries :9 (as if you want to... and as if i have any! haha! [actually, i do... on my other journal (also on LJ). lots of juicy and controversial friends-only entries there, hahahaha!])

anyway, if you move, my URL is add moi! :9

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moving day [09 May 2004|05:59pm]

i'm moving journals. if you're on livejournal, my brand spankin' new LJ username is sneaker_scandal. add me if you want.

i'm still keeping this blurty because i've got more than a year's worth of entries here (and because this is an early adopter account). also i might update this once in a while for announcements and stuffs. haha, i said stuffs. i'm my own pet peeve! anyway, i'll still be reading my blurty friends page. even if people don't update as much anymore. sniff.

see you on LJ! :)
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